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By: spektakl (125 month(s) ago)

Charlie, I'm also interested in this presentation, but also for the data. I can't seem to download it and I want to look at it more closely. Is it possible for you to email me a copy at spektakl (at) gmail (dot) com? THANKS!

By: dhereford (126 month(s) ago)

Charlie: I like the graphical layout of information in your presentation. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of it? I'm not interested in the data, per se, primarily the way you've laid things out. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

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01 culture theory view 32 philosophical view 29 socio-logical view 28 performativity as view 27 filmic view 26 movement view 30 magical view 26 temporal view 27 process view 28 pragmatistic view 29 anthropological view / ethnological view 32 theater studies view 30 therapeutic view 31 content view 01 contextual view Performance as situative production Performance as situative experiment +Performance as culture-forming presentation (BN) Performance as a border, a margin (M. Carlson) Performance as sound experience +Performance as staging Performance as a representation of circumstances +Performance as theater Performance as Process Performance as act of positing meaning +Performance as interpretation (BN) +Performance as socially marked role play Performance as social practice +Performance as ritual +Performance as mimesis +Performance as ritual +Performance as catharsis Performance as drive analysis Performance as form of action in therapeutic praxis +Performance as memory theater social performance moving Sculpture audio performance story- telling (2) Ritual (2) performing arts community performance art process art performance clips music performance time based art time art (2) kinetic sculpture dance performance moment art process demonstration primary demonstrations mimicry of life ritual sculpture rite rituals prediction (2) economical and social plots social performance social sculpture mudman's seminars theater performance sound performance sound Performance poetic theatre Orgies-Mysteries Theater Performance = consciously dreaming film semiotics psychoanalysis (Lacan school) process theories cultural anthropology structuralism (discourse) myth discourse literature discourse deconstructivism memory theories therapeutic discourseg gestalt therapy psychodrama / psycho-techniques primal scream therapy system theory dance theory alchemy, hermetics esoteric debates / New Age discourse psychology performativity discourse theater theory theater studies dramatic discourse art theory philosophy postmodern discourse nomadology discourse deconstructivism discourse performance studies performance theory (historical) anthropology ethnology theology / New Age discourse theater anthropology ethnography performance studies ethnography cultural anthropology sociology and performance sociological discourse exotism discourse tribalism debate (tribal culture) structuralism discourse (game rules of art) performative theories from cultural science performativity discourse performance studies speech act theory language game theory / Praxeology feminist theories (J. Butler) pragmatism symbolic pragmatism pragmatic-hermeneutical turn role theory (T. Sarbin) discourse analysis music theory theory of perception on architecture (B. Leitner) technoculture discourse dance theory body research film theory dromology time theories Performance as catharsis (cf.. below) cultic purification self-purification Performance as form of action in therapeutic praxis Cf..: contemplation /vs/ ecstasy Forms of therapy that make use of performance techniques Forms of therapy as analytical "session" see: performativity of language view of orality performative speech act see: performative levels in pop music sound, music, score, composition (cf..: view of the musical score) Performance with Sound Fluxus (2) performance as social, political strategy images of social community as performance e.g. simulation of an office (Ingold airlines: Res Ingold) (Philippe Cuny u.a.: Protoplast) (Abel Bankprojekt) (FEM-Warenzeichen) (Bender & Nern) performance as mimicry of business (Ruskin Stichting, Rotraut Pape, u.a.) living prediction direct recourse to shamans (Schmutz) (e.g. Catholic liturgy) Concept art of the 60s - body art (K. Rinke) travel art – capturing moments short performance (very long performances are hardly prepared anymore today) discourse view the exhibited discourse (series "dis-positiv“ Vienna 05.2000) 25 acoustic "view" auditive view acoustic environment action music performative level of pop music Crossings-Schema: Jonas, Forti, Charlemagne Palestine L. Anderson. Haimsohn Beckley, Kubisch Fabrizio Plessi Albrecht D (ZEN) Jannis Kounellis Lentz, Dunlap, Tom Marioni others: Jon Rose , Christian Marclay ZAJ (Walter Marchetti, Juan Hidalgo, Ramón Barce , Esther Ferrer) Z´EV, Ian Smith FUCKKEAD, Anne Bean Paul Burwell, Sam Ashley Nancy Buchanan Richard Maxfield Endre Szkárosi Grundheber CAP Jörn Luther , Misa Savic Krzystof Zarebski, Irit Bluzer, Helena Villalobos Mark Trayle, Bender&Nern Pauline Oliveros Literature: Kunstforum Bd. 25 / Schamanen J. Raap / Kunst u. Schamanismus (article) Hartmut Kraft / Über innere Grenzen - Initiation in Schamanismus, Kunst, Religion und Psychoanalyse (book) Performance of Healing (book) Carol Laderman (Ed.) J.L. Moreno / Psychodrama (book) Joachim Hersinger Waldegg / Der Künstler als Märtyrer – Skt. Sebastian in der Kunst des 20.Jahrh. Mary Ann Doane / Film and the Masquerade (masquerade theory) Marianne Kesting / Das Happening als pseudo-religiöse Opferhandlung (article) Christa Lichtenstern / Metamorphose. Vom Mythos zum Prozeßdenken (book) Aristoteles / Katharsis-Begriff Theresa Smalec / (PSi7) Healing Shattered Subjects: Ron Vawter´s "Roy Cohn/ Jack Smith" as a Performative Means of Translating and Transforming Cultural Traumas Elizabeth Köpping / (PSi7) Charismatic Healing as Transformation Translating Difference: Performance and Disabillity (PSi7) Literature: E. Jappe / Performance Ritual Prozeß On Ritual (Performance Research) Richard Schechner / Future of Ritual Kunstforum Bd. 34 / Plastik als Handlungsform Victor Turner / The ritual process (book) Victor Turner / The Anthropology of Performance (book) Richard Schechner / Between Theatre and Anthropology (book) Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! chap. Performance and the social sciences Conquergood Dwight / Poetics Play, Process and Power – The performative turn in anthropology Janelle G. Reinelt, et al. / Critical Theory and Performance (book) A.David Napier / Foreign Bodies – Performance Art and Symbolic Anthropology A. Artaud (ethnological studies) W. Pfaff u.a. / Der sprechende Körper Sylvia Sasse / Zur Anatomie kollektiver Körper in der russischen Performance Theatre for Social Change (PSi7) Literature: Judith Butler !! / Bodies That Matter Performative Acts and Gender Constitution (article 1988!) / Judith Butler Performativity and Performance (book) ! Andrew Parker & Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Symposium: Cross Gender/Cross Genre Performance and Performativity Graz 99 Geraldine Harris / Staging Feminities. Performance and Performativity (article) David E.R. George !! / Performance Epistomology (in: Performance Research) Dwight Conquergood / article: The Performative Turn in Anthropology Victor Turner / The Anthropology of Performance Elisabeth List / article: Leiblichkeit, performatives Selbst u. Geschlecht article: Kultur als Handlung Gertrude Koch (C.S. Peirce) Homi Bhabha / article: Of Mimicry and Man Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Michael Issacharoff & Robin F. Jones / Discourse as Performance (book) Literature: article: Kultur als Handlung Gertrude Koch Mary Ann Doane / Film and the Masquerade: Theorizing