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Target audience profile research:

Target audience profile research Charlie Walpole

Research :

Research In order to create the best possible film for our target audience, we carried out a survey to find out their basic interests and preferences. We chose to target a young adult audience as this particular group of people have a diverse range of interests and are open to new ways of thinking. Our questions were chosen with the purpose of finding out the vital information we need to create a production that will appeal to this group. To get our results, we gave our survey to students at school and sixth form of both genders and varying ages.


Q1. which genre, besides thriller, do you prefer? Action Adventure: 6 Horror: 6 Mystery: 4 Comedy: 2 Crime: 2 This tells us that we should incorporate elements of action adventure and horror in our production. The mystery genre was also a popular option. It also tells us that we would reach our target audience if our trailer was shown before a horror or action adventure film. Star Wars: 3 E.T.: 6 Avatar: 2 Pulp Fiction: 3 Tron Legacy: 2 Dark Skies: 4 E.T. and Dark Skies were the most popular option on my survey. This tells me that we should use these films as inspiration for our own one. Q2. which of these films’ styles do you prefer


Q3. Where are you most likely to see a film trailer Television: 6 Cinema: 6 Internet: 5 Social Media: 3 There is a relatively even mix of responses to this question meaning our trailer would need to be shown on every platform in order to have the best exposure to a large audience. Soundtrack: 6 Style: 3 Genre: 2 Actors: 2 Storyline: 7 Soundtrack and storyline were the most popular responses to this question telling us that we must have memorable and exciting music as well as an engaging storyline to be successful. Q4.Which aspect of a trailer would attract you to a film most?


Q5. What do you like a film trailer to emphasise/ focus on? Action sequences: 4 Story narration: 5 Major actors: 3 Visual effects: 8 Visual effects and story narration were popular option in this question telling us that we need to show our most impressive effects in our trailer. 0-30 seconds: 6 30-60 seconds: 7 60-90 seconds: 0 Entire trailer: 5 These results tell us that we need to include impressive shots within one monte to engage and keep our audience’s attention. Q6. For how long are you likely to watch a trailer before moving on?

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