The New Campaign-Using Social Networking


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How political campaigning has changed from broadcast campaigning to social networking; and tools to use to make it happen


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You can download this copy: This is the same presentation on a free template. The template I used for this presentation can't be shared. It can be purchased at


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You can download this copy: This is the same presentation on a free template. The template I used for this presentation can't be shared. It can be purchased at


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The New Political Campaign: Using Social Networking:

The New Political Campaign: Using Social Networking Carol A. Spencer June 24, 2009

Using Social Networking:

Using Social Networking We’ve entered a new era in political campaigning, government and politics. Defense Department study on the use of Social Networking… New Media “Ignore it at your peril”

Using Social Networking:

Using Social Networking Why do we care? Political Campaign Concepts Social Networking Defined Social Networking Tools Ideas Learn More

Why do we care?:

Newspaper readership is plummeting New York Times readership DOWN 4.5% Wall Street Journal readership DOWN 1.5% On average: Paid Circulation (M-F) DOWN 2.6% On average: Paid Circulation (Sun) DOWN 3.5% Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation, six months ending Nov. 2007 Why do we care?

Why do we care?:

Accessing Information 57 million blog readers in the US 39% of Internet users read blogs 35% of adult Internet users have a social networking profile (up from 8% in 2005) Going Mobile: 11.3 million used mobile data searches in 2008 These searches did not include phone numbers or directory assist 35 million people use mobile web, accessing websites on their phones 12 million people watch video on their phones Source:, Why do we care?

Why Do We Care?:

Source: RANK Site Feb ’08 Feb ’09 % Growth 1 475,000 7,038,000 1382% 2 Zimbio 809,000 2,752,000 240% 3 Facebook 20,043,000 65,704,000 228% 4 Multiply 321,000 2,394,000 192% 5 Wikia 1,381,000 3,758,000 172% Nielsen Netview , 2/09, U.S., Home and Work Unique Visitor Count – Fastest Growing Member Community Sites Why Do We Care?

Broadcast Campaigning:

Broadcast Campaigning One to Many Push Technologies: Speeches Mailings Rallies TV & Radio Ads To actually participate, you have to go somewhere: Phone banks Headquarters Neighborhood Parties

Broadcast Campaigning:

Roles Clearly Defined Candidate is the messenger Volunteers are participants Voters are passive receptors Broadcast Campaigning

Broadcast Campaigning:

Voters are alienated from the process Voters feel disconnected Voters are cynical and don’t trust the message Voters are not engaged Broadcast Campaigning

Participatory Campaigning:

Participatory Campaigning The messenger becomes the listener. The listener becomes the messenger. Stories are told and shared. Donors become fundraisers. Everyone participates. Everyone can play every role.

Participatory Campaigning:

Participatory Campaigning Use these technologies to: Build relationships among supporters Create a campaign community Engage citizens in the process Turn every supporter into a volunteer Provide tools for campaigning from any place at any time Share everything to build trust Get your message out, unfiltered

Social Media Technologies:

RSS Feeds Blogs Widgets Video / Photo Sharing Social Networking Social News Sites Podcasting Wikis Virtual Worlds Mashups Social Media Technologies All of these technologies have been created for the purpose of sharing information

The Social Media Icon Family:

The Social Media Icon Family Social Media icons are just logos for specific applications

The Big Names….:

The Big Names…. Facebook Twitter YouTube Flikr Blogger

Blogger - FREE:

Blogger - FREE A blog is a journal. Blogging tells a story. Allowing comments is optional. Commenting promotes trust and communicates openness. Blogs can contain photos or videos. Blogs can include links to FB or other sites. Readers feel involved, connected

Facebook - FREE:

Facebook - FREE Facebook is a Social Network Post your status Know what friends are doing Share your photos or videos Join groups / invite friends to join Send direct messages Invite friends to events Comment on anything



Twitter - FREE:

Twitter - FREE Sign up and others “follow” you Post “tweets” about anything Include links to other information Twitter limit is 140 characters Easy to scan to see if you want to read more Send / receive via web or mobile RT (retweet) & D (direct message) & @ (public replies)

Twitter Tools:

Twitter Tools (follow multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook) (schedule tweets for auto publication later) (backup Twitter) (follow multiple Twitter accounts) (tons of twitter / social media information)

YouTube - FREE:

YouTube - FREE Internet is a visual medium. Use it. Videos limited to 10 min. Should be no more than 1 – 2 minutes. Create your own channel Use cheap digital camera to record Embed in your website or FB page Your message unfiltered

Flikr - FREE:

Flikr - FREE Store and share your photos: Upload digital photos Create sets of related photos Tag your photos with people’s names or event details Produce slideshows Share your photos via email or embed in your website Find others’ photos and stock photos

Other (Cheap) Tools:

Other (Cheap) Tools Constant Contact Opt-in email communication Survey tools Google Checkout (or the like) Take contributions online RSS Feeds Subscriptions to your pages. Subscribers are sent new content Widgets Small graphic with your info that others can put on their pages

The New Political Campaign: Making it Work:

The New Political Campaign: Making it Work

Campaign Ideas using Social Networks:

Campaign Ideas using Social Networks Five calls per person. Prize for x th caller Donor match and connect. Blog about donors Milestone donor prize and blog write-up Video Testimonials with write-up Photos of supporters in campaign t-shirts around town Candidate poses a question for response. Best answer wins time with candidate Negative campaign watch. Supporters “turn in” negative comments / stories Create community. Involve citizens. Highlight supporters on your blog or website. Bring people in rather than push the message out.

Social Media Resources*:

Social Media Resources* Blogs :, Social Networking :, Twitter : Photo Sharing :,, Video Sharing :,, Live Video Streaming : RSS Feeds : Feed Readers :,, Widgets :,, *There are more companies that provide these services. This list represents solutions we have evaluated in the past.

The New Political Campaign: Using Social Networking:

The New Political Campaign: Using Social Networking Carol A. Spencer June 24, 2009

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