the Female Spectator (article) Valie Export Peter Weibel Philip Auslander / Liveness (book) Ihab Hassan / process/performance/ happening (Essay) Victoria Best & Peter Collier (Ed.) / Powerful Bodies (book) Claudia Liebrand / Kinematographische Gender-Performanzen (lecture) P. Dubois / Der fotografische Akt (book) Thomas Dreher / Aktionstheater und Intermedia (article) Paolo Bianchi (Video lounge at O.K.) / Die Transformation der Kunst zum "Performative Turn“ Max Schumacher / (PSi7) Grotesque Food - From Film to Stage Literature: Kunstforum Bd. 87 / Kunstgeschichte des Feuers Erika Billeter / Mythos und Ritual in der Kunst der 70er Jahre Transition to Modernity (PSi7) Bonnie Eckhard, Frederick Corey / (PSi7) Missed Callings: Myth, Middle Age, and Memory M. Serres Udo Wid Literature: Performance und Performance Art / Kunstf. Bd. 96 G.J. Lischka Beitrag: Schneisen im Heuhaufen – Formen von Performance-Art Marie-Luise Lange Critical theory and performance (book) Patrice Pavis Jürgen Schilling / Aktionskunst (book) Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! B. Stanton Garner / Bodied Spaces: Phenomenology and Performance Nick Kaye / Postmodernism and Performance (book) ! David George / On Ambiguity: Towards a Post-Modern Performance Theory (article) Laurence Senelick / Cabaret Performance Stan Godlovitch / Musical Performance: a philosophical study Philip Auslander / From Acting to Performance (essay) Vadim Liapunov, Michael Holquist / Towards a Philosophy of the Act (book) (on Bakhtin et al.) Richard Schechner / Performance Theory (book) Patrice Pavis (Ed.) / The Intercultural Performance Reader (book) Michel Benamou / Presence and Play, Performance in Postmodern Culture Mise en Scéne (catalogue) Markus Weßendorfer (theater theoretician also writes on performance) Elisabeth Schweeger Hans-Thiess Lehmann (lecture) / Theater als Möglichkeitsraum Performance Theory and Practice (PSi7) Literature: Kunstf. Bd.137 / Atlas der Künstlerreisen Kunstf. Bd.136 / Ästhetik des Reisens Zeit – Die vierte Dimension in der bildenden Kunst Kunstf. Bd.150 / Zeit – Existenz – Kunst Kunstf. Bd.151 /Dauer/Simultaneität/Echtzeit Matthias Schäfer / Mediennutzung und Zeitfaktor in der Aktionskunst (Bd.151) Daniel Charles / Zeitspielräume – Performance, Musik, Ästhetik John Cage / Für die Vögel – Gespräch mit Daniel Charles (book) ! U. Krasberg / (PSi7) Ekstastetanz und Performance ... (Sufi rituals) Kinetographien (project) / Inke Arns, Mirjam Goller, Susanne Strätling, Georg Witte Literature: Crossings (catalogue) Zeitspielräume. Performance Musik Ästhetik / Daniel Charles Musical Performance (book) Stan Godlovitch - a philosophical study Klangkunst (catalogue) Music and Performance (PSi7) Literature: Die Grube und das Pendel (article in: Relikte & Sedimente / Rob La Frenais Kontextbewußte Ansätze in Kunst und Wissenschaft / G. Dirmoser (DG) Gotthard Günther (on polycontextuality) Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Victoria Best & Peter Collier (Ed.) / Powerful Bodies – Performance in French Cultural Studies !! Guy Debord / Rapport zur Konstruktion von Situationen Kenneth Burke Dwight Conquergood Victor Turner Erika Fischer-Lichte / 01.99 Kulturen des Performativen (Sonderforschung BRD) Erika Fischer-Lichte / Vom Text zur Performance – Der „performative turn“ in den Kulturwissenschaften (FL) movement research (Skip Flicker) vocabulary of movement movement behavior Travel Art travelling as performance (Vol. 136, 137 Kunstforum) travelling as global presence (Eva & Adele) Green line walk (Die Fabrikanten) (John Tylo) (Jochen Gerz) (Dimitri Alithinos) Photo: Moment catcher – Performance travelling (Gabriel Magos, Corinne Tache) see also: course of events view see also: view of the musical score temporal view of performance design ephemeral art forms of the course of attention immediacy (nothing can be taken back) / Live character threshold situations (in the course of events view) structures of action see also: performance as action see: M.-L. Lange categorized performances according to action structures course of events game rules ritual (see left) view of the musical score Performance as staging (see below) staging (2) staged events (2) performing art (2) Performance takes place in the "here and now" remaining in the present performative turn (Bonnie Marranca, Conquergood Dwight, Fischer-Lichte, ....) cf.. pragmatic-hermeneutic turn Performance is less a new form of art than a new paradigm, it stands less for a new phenomenon than for a new consideration of familiar phenomena (David E.R. George 1996) masculinity/femininity as cultural performance (femininity: Sakiko Yamaoka) see: performative sculptures see: performative form of insight of the physical body see: performativity of feelings see: the performance of the body (performativity) see: performative pedagogy live performance live art cf.. Stadtwerkstatt-TV cf.. Taxi Orange process-oriented art / process-oriented procedure see also: process from the view of artistic production Primacy of the process process design (see study Stadtwerkstatt-TV) course of process moment art (2) forms of interaction see: communication concepts automatism rules of operations and permutations film-specific performance styles (works by Jack Smith) filming performers (Black Market) (Jack Smith – Retrospective Graz 1999 Smith repeatedly treats his films for performances) (2) video performance TV performance performative self (the self in process) Performativity as the act of positing meaning permanently repeating itself performativity as creating identity as a process of repeated quotation social performativity of gender (J.Butler) gender: a category constructed through performance (not a given social or cultural attribute) gender = a "doing“ (J. Beuys) (Volker Hamann) (Bruno Hoffmann) J. Beuys' actions as sculptures in space and time (category 08 according to M.-L. Lange) forms of culture (forms of expression) the gift role view simulation poetry of rites ceremony / processions performance as mimesis (see below) performance as ritual (see below) ritual actions (Thomas de Chirico) ritual performance art (Réné Ynez) performance as social practice (see below) performance as socially marked role play (see below) role view cultural pattern ritual mudmans Seminars (2) goes directly back to shamans (dirt) see also: intercultural exchange in performance mimicry It is how it is – the illusion theological view Performance as theater of memory (see below) Theater as memory space (Cf.. essay by Dan Graham on Giulio Camillos) memoria theater Content aspects of performance (arrangement) Avoidance of narrative structures Non-theatricality Content-based methods (Cf.. Stadtwerkstatt-TV study) Philosophical terminal (2) Everyday stories Sense & madness Montage performance (montage techniques) theater view dance performance performance theater See also: dance performance movement view art studies view action theater (La Fura Dels Baus, La Gaia Scienza) theatrically inspired hybrid performance (lt. Zakravsky) Philosophical terminal (as service) (Cf.. also: Rainer Ganahl - education complex) Lecture as performance (Thomas Huber, Andrea Fraser) (John Bock) (Bazon Brock) Performance archive (cf.. service) the black drawer Performative science Encyclopedic delusion Performance conferences (Also see: networks) Performance as representation of facts (s.r.) Symposia The council seminars (2) see also: culture-theoretical view See also: Theological View Performer as modern shaman Performer as modern witch Alchemy (Anna Homler) Cosmological view View of the elements (fire, earth, water, air, ...) (Hanka Lee) (Katharina Trost) (Aktion im Moor – J.Beuys) mythological structures These aspects used to be treated under the theme of communication concepts (see below) criticism: communication and information theory have forgotten performance social view see also: political view actions