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Lighting :

Lighting Charlie Walpole

High key lighting :

High key lighting High key lighting is a technique used to light a scene which gives the image a bright and, usually optimistic, look. High key lighting is usually used in more positive scenes with happy themes. However t can also be used to show hostile or unknown environments and settings, as shown in many science-fiction and alien films. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lord of the Rings

Low key lighting :

Low key lighting Low key lighting is used to light darker scenes. It is used to present danger and mystery. The lack of bright light can be used to conceal parts of a frame which creates tension and unease. This lighting technique is typically found in genres such as horror and thriller. The Dark Knight Shutter Island Super 8

Ambient lighting :

Ambient lighting Ambient lighting is a technique in which directors use only available light sources rather than adding artificial lighting. The main and obvious source of ambient lighting is natural sunlight. This technique is extremely effective for smaller productions with less money, however ideal light is only available certain hours of day. It provides a natural look, but the director has little control over the direction and brightness of the light source besides the use of reflectors. The Revenant Pirates of the Caribbean E.T The Extra Terrestrial

Artificial/studio lighting :

Artificial/studio lighting Artificial and studio lighting is used in most of the promotional photography for a film. All images taken in a studio for poster and magazine promotions use artificial, fluorescent lighting. This technique gives clear, sharp images and the filmmakers have total control over the intensity, amount and direction of the light.

How we will use lighting :

How we will use lighting Our most significant use of specialised lighting is the low key lighting in the tree-house/disappearance scene. We used low key lighting to represent the night time light of the setting but also the mystery and danger that the monster brings. We used ambient lighting in the shots of our characters in London. This gives the image a natural look as there are many readily available sources of light around London. It would also be extremely expensive and impractical to light our large London settings with artificial light and the scale of our production would not allow that. Another example of our use of low key lighting is the various shots of our protagonist during his search for his brother. The darkness is used to represent the unknown territory the boy is researching whereas the light represents the hope he feels in his quest to find his bother.

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