Editing and transition research

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Editing and transition research :

Editing and transition research Charlie Walpole

Types of editing in our film genre :

Types of editing in our film genre Editing is used heavily in the both the action adventure and thriller genres. Fast paced cuts as well as CGI stunts and effects in larger budget productions are commonly seen in action adventure films. Editing is used to manipulate the pace of thriller films to build tension and fear. Transitions are used for a variety of reasons in the action adventure genre. Basic cuts are the most commonly used transition as they retain the pace of a scene. However crossfades or fade-to-blacks are usually used to show changes of location or time. Transitions are used for similar purposes in the thriller genre. Transitions, or a lack of transitions can be used to build tension or create meaning within a scene.

Our examples of editing: News report:

Our examples of editing: News report We created some footage in the style of a news report. We added animated bars and crawling text in the style of the genuine BBC news programmes.

Our examples of editing: monster hand :

Our examples of editing: monster hand In order to add realism and make our antagonist more believable, we created a shot in which its hand is revealed to the audience. The hand was created in After Effects and added onto a shot of our actor’s hand.

Our examples of editing: colour enhancement :

Our examples of editing: colour enhancement We used colour enhancement tools to improve the aesthetic of our night time shots. We adjusted the contrast and saturation using tools in After Effects to make the images more dramatic and professional.

Our examples of transitions :

Our examples of transitions We used mainly basic cuts in our trailer with the exception of multiple fade-to-blacks and various audio transitions. We used fade-to-black after most of our title shots as it gave a much smoother transition to the next clip. We used audio transitions in order to make the soundtrack flow as the music changes to sound effects and reverts back again. Simple cuts were most effective when we wanted to build a fast pace in the first few scenes as well as the shot reverse shot conversation in London.

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