with job-seekers, unemployed persons, homeless, prisoners (STWST) (Filomeno Fusco, Victor Kégli) (Santiago Serra) Theatricality: "Grand Gesture" (Mattieu) The grand gesture as performance (being flown in by helicopter, nothing else). gestures (3) Personal mythologies (Rosa Galindo, Pedro Garhel) circular form of time (Giardini Pensili = Bordoni & Dalo) Situative experiments Simulating the conditions of the surroundings (Hejettes Szolyazok: bathing situation beach) (Stadtwerkstatt: weather building) under water performance (Angie Hiesl) concert performance (Joel Hubaut) (Dilettanten- Orchester Linz) Art jury as performance (the jury: U. Wid, Die Fabrikanten, G. Dirmoser, Neuner, et al.) Situative investigations (ARGE Kulturtheorie Linz) exchange projects (Clegg & Guttmann) Performance in the courtroom (Siglinde Kallnbach, Black Market & W. Preisinger) (Jörg Lenzinger & Patrick Sidler) (High Red Center) With and about fire ... (Kain Karawahn, Otto Piene, Stadtwerkstatt, Young-Chul Shim)) (Holger G. Hermann, Thomas Ruller, Lukas Berchtold) Panic in burning paper tent (Igor Sacharow-Ross) Fire circles (Zorka Ságlová) flame thrower (Just Merrit) Fire & water (János Szirtes) , (SRL), (L. Berchthold) Fire theater, live flame (A. Heller) Incinerating rare plants (Terry Fox) Fire Table(s) (Ric Allsopp) In a burning tank under water (Harrie de Kroon) Recipient in a burning gyrator (times up/Just Merrit) Burning clothing piece by piece (Barbara Sturm) movements as depiction of fundamental human states (Monica Klingler) disability view mental and physical disability (Kraft/Petz) (René Schmalz (Butoh)) Performance as drive analysis (and art analysis) (Via Lewandowsky) ritualizing everyday actions (Alastair MacLennan) social action (Tom Marioni) social actions (Roland Miller) live electronic musical instruments interactive sound performance (Benoit Maubrey & Brodin – Audio Gruppe) filming actions (Kurt Kren (on Otto Muehl, G. Brus)) objects from the Catholic liturgy (H. Nitsch) (cult of the new eve) See: psychoanalytical view (Alanna O´Kelly, Akio Suzuki, Junko Wada, Peter Zegveld, Harry de Wit, Toine Horvers, Phill Niblock, Jens Brand, Savier Klaro, Stadtwerkstatt) rituals on Hawaii (Charlemagne Palestine) string installations (Paul Panhuysen) Stalker (as concept) (Zygmunt Piotrowski) material ordered in trance as script (Jacques van Poppel) Creation myth (Jürgen Raap) neurotic rituals – intensity of a hysterical psychosis (Reindeer Werk) (Klaus Rinke, Ralston Farina, Ruedi Schill, Sakiko Yamaoka, Peter Kalmus, Michael Murin) sculpture in motion (Nigel Rolfe) Shamanist journey multimedia (Rachel Rosenthal) Trance techniques (Terry Fox) Trance states (Helmut Schober) (Serge Pey) (Roman Signer) (Renee Kolla) action with a fuse (Roman Signer) endless repetitions (Endre Tót) ongoing performance: the question of plagiarism (Timm Ulrichs) 700 BICAPONIA-Performances as rituals of a private shamanist religion (German Vinogradov) Laying open - sacrifice - shamanism (Jappe) rites of initiation Three-dimensional narrations Notes as performance (Karin Beck, Elsbeth Böninger & Norbert Klassen) symbolic actions (as precursor of performance) religious themes (Ulrike Rosenbach) relationship per se pair performances (Marina Abramovic & Ulay) space can only be performatively experienced as space Dynamic theater (Bremer, Spoerri) Turning away from the object: stressing the process within a context religious acts Cabaret as performance? Cf.. (Lili Fischer, Franz Prieler) (Donna Lewis) (Diva – Cabaret: Marlene Madison Plimley, Mernie Le Plested, Alvin Erasgo Tolentino, Lori Weidenhammer) cabaret performance Performance and theater artists (Black Market) (Christine Brodbeck: TP-founder in CH (Tanz pur)) (Petra Deus, Klara Schilliger, Laura Dean) (Katja Fleig & Seijiro Murayama) (Company Catherine Contour) (Anna Halprin, Robin Poitras, Gabriele von Scheidt, Silvia Buol, Maren Strack, Genevieve Fallet) (Honey and Milk: Dora Kiss, F. und Joel Mützenberg) (Mim Miriam King, Steve Paxton, Andrea Morein, Dorothea Rust, Yoshimichi Takei, Mari Tanikawa, Mona Kosa, Hanna Barbara, Nigel Charnock (Ex: DV8), Kim Hyun-Ju, Kim Young-Won, Bilderwerfer (D. Aschwanden), Simon Whitehead, Hae Kyung Lee) juggling with repertoire of movement Mask / masking (cf.. identity) masquerade (Boris Nieslony, Norbert Klassen, McCarthey, Joan Jonas, Franco Vaccari, Allan Sekula, Artur Tajber) Self-painting (G. Brus) White man (Roi Vaara) White men (T.R. Uthco: Dough Hall, Jody Procter, Brus, Yong-Gu Shin) Yellow man (Lie Wen) Camouflage painting (V. Kutscher) Like spotted animals (Mette Aare) (art incube) The body as canvas religious rituals as material procession as performance (Giuseppe Desiato) (Nitsch OM Theater) Kneipp cure & Performance (Lili Fischer) ethnological material (Thomas de Chirico) selling snowballs (David Hammons) expanded cinema (as method: USA => A) (Jack Smith, John Latham, Valie Export, Peter Weibel) Smith combined film and cinema slide Alchemy of the kitchen (Attila Kosa) Alchemy of the ordinary (Boris Nieslony) Archaic elements in performances reminiscent of archaic roots Performance as culture-forming presentation (s.r.) (Boris Nieslony) Queer Theaters (Text: Rob La Frenais) (Cf.. Symp. Steir. Herbst) Shamanism (mobilizing spiritual forces) (Rolf Hinterecker) (Geert Duintjer) (Anna Homler) (Raphael Montanez Ortiz) (Nam June Paik) (J. Beuys) (Brian D. Tripp) (Kim Suck-Hwan) (Yong-Gu Shin) Shamanism and animism (Z. Warpechowski) (Serge Pey) Context-conscious strategies: surprise, alienation, distortion, ... de-formations Breadman (head bound with bread) (Tatsumi Orimoto) Revealing evil and exorcising it. Total possession (in the performance) (Karen Finley) performative moment encroachment / infiltrated situation (Günther Wallraff, Karel Dudesek) (Gianni Motti) infiltrating hospitals as doctor (Cabinet De Medicine) cf.. (art) historical view Role of the clown (BN) Performer as clown (cf.. Black Market) (Bruce Nauman) magic ritual (BN) Dissolution of the semantic obligation, honest performance! (BN) the intentional view "presentation" (BN) initiation Scope of action in between terms (BN) (BN) performance is directed against blind faith in progress Culture-forming energy of performance Programmatic texts: (BN) Reindeer Werk, Todays Place, Prediction, Minus delta t, Büro Berlin, polarpuls Art d´Ameublement, Kunoldtstraße 34, Bazillus, Programmpapiere kleiner Ausstellungsraum, Das Konzil 1981, Strategiepapiere des Fördervereins für Projektkunst, Die Stifter, ASA European, Black Market International, ...) the only medium with real quality is every other human being (BN) Performance is closely linked to montage; its flaw is that it is a much younger step-brother to film (BN) Performance as presentation Ancestor cult Experimentally assembling circumstances (BN) As a principle, B.M. is an exploration of attention (3) Attention as accuracy B.M. is performative Socio-cultural roots Cultural Sciences Black Culture Theory Cultural Studies (discourse) Cultural History Context-conscious Theories Neo-situationism Discourse Postmodern Discourse Animism (cult of the soul) Transformation (2) (PSi7) Art as site of transformation (PB) Temple sacrifice and fire rituals (Siglinde Kallnbach) (minus delta t) Cf.. field terms (Situationist International) situationist event Polycontextuality (BN) See: Montage quasi-mythical places (Hermann Nitsch) Sacrificial rituals (Max Dean) crucifixion scenes fertility rituals cultic actions ritual presentation of objects Artist as "sacrifice" religious view / art (performance) as substitute for religion? Performance as the processual, flowing Performance as the transient, flowing, ... view of duration: chained together 1 year (Linda Montano & Tehching Hsieh) (3 days: Linda Montano & Tom Marioni) (7 years of living art: Montano) (1 yr. cage, 1 yr. stamping, 1 yr. no interior space Tehching Hsieh) cf. Taxi Orange repeatability of staged performances (Lili Fischer, Laurie Anderson) Performances action scores (category 03 according to M.