Institutional Logo Research and Design

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Institutional Logo Research and Design :

Institutional Logo Research and Design Charlie Walpole

Institutional Logo Inspiration :

Institutional Logo Inspiration

Logo Analysis 1:

Logo Analysis 1 The universal logo is a computer-generated rendering of Earth. It is shown in a complex animation as the camera flies over the surface of the planet and reveals the giant text. The gold and white font of ‘universal’ match the colours of the light around the globe and the lights of the cities on the planet. The logo links to the name of the company. ‘Universal’ plus the globe logo implies that it is an inclusive company that appeals to a universal audience.

Logo Analysis 2:

Logo Analysis 2 The 20 th Century Fox logo shows a computer generated monument displaying the company name. The gold colour choice has connotations of quality and wealth which would imply that the production is of good quality. It is an example of a 3D animated logo which is a typical style of the larger companies.

Our Logo Drafts:

Our Logo Drafts These are examples of our film institution logo drafts . Our original design was hand draw before being scanned and enhanced in Photoshop. Our alternative design is made up of an edited photograph. I think that the alternative design looks slightly more polished and professional.

Our Final Institutional Logo:

Our Final Institutional Logo This is our institutional logo . It shows a bird’s head, which links to the name of our company and I have used conventions of other, real-life logos to create the most professional logo possible. The logo will appear at the beginning of the film with an animation. This shares the company name and logo with the audience in an aesthetically exciting way. We used the galaxy-style background of the Universal logo as inspiration with our design.

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