The 7 Benefits Personal Check Have Over Debit and Credit Cards


Presentation Description | We explore why checks will be the payment type you invite back into your life. Whether it’s to help you monitor your spending or to make a friend feel special, checks will get you where you need to be.


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Paper or Plastic?:

Paper or Plastic? The 7 Benefits Personal Checks H ave O ver D ebit and Credit Cards

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There are quite possibly billions of checks being written every year in the U.S. Are you one of the individuals who has stopped? On the next few pages we are going to explore why checks will be the payment type you invite back into your life.

Real People Don’t Take Cards :

Real People Don’t Take Cards The next time you have a friend who is loaning you money for a concert ticket, you'd better hope they have something other than a credit card. It’s not just your friends that will appreciate your checks , but service providers, many auto shops, gardeners, and many independent contractors don’t take credit cards. If you rent an apartment, the likelihood that your landlord will take a card is next to none.

Financial Tracking:

Financial Tracking It’s so easy to stroll down the street swiping your credit card for a few things at the stores you pass without thinking of your bank account. Cards don’t come with an account ledger, you have to log onto the internet or visit your bank to know your balance. With a check you have a register that highlights your total balance.

Spending Deterrent :

Spending Deterrent When you use debit and credit cards it doesn't feel like money - it feels like you are magically granted goodies and services.   Using a credit card is like taking out a loan and doesn't mean that you have the money to cover it. Checks take the fantasy out of the equation and remind you that there is a limit to what you can buy - and can help you determine what things you can pass on.   Are the shoes worth enough to pull out your checkbook and take $300 out of your account?

It’s Good To Be Paced:

It’s Good To Be Paced We all make mistakes with our finances from time to time, but over-drafting is extremely embarrassing all the same. Checks might be able to push back that feeling. On the average, checks take a couple days to clear – so when your account is low on Thursday when you mail in your rent check, your direct deposit should clear before your landlord is the wiser.

Special Occasions :

Special Occasions Nothing looks as overwhelmingly awesome as getting a pile of cold hard cash for a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah, or graduation. But cash can get weighty, and the more of it you give, the easier it could get lost. Checks are easier for large sums; and remember, nothing says “I love you” like a big check inside of a greeting card. 4000.00 Libby Four thousand Happy Baby Shower!! ! Jenny Smith

Security :

Security Checks have been around in some form or another since the 3rd century A.D., and they are remarkably secure . If your check is lost or stolen, you can cancel it and have another one issued – simple and safe. Even if a stranger tries to cash your check, the bank will check their identification, turn them away, and notify you.

Show Your Personality :

Show Your Personality Though this might not be the most compelling argument on this list, it is definitely the most fun! The design on your checks can be as quirky or elegant as you. Checks offer another avenue to showcase your personal style.

Contact Us:

Contact Us To contact us, please call: 800-971-4223 Or visit:   The humble beginnings of CheckWorks dates all the way back to 1922, with the establishment of the Bank Printing Company - this company printed bank paper supplies. Now deals directly with the customers, providing individuals all over America with personal checks with style.

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