-L. Lange) What is staged, random and composed coincide (Akio Suzuki & Junko Wada) (approach to) ritual performances (Category 04 according to M.-L. Lange) cultural history view Galvanized into the symbolic Pain, death, transitoriness, rebirth (Gideon Gechtman) (Peter Gilles) (Hannah Wilke – her dying body) Experimental actions (2) (Category 06 according to M.-L. Lange) ... What is commonplace is torn from its familiar context, subjected to incongruous examinations Deconstruction performances (Category 11 according to M.-L. Lange or Inge Baxmann respectively) This performances are targeted to: confrontation, irritation of sense, disjunction, interruption and dismantling of familiar semantic contexts. It is a matter of "an upsetting of order", of the destruction of traditional rhythms and flows of meaning. Narratively structured performance (Category 12 according to M.-L. Lange) These forms of action tell stories and are based on a clear concept of staging. (Renate Bertlmann) (Brian Catling) Cf. service view dramaturgy (Norbert Klassen insisted on it for B.M.; but he is the only one with a score) Semantic routes on the Net Performance appears today as a possible philosophical paradigm; a radical alternative to the modernist text paradigm. (George) (Cf. performative turn) academic performance (Marvin Carlson) Pragmatism as culture studies paradigm (cf. Gertrud Koch) Performativity as the "more pleasing variation" cf. pragmatic hermeneutic turn Performance of Healing a performance is capable of creating "communitas" (Jürgen Fritz) Performance = Transformation of a situation (J.-F. Lyotard on Daniel Buren) artist as anthropologist (Tokio Maruyama) (Nieslony) (David Thomas) artist as (participating) behavior researcher (U. Wid, A. Fraser) subversive simulation of platitudes (Biefer/Zgraggen) Performance without movement (seeing with the body ...) Abramovic/Ulay memento mori (event or object reminiscent of death) / memorial rite (James Lee Byaars: performed his death) (A. Heller: laying out of self) Death Meditations (Nina Wise) Political remembrance of the dead (Balint) Made up like a corpse (Shaun Caton) Sex with the Dead (John Duncan) filmed performances (Matthew Barney) pragma-art (action and process instead of contemplatio) (cf. Michael Lingner, Eva Sturm) Theatrically drastic productions (Paul McCarthy) medical performance theatric performance (Adina Bar-on, Karen Finlay, Kazuhiro Nishijima) cultural performance Literature: (... continued) Victoria Best & Peter Collier (Ed.) / Powerful Bodies – Performance in French Cultural Studies !! Geoffrey Leech / Principles of Pragmatics K. Marcia Moen / Peirce´s Pragmatism as a Resource for Feminism (article) Jean-Francois Lyotard / The postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge (book) T. Sarbin & V. Allen / Role Theory (book) Michel de Certeau / The Practice of Everyday Life Kate Ince / Between the Acts: Orlan, Performance and Performativity (in: Powerful Bodies) !!! J.-F. Lyotard / Das postmoderne Wissen Nietzsche Performance Research Vol.1 No.1 1996 D.George / Performance Epistemology Pierangelo Maset, Hubert Sowa (Ed.) / Ästhetisches Dasein. Perspektiven einer performativen und pragmatischen Kultur im öffentlichen Raum D. Böhler et al.(Ed.) Die pragmatische Wende Rorty, de Certeau, ... Liturgie und Ästhetik (event Münster) liveness Literature: (... continued) J.-F. Lyotard (event, performativity, language games, ....) J.-F. Lyotard / The Unconscious as Mise- en-scène (in: Performance in Postmodern Culture – 1977) Hassan Hannah Arendt / Vita Activa (book) Johanna Malt / Performative Constructions of Meaning (article) Dorothea von Hantelmann / Der andere Schauplatz: Theatralität u. Performanz in der zeitgenössischen Kunst Bonnie Marranca & Gautam Dasgupta Ed. Conversations on Art and Performance Philosophie in Aktion / P. Bourdieu, Hakan Gürses, O. Marchart, Chantal Mouffe, W. Pircher, R. Pfaller, G. Raunig, Slavoj Zizek (book) Hans-T. Lehmann (LE) / Postdramatisches Theater (book) ! Kathy Rosalyn / Toward a Theory of Performance Art (book) Transition to Modernity (PSi7) Hans-Friedrich Bormann (PSi7) Dieter Mersch (PSi7) Sophia Totzeva (PSi7) p-theory as theories of behavior control & mimetic distance (theatre) /vs/ physical awareness of the performative situation the function of performance within a culture (M. Carlson) Culture as performance (Turner, Milton Singer) (Fischer-Lichte) social behavior as performance (Goffman) montage of attractions (Sergei Eisenstein's concept) kinetic environments Postmodern: (Hassan, Lyotard) process / performance / happening work-in-progress, incomplete, fluid open, playful, optative, disjunctive, displaced, a discourse of fragments Modern: art object / finished work non-narrative, non-discursive, non-mimetic performance performative quality of postmodern work P.M.: play, game, contradiction, process, performance (D. George) In postmodern times "performance" is the ideal medium and model (D. George) culturally engaged performances mythic material (Rachel Rosenthal, Meredith Monk) Performance as Exorcism Exorcism – liberation from personal grief/suffering (Linda Montano "Mitchell´s Death") ritualized performance (Rebecca Belmore) ritualized and myth-related performance (See also: rituals) (Moira Roth, Carolee Schneemann) filming partner (Carolee Schneemann's friend) Anthony Cox: husband of Yoko Ono) centrality of performance in the construction and maintenance of social relationships (Nam June Paik & Charlotte Moorman) (Friederike Pezold) (Douglas Davis) touching the inside of the TV (incl. TV view) performance as social experiment Conquergood: involving a shift from viewing "the world as text“ to "the world as performance“ Literature: (... continued) Walking through society (yearbook) ! Eugenio Barber (anthropological view) Camille Camillieri (athropolog. view; important for Patrice Pavis) James Clifford (ethno-historian) Roger Caillois (athropological theorist) Erving Goffman P. Bourdieu (Hexis- u. Habitus-Konzept) Victoria Best & Peter Collier (Ed.) / Powerful Bodies – Performance in French Cultural Studies Milton Singer (ethnologist) / cultural performance (developed as concept) A. Nebelung / Zwischenräume (Methode u. Ästhetik einer ökologischen Soziologie Herbert Mead => J. Butler Prof. Christoph Wulf <= P. Bourdieu C. Wulf (article) / Die Familie als performative Gemeinschaft C. Wulf (projects): Die Hervorbringung des Sozialen in Ritualen ... / Familien- Rituale / Rituale in der Schule / Geschlecht und Rituale U. Wuggenig -> Pierangelo Maset David Frankel / Workshop in Performance Studies Ethnography (PSi7 Mainz) Magic Maori, Artificial Savages and Martians: (De)constructing Indigenous Identity Theory as/of Performance (chapter in Victoria Best & Peter Collier) Theory as/of Performance Performance = significant theoretical framework Identity as performance hexis/habitus as a series of performative practices Orlan´s "Reincarnation“ project: A case study for the overlap between performativity and performance Performance as a concept in ethnography, anthropology, sociology and psychology body as projection surface for films (Carolee Schneemann) hanging, floating, ... (Carolee Schneemann, Flatz, Jill Orr, Peter Brambring, Butoh, Il Carrozzone...) (Charlotte Moorman „sky kiss“) (Kees Mol) (Sankai Juku) (Bob Flanagan) (Jan MlCoch) (Danny Devos – hanging in magic places) (Mark Steger – hanging in trees) (Robert Sot – in a wreath of plants) (Hadass Ophrat & Guy Brieler) study of basic types of human movements (B. Nieslony, Franz West, E. Wurm) lying, standing, sitting, ... (Lee Chang-Shik Park) Mythologization of the self (Colette) you need a role to become yourself (Cindy Sherman) 60s: real bodies in real time in real space From writing culture to culture as performance Choreography as danced theory (Jerome Bel) Lecture performance (Xavier Le Roy, Mike Hentz) Performance as trans-genre or anti-genre within art studies artistic action /vs/ artistic production praxis paradigm (cf. praxeology on Wittgenstein) Stadtwerkstatt-TV projects as performance (4 Days of Buffalo) / Ars electronica "no one is sure of himself“ Automaten TV etc. performativity of the social system (Lit.: Lyotard) Legitimization (of research) through its performativity (Lit.: Lyotard) Performativity as the operationality of information (Lit.: Lyotard) Philosophical database (Mike Hentz) comprehensive concert/ performance/installation (Recombinant 9.9.99 ars electronica Posthof – all halls) acoustic performance (Jeanette Yankian "Aorta“) electroacoustic performance (Mia Zabelka) Van Gogh TV (Live and real time television / Multimedia performance Hotel pompino) artistic mass (Jerzy Berés) B&W films as material demarcating reality (Helmut Schober) Literature: (...continued) Richard Kostelnatz / The Theater of Mixed Means. An Introduction to Happenings, Kinetic Environments ... ! R. Koberg / Die Kunst des Gehens Mosche Feldenkrais / (Lit. on: Feldenkrais Method) Dr. Walter Siegfried (dance theorist) Willy Jansen / (PSi7) The Dancing Saints Gender and Trance Ritual in Different Culters Freddie Rokem / (PSi7) Ritualisations of Repetition in Performance Translating Dance (PSi7) Julia Witworth / (PSi7) / Translating of the Body: Physical Theatre Trainings, ... Cf. identity view cf. identity view allowed to play along (being part of the game) see identity Avant-gardist isms were superseded by ideas and contexts (PB) aesthetic social guest work (PB) staying on the road (PB) Outsiders are in-between beings (PB) artist as skeptical anthropologist (PB) (BieferZgraggen) performatively negotiating culture (FL) performativity thrust The reduplicated event is always a farce (Mersch) Alchemistic laboratory life-art-work Gotthard (Jean Odermatt) social sculpturing method (Labin Art Express) theory of the moment (James Lee Byars) Factory of the Excentric Actor (Eisenstein) musical score (Kaprow) body in motion (Robert Morris) aesthetic way of praying (Nitsch) Purifying power of ritualized pain (Gina Pane, H. Nitsch) (religious) ceremonies of the Indians (Joan Jonas, Tina Girouard, James Luna, Yolanda Segura) Against religious symbols (Ulrike Rosenbach) film projection combined with performance (Sol Lyfond) (Jack Goldstein – film maker) (Doris Balmer) (Stephen Laub) (Harald Busch & Erhard Hirt) (Anet van de Elzen) projecting "home movies“ (Anna Bring) filmmakers as performers (and vice versa) (John Jesurun, Valie Export, ...) offering a "different" filmic view of the performance camera replaces audience (restrictive presentation conditions) church service as performance (USA) Death and the beautiful shaman (M. Abramovic) direct time-images (Klaus Rinke) film performance using the quality of illusion dance view Dance: having the hands "in play" gestures of conducting (as performance) Embalming of a chicken (G. Bruckschweiger) blessings A performance exists only and ever as a flux Situative performative emergence of work The idea of the situation (GANG ART) film time and event (GANG ART) time units for the event acoustic design as rhythmization of the event (GANG ART) choreography view actions with concrete goals (Lidl-Academy) (audio group, Jens Brand, Sam Ashley, H.-J. Gilgen, Orquestra del Caos, N. Möslang & Andy Guhl, Noah Riskin, Gerrit de Vries, Richard Dunlap) ceremony art (Chicago) cultural performances (Ethnologist: Milton Singer) Cultures of the performative (Erika Fischer-Lichte) Butoh see above (Kazuo Ohno) SU-EN Butoh Co. (Susanna Akerlund) Mythical mystical dance play motoric movements otherwise not "used" (Simone Forti) (burning 1 Mill Engl. pounds) (Jürgen Fritz) (Goji Hamada) performers do not play a "role" ritual performance (M. Abramovic): "The lips of St. Thomas" carving, whipped, naked on cross of ice blocks (she stages herself as sacrifice) performance as rituals of transition, of transformation (Translation TRANSITION Transformation – PSi7) cf. Instant Intervention (Nigel Rolfe) (Also see: story telling) lectures (2) Aleatoric sound and movement performances (J. Cage, Merce Cunningham) cf. Life Art / Live Works see also: mimicry of life (Magos, Stuart Brisley) (Tache & Magos) see also: tableaux vivant Ritual sculpture (Sistermann, Christine Kubisch, David Moss, Chie Mukai, Endre Szkarosi, Michel Asso, Bonnie Barnett, Leigh Hobba, Luca Miti, Maxime Rioux, Marianne Schuppe, Attila Dora, Tibor Szemzö) Narrative Performance (Vito Acconci) (Vasan Sitthiket) (M. Schwaighofer) Therapeutic action (intention of body art) Hedonism: a philosophy of performance art Clip Performance (Pipilotti Rist) The simultaneity of high & low (critical art and pop) (Reindeer Werk) (cf. Gestures, Attitudes) (Jan Swiedzinski) Retro-performance (J.Lothar Schröder) Cover performances (Verena Kraft & Kurt Petz) (Mike Kelly / Paul McCarthy) cult action the essence of the ritual is the tie, the plea seance Spiritist session (Rolf Langebartels, Vollrad Kutscher) see: prediction (long String Quartett, Terry Fox, C. Marclay, Andrea Sodomka, Sarah Marrs, Takehisa Kosugi, Joan La Barbara) (Monica Klingler, Theater am Montag, STOP.P.T. Norbert Klassen, EX!T Elke Schmidt, Tilo Schwarz, Gob Squad) "Time based art“ also includes video and new media long-term performances (Das Konzil, Nieslony, Alastair MacLennan, B.M., Bodo Berheide, Robert Sot) (Matthias Jakisch & Elvira Santamaria, Ulrich Lepka) Architecture-Performance & Film (Gordon Matta-Clark 17 Films) (Walter Pamminger) (Sonia Knox, Marcel Odenbach, Elizabeth Chitty, Dan Graham, Peter Land, Iimura, Ulrike Rosenbach, Martha Rosler, Joan Jonas, Aernout Mik, Douglas Davis, Takahiko Iimura, John Jerusun Aernout Mik, Malgorzata Potocka, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Jean Otth, F. Pezold, Dennis Oppenheim, Lydia Schouten, Joelle Ciona, Erik Dettwiler, Bettina Grossenbacher & N. Widauer, Suzanne Joly, Jerzy Onuch, Klara Schillinger & Valerian Maly, Alex Silber, Maciej Toporowicz, Jaime Vallaure, Jürg Schmoll, Benni Efrat, Anna Bring, Gillian Dyson, Anna Winterler, Jochen Gerz, Gelatin) The body as magic sculptural object with cathartic effect (Viennese Actionism) Rooted in old myths Ultimate performance: (lethal performance as model) (Marco Ivaristtis kills animals to provoke reactions from the audience) Performative theater (BAK-Truppen (many open elements)) cf. strong boom of process view in business administration and informatics since about 1996 acoustically dynamic space perception (B. Leitner) performative sound sites (spatial music) emotionality through live presentation emotional impact of the medium of film the emotional role of music for diverse rituals / creating basic atmospheres through music pity / social feelings distinction religious feelings ceremony ritual as means for coping with crises Which recursive effects do changes in communication (due to new media) have on "old media" such as theater, music, fine arts? Transformation as aesthetic category (FL) musical performativity innermusical performativity – music as a sui generis performative, physically staged phenomenon (Prof. A. Riethmüller) moved innerly through perception of music/sound/rhythms mimetic-gestic aspects of music notions of times (Judith Barry) changes and dynamics / dynamic processes interactive processuality of cultural actions Performativity as new perspective / the dominance of textuality is penetrated Performative turn in theoretical discourse (analysis model for the specific performativity of the genre "dialogue") ritual and emotion using the example of mourning (Ines Tsengas) performativity of rituals performative generation of belonging performative generation of distinctions, i.e. separations and congruencies of social groups (Gebauer with Bourdieu) Rituals as a means for dealing with crises Computer as theater of memory (research project) Theater as event The performative as primary characteristic of contemporary, but especially "postmodern" art production (D. Mersch) (action, performance, installation, environment and event art, but also gestural painting) Role of contextuality (for significance) "performative turn" in the cultural sciences (FL) Cultures of the performative (FL) Performativity as the constitutive feature of all cultures Performatively negotiating and establishing culture atmosphere mood disposition taking care of the right atmosphere and thus also for the right thinking the incredible power of music and rhythm Emotion from lat. Motio = movement / anger-irritation logic / fear or anger logic obsessed with speed images of feelings (Eva Hurley) dynamic way of looking at psychical processes mourning-depression system logic of mourning religious ecstasy (Unio mystica) social "face" as highest good (honor, integrity, recognition and not just tolerance) /vs/ loss of face) affects as energy suppliers and organizers of social space Mourning depression system fear of abandonment system Group and family myths (highly emotionally charged) Fear-angst system Gray ascribes a coding effect and integrative function to all emotions for cognitive contents Cognitions with the same or similar emotional hue tend to conjoin into emotion-specific separate worlds (in the sense of the logic of anger, anxiety, mourning or joy ...) Mental state corresponding to the situation (caution, tensely aware or relaxed) Cf. magical theater (A. Artaud) = Theater of Cruelty Cruel healing through theater (A. Artaud) Search for the sacred (A. Artaud) Poor theater (proximity to performance) Paratheatrical actions = cultural investigations (Grotowski) Poor theater – what is left is the body (W. Pfaff) The culture is the body (Tadashi Suzuki) The secrecy of body codes Philosophy in "action" (G. Raunig) Performance in motion – Resistance in motion (Performing Resistance, Volkstanz, Gettoattack – Vienna) Dance&Performance activists processed objects (Performing Resistance) With the means of invisible theater (Performing Resistance) Literature: (... continued) R. Shusterman / Kunst leben – Die Ästhetik des Pragmatismus Mieke Bal (lecture) / Performance and performativity M. Foucault: Wissensarchäologische Diskursanalyse W. Hempfer / Performativität u. episteme anders Denken – M. Focaults >performativer< Diskurs (article) M. Foucault / Archäologie des Wissens M. Foucault / Die Ordnung des Diskurses M. Foucault / ... Reader Diskurs u. Medien Sybille Peters / (PSi7) Towards a Theory of Fake / Towards a Fake of Theory Theorising the Performative (PSi7) Anja Musiat, Dorita Hannah / (PSi7) Writing Gesture: Performing Words, or, "How to dance with words“ Jackie Smart / (PSi7) Processing Language in Physical Theatre Ola Johansson / (PSi7) From Stage to Page Stephen di Benedetto / (PSi7) Mutable Modes of Perception: Approaching Performance as Visual Art Post-Dramatic Theater (book: Hans-T. Lehmann (LE)) Theme of death (Markus Schwaighofer) (Gianfranco Baruchello) (Mary Noéle Dupuis) gestic research using film (Valentina Baradinone, Gelatin) performance behind running projection (Enrico Bugli) film and shadow (Anet van de Elzen) (Gelatin) Alchemistic theater (Antonin Artaud) (Kees Mol) Aesthetic alchemy (Rimbaud, Mallarmé) Ritual and shamanist performances (Holger G. Herrmann) Archaically poetic (Lee Wen) Performance art often moves in a discursive gap (Ray Langenbach) (Alastair MacLennan) (Kim Jones) (Ronaldo Ruiz) Aboriginal myths (Kevin Mortensen) Easter piece (crucifixion situations) (Cheri Gaulke) religious attitudes (John Malpede) (Sam Taylor-Wood) Performance as fundamental characteristic of postmodernism (Chantal Pontbriand) performance ritual (Karin Bille, Jürgen Fritz, Thilo Hain, Walter Renner) Purification (Verena Schwab) movement performance (Eva Hurley) (Eva Fuhrer, Janet Haufler, Vereana Schwab, Jürgen Fritz, Norbert Klassen, Stefan Kurt, Charles Richardson, Matthew McGuire, Andrea Morein) dis-curs (running back & forth) short processes, swarm of processes (Manfred Vänci Stirnemann) Performance art as pre-art (Z. Warpechowski) Performances with/as/to music (Urs-Peter Schneider) ecstatic dance Therapeutic acting out (Gabriele Oßwald & Wolfgang Sautermeister) Experimental theater (Sam Ashley) Theater WuWei Philosophical and metaphysical concepts (Tokio Maruyama) in imitation of mudmans (Rolf Hinterecker) Theatrical staging (Knopp-Ferro & Frank Köllges) (Günfer Cölgecen) (Dan Senn) (Stuart Sherman) (Böröcz & Révész) (Yolanda Segura) ( Angelica Schubert) Sound sculpture (Mel Henderson, Paul Kos, Tom Marioni) Portable park project (Bonnie Sherk) Cinemasculpture (Alan Finneran) Shamanist qualities (John Sturgeon) Philosophy of the act (Hagakure) Practical performative hermeneutic deduction (H. Sowa) performative perception of time Practical character of carrying out acts of meaning: meaning is acting/doing (Sowa) performative understanding (Sowa) Theater of the situation (Brecht) see: gestic view Theater of gestures and movements everything in dance is gesture (LE) Turn to the performative act (instead of the well formed message) "holy" reality of the body (LE) Presence of the deviant body triggering "immoral" fascination, discomfort or anxiety because it deviates from the norm due to illness, handicap or deformation (Just Merrit) Body dismemberment & violence / body fragmentation in performance pain & catharsis dance articulates energy Absurd Theater concept theatre Anti-mimetic theater Plurimedia theater (LE) Dream theater (LE) Energetic theater (Lyotard): Not a theater of meanings, but rather of intensities ... post-dramatic energetics Theater of circumstances Production of presence (LE) Object theater Environmental Theatre (Richard Schechner) Movement theater (LE) Performer are tricksters and clowns between rock music and scenic collages (L. feLugossy) view of transformation exceptional places (LE): churches, ... Audio-Landscape (Wilson) physique of the voice in architectonic spatializing classic texts are also underlaid with pop understandings (sensation of rhythm) (LE) (Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown (Judson Dance Theater), Merce Cunningham, Monica Klinger, Rose Garrard, Lucinda Childs) (LE) Theater resembles a kinetic sculpture aesthetics of speed slow motion-like movements (Wilson) slowness (Wolfgang Duck) (Min Tanaka) dance articulates energy / everything in dance is gesture In plunging and elevation, pain and provocative erotic, the question is posed with Nietzsche of the "dancing god" (LE) movement theater dance theater intensifies, shifts, invents movement impulses and body gestures (LE) aesthetics of duration time process of becoming image (LE) Performance art with its radical assertion of real time as time experienced in common (LE) view of the act the moment of the living process (vs. reproduced process) Postdramatic theater performance accentuate the act over the result (LE) live acting Theater as process (LE) process and not finished result cinematographic theater (LE): (John Jesurun) impression of collage and montage – videographic, filmic, narrative – intrudes before every perception. dramatic logic The tempo of the film cut is brought into theater (LE) playing in video generates the interference of differing time rhythms performance as social situation Theater is the art of the social per se (LE) the spiritual / the holy theater is at heart a death mass (LE) Catholic mass as model of the theater Transformation through magical procedures: costumes, masks From action to transformation Theater in therapeutic pedagogy mythic view Wilson's theater is neomythical Reaching the density of the mythical (Wilson) Prerational logic of mythical image worlds (LE) A theatricalization may be observed in performance art (LE) A new association of opera, performance and theater results Theater of deconstruction (Serapiostheater, Bak-Truppen, Wooster Group, SRL, La Fura dels Baus, ATEM Group) attacking social mechanisms (V. Acconci) electro- acoustic clothing (B. Maubrey) Media, myths, fairy tales (BBB Johannes Deimling) Ritual Theater (Hanna Barbara) Theatrical productions (Atty Bax) (Christiane König) Theatrical scenes (Ian Hinchliff) (Billedstofteater) Model of cannibalism (Lygia Clark) anthropophagy (Judith Lorena Mendez Barrios) Therapeutic seances (Lygia Clark) Dance Noise (Anne Iobst, Lucy Sexton) mental derangement (Grahame Davis) Cath. rituals (De Chirico & Angelika Thomas) One-Woman-Theater (Margaret Dragu) time as medium (Ralston Farinas) (Ruth Geiersberg, Elizabeth Le Compte, Jürgen Raap, Schechner: The performance garage, Ron Vawter, CARKA, Norbert Klassen, Studio Azzuro) Mudman (Kim Jones) (Young-Chul Shim) dance with the Internet (Stelarc) Forms of organizing and executing culture performativity discourse ethnographic performances – following traces (Nikolaus Lang) dance studies (Xavier Le Roy) hyperdance (Min Tanaka) Topicalizing relationship (G. Magos & Corinne Tache) (Inka Bernstein & Club Hofmann) (Lorena Menoez & Fernando Fuentes, Birchler & Hubbard) Individual mythologies (Jonathan Meese) Myths of the world (Jill Orr) dance as competitive sport (A. Périgot) dance & martial art (Li Portenlänger) (Schimpfluch) (Zoltan Szabo - Judoka) slowing down time reducing energy (Prediction) Archaic forms of expression (Arnulf Rainer) (Klaus Rinke, Michael Schmidt, Endre Tot, Yasunori Shiobara, Ruggero Maggio, Lee Chang-Shik Park) Wheelchair performances (Krüppelschlag/Just Merrit) Sex in a wheelchair (Bilderwerfer: Conny Scheuer, Elisabeth Löffler) naked in church against the rite (Mette Aare) Kabalistic references (Nelly Agassi) (Nelly Agassi) Bedded on archaic frameworks (Dieter Appelt) Smeared with earth (Dieter Appelt) Lying naked in the water (Dieter Appelt) St.Sebastian – pierced sacrificial lamb (Ron Athey) (cf. Mishima) cf. Fakirs The living theatre (Julian Beck, Judith Malina, Kenneth Brown) Like a stone-age man (Jerzy Beres) Archaic and culture Archaic, Butoh (Gérald Personnier) ritual music (Maria Fisahn) (Skip Flicker) (Devil´s Chauffeur – Roger Ely) cycling all over the neighborhood (Kirsten Forkert) Machine: stream of fire/stream of water (Erik Hobijn) social and religious identity (Islam) (Majida Khattari) Poetic performance (Ruth Knecht) stories run in the monitor cap (Kyung Ja-Na) collages of events Giving what may be found in madness (Artaud) the Fluxus movement emanated from music, among other things "Theater" was an important starting point for the Viennese Actionists Extreme theater Viennese Actionists) private filmic actions (Andy Warhol) A performative moment has been important to many art works since the 70s Video eliminates the necessity of appearing before an audience music and video art (Les Reines Prochaines: M. Fuchs, Fränzl, Madörin, Muda Mathis, S. Zwick) Autoportrait (Carlo E. Lischetti) course co-determined with thread (Jordan MacKensie) Allegorical processions (celebration art) (Antoni Miralda) Musique sonore (Joachim Montessuis) Film, Music & Performance (Michael Murin & Peter Kalmus) Naked, all hair shaved off in a tree – no story, no plot (end of time) (Oszeus Labyrint: Mark Steger & Hannah Sim) Semantic, philological and etymological instruments (Luca Patella) PAM: Performance analysis method (Ute Ritschel) Completely out of control (Ion Grigorescu) Professor of philosophy as performer (Adrian Piper) Philosophy lecturer (Nick Land) social researcher (Pino Poggi) (Karin Meiner & Manfred Hammes) Dance of Transgender (Hunter Reynolds & Pattina du Prey) TV projection (daily news) combined with dirges (Dr. Walter Siegfried) Butoh therapy (Mitsutaka Ishii) Literature: (...continued) Butoh – Die Rebellion des Körpers (Kazuo Ohno, Carlotta Ikeda, Tatsumi Hijikata, Min Tanaka, Anzu Furukawa, Mitsutaka Ishi, Testuro Tamura, Yoshito Ohno, Dai-Rakuda-kann, Akaji Maro, Nanten Harada, Akira Kasai Yoko Ashikawa, Asbestos-an, Sankai-iuku, Ko Murobushi, Yu Osuga, Sanae Hiruta, Teru Goi, Macunaima (Brazilian Group), Eji Ikuyo, Hoppo Butoh-ha, Natsu Nakajima, Kunishi Kamiryo, ...) (Masaki Iwana) (Esther Maria Häusler) (Gérald Personnier) (René Schmalz) (Sabine Seume) (Kjetil Skoien) Claudia Jeschke / Anmerkung zum performativen von Tanztechnik und Tanz- schriften im 19.Jhd. musical stagings (Norbert Stang) Birth (Fumiko Takahashi) Impromptu theater (Mark Russel) (Res Ingold, Boris Nieslony, Jürgen Fritz, Wolfgang Sautermeister) relationship questions (cameras, monitor): Androgynous – Marion Leyh, U.Peter Schneider, Ruth Bamberg,Philippe Micol) (Pawel Althamer) filmic vision: in multimedia and intermedia art (incl. happenings, performances) "filmic vision" supersedes static vision (Th. Dreher) (From viewing art to a view of the world) Private Performances (Video Documents) sound sensuousness (Maria Berquet) Multimedia music theater (Hans-Friedrich Bormann – LOSE COMBO) process-analytical works (Büro Haake-Brandt) boredom (Büro Haake-Brandt) (Sakiko Yamaoka) dancing bodies control multimedia image projections - meeting of real/virtual bodies (Isabelle Choiniére) revenge of the Indians on European music (Art Clay) performance "like anthropological studies" (Kurt Fulton) Ethnolog. research into social conditions (Kurt Fulton & Richard Schachter) Performer with education in philosophy (Odradek Siblings: Eva Blut – Upper Austrian Design for V. Westwood) (Lygia Pape) Action with stone (Stephan Goedecke) Lying under stones (Yin Xia-Feng) (John Greyson) external and internal purification (Emil Gropoz) Using the means of surprise (Emil Gropoz) influenced by experimental films (Madonna Hamel) rhythmic performance (Esther Hiepler) experiments with TV cameras (Alex Hay & Deborah Hay) noise music (H. Mucken – M. Vorfeld, Rolf Langhans) Performance to experimental film (Anne Hody) (Pat Ferrero) Micro-drama (Johanna Householder) Constructivist theater film actors as performers (Akiko Izumi) Mermaids washed ashore (Myriam Laplante) Performance in the ocean (Yong-Gu Shin) Semantic shifts due to the confrontation of concepts (Marlene Madison Plimley) purification ritual (Hansjörg Marti) Performance in front of video projection (Oscar MacLennan & Anne Seagrave) time-based experiences (Scott Macleod) moment as sculpture of touch (Franz Müller) Site-specific presentation (Mike Pearson) couples as public "construct" (Judy Radul) Sale of Roman Catholic pictures of saints (Richard Schachter) gay perspective Distribution of holy pictures as thanks for donations (Renate Bertlmann) Virtual suicide (Cuco Suarez) expectations of salvation (Tour de Coulór) human voice (see below) curator in the field o film (Bettina Wagner) Living room on the stage (Otmar Wagner, Stadtwerkstatt) (Karina Wellmer-Schnell) (ADAW Palaf) PERFORMANCE ART CONTEXT Performative Approaches in Art and Science Using the Example of "Performance Art" PERFORMANCE ARRANGEMENTS Performance as a LIMES–IDEA of art (Border Machine Performance) History of performance as the history of transgressing borders (M.-L. Lange) Art as border crossing (P. Bianchi) Off limits (hors limites) (Maribel Königer) Counter to abbreviating and excluding discourses (with M. Foucault) 32/64 Views of the "Performative Turn" Article in Kunstforum vol.152 Kunst ohne Werk (Dirmoser, Nieslony) A cluster model revealing performance (and theater) to us as a system of possibilities, in which relations in the in-between result as though by themselves. ... (P. Bianchi) Performative Procedures in Art, Science and Education (*1) Performative procedures (for a transitional period) Performance is not so much a new art form as a new paradigm, it stands less for a new phenomenon than for a new observation of familiar phenomena. (David E.R. George 1996) Performance here becomes not only a subject for study but also an interpretive grid laid upon the process of study itself, and indeed upon almost any sort of human activity, collective or individual (M. Carlson) The great popularity of "performance" as a metaphor or analytical tool for current practitioners of so wide a range of cultural studies. (M. Carlson) Recent studies have demonstrated the usefulness of the concept of "performance" in the analysis and understanding of all these ... human operations. (M. Carlson) The ideal performance /vs/ revolutionary performance approaches The perfect performance (James Lee Byars) How can performances be analyzed? an open-ended medium with endless variables art performance / dance performance / theater performance / etc. Daring to face uncertainty and temporariness (from network to interstice - the clustering) On representation: A "net" without edges (in other words a cluster) – contents are placed in spatial proximity. Semantic routes are to be set by the readers (in reading) themselves. A Poster Group by Gerhard Dirmoser and Boris Nieslony Version 01u.02 / 08/1999 – 04.03/2001 Linz/Cologne / A-4020 Linz Waltherstr. 2/2/5 G. Dirmoser / Translated from German by Aileen Derieg 11/2002, All rights are retained by the authors (print-outs for private use are desired) Thanks to: Paolo Bianchi (PB), Wolfgang Preisinger, Attila Kosa, Eva Kosa, Gerhard Fröhlich, Gottfried Hattinger, Udo Wid, Peter Arlt, Georg Ritter, Gabi Kepplinger, Eva Sturm, Herbert Wimberger, Josef Nemeth +, Hakan Gürses, Just Merrit +, Rainer Zendron, Black Market, Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt, Alexander Sigel Special thanks to the theorists Marvin Carlson, Hubert Sowa, H.-T. Lehmann 1.12.1993 Sedimente 4.3.1995 – 4.3.2001 Note: *1 (subtitle of the book "Schreiben auf Wasser") gnosis (BN) Flow – acting outside time Deep flow = is an ecstatic experience performative "being at one" of the Zen archer or Samurai warrior (cf. Flow) (Moreno) probing the truth of the soul through action - catharsis of action Acting out (process and not just analysis) deconstructive „performativity“ of Paul de Man the performative is a cultural act (J.W. Kronik) composition as process (J. Cage) Self-painting = surmounted self-mutilation (G. Brus) Mythic rituals (Günter Brus) Artist as martyr (Cf. G. Brus) Initiation „as“ dismemberment (Brus) Far Eastern myths (R. Schwarzkogler) Theater without theater (Mark Boyle) Expansion of film projection into the theatrical (John Latham) Dionysus – paradigm for a new myth of destruction (in part, cf. Ortiz, Nitsch, Lebel, Mühl, Kaprow, Knizak, ...) part of every performance: music (Stadtwerkstatt) flight show with concert approach (STWST) investigation of the intimate zones of the body social (Bilderwerfer) Fertility (Victorine Müller) machine-controlled film projection (torture) (Istvan Kantor) role (in)security with transgender persons (failure in daily "glance traffic") Aim of the performance conference: promoting the formation of concepts in performance art Buddha States (Chen Chieh-Jen) multiple film projections (Stan Vanderbeek) Version 02 - Mainz Ghost stories (Ping Chong) Mobile theater (Dorte Holbek) Miniature theater (Gregor Leschig) Street theater performance (Hiromi Shirai) social message (Nilofar Akmut) play-along music (John Cage) playing with the Film Noir genre (Paul Couillard) kinetic possibilities of the body (Benni Efra) outside oneself in dance Dress as information carrier (Regina Frank) body inscriptions Performer as theater studies scholar (Jürgen Fritz) Media shamans (Jürgen Fritz) Theater of Mistake (Anthony Howell) being in the process (Matthias Jakisch) time as material (Karl Kaltenbach) Standing on hammered in nails (P. Kochsomrong) Philosophical lecture-like performance (KwieKulik) (Prz. Kwiek & S. Kulik) As a mummy in natural location (Liu Cheng Ying) projecting close-ups (Sol Lyfond) approaching one another (Iréne Maag & Chen Tan) travelling and migration (Raúl Manrique & Claudio Fabián Pérez Miguez) Group therapy as installation ("Lovepangs" congress /4 phases of pain) Maim dancer (Krüppel) (Nonko Ono) (Dennis Oppenheim, Malgorzata Potocka, Eulalia Valldosera (Collektive Al-Azaz)) knots in the social field (Kira O´Reilly) Physio-Psycho-Alchemy (Raphael Montanez Ortiz) Philosophical, religious reflections (Zygmunt PioTrowski) art-therapy (Paisan Plienbangchang) commentary on film diaries (Balz Raz) Performance appearance as an absurd act of information (Ruskin Stichting, Rotraut Pape, et al.) There is no knowledge without discursive praxis (Focault) Foucault: ... the mechanisms of discursive formations could be picked up specifically in the in-between space of scientific discourses. Merging the concept of performativity with the debate on cultural identities (Lit.: Stefanie Menrath) The discourse is that, for which and with which one fights (Foucault) discourses are practices themselves Discursive practices differ from non-discursive (technical, institutional, economic, social, political) practices Foucault's archeology is an ethnology of his own culture Performances of Death in America (Andy Warhol) Theatrical material (Julien Maynard Smith – Station House Opera) acoustic effect of the body (Janos Szirtes) Close to nature Bodies connected to trees with hoses (Enikö Szücs) (Tadasu Takamine) Lifedance (Gloria McLean) ritual consecration performances (Ralf Vormbusch) Therapist as performer (Yuko Yamamoto) performance concert (ZAJ) Micro-theater (Adriana Zamboni) Theater of perception (Adriana Zamboni) Mysticism and mythologies (are not accepted in performances: A´battery A“) Performance mental model (Lit.: Georg F. Schwarzbauer) performance as mental model (Lit.: Georg F. Schwarzbauer) Situation analysis (FS) cultic contemporary investigations (FS) (Bettina Kleinhammes, Annegret, Soltau) Performances of TV-preachers (cf.: Schlingensief) Trash-TV (Schlingensief) the "omitted" staging (LE) (latitude, lacunas) "Theatron" was originally the audience space (LE) Theatron x 2 = design of the poster series Who still deals with "major" themes? In our culture, artists, priests, doctors and psychotherapists have taken over partial areas of shamanist functions procession (aspects) (Heinz Cibulka) (Wolfgang Duck) Academic Performances (PSi7) Work with HIV patients (Jordan McKenzie) Performance and Philosophy (PSi7) Performance lecture (PSi7: Hanne Sitz, Marie Luise Lange) Performative Transformation (PSi7) Literature: (... continued) Audrey Colby / (PSi7) Acts Apart Carol Fischer-Sorgenfrei / (PSi7) / Animal- Human Transformation in Japanese Perf. Ulrike Krasberg / (PSi7) Ekstasetanz und Performance ... (Sufi-Ritual) Silke Wolf / (PSi7) Transformation ritueller Performanzen Petra Kuppers / (PSi7) Mapping Physicality: Translating Difference Callie Sandahl / (PSi7) Speaking Communities into Existence: One Person at a time Richard W. Mitchell / (PSi7) Laughing like Crazy: Performing Comedy with/for the ´Insane´ Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren / (PSi7) Earth Arts: Performance, Landscape and the Voices of Difference Ivy I-Chu Chang / (PSi7) Theatre as Therapy, Therapy as Theatre Translation between Performance and Performance Studies (PSi7 article: Deidre Mulrooney) Performance analysis (PSi7) performance knowledge Performance and Disability (PSi7) Methods of Performance Analysis: Cognition and Fragmentarisation (PSi7 articles: Zoltan Imre, T. Kubikowski, Wojciech Baluch) Transforming Analytical Discourse to Performance (PSi7: Zoltan Imre) Performing Trauma (PSi7) Cross-cultural transfer (PSi7) Theatre of Social Change (PSi7) Methods of Using New Media in performance Studies (PSi7 see articles: Maria Beatriz de Medeiros, Carol Burbank, Irina Khiginskaya, Diane Howard, Stan Dyer) Cultural Memory (PSi7) The Cultural Translation Project (PSi7) Interactive Cyber-Theatre (PSi7: Steve Dixon) performative knowledge (R. Schechner) (e.g. dance technique, handling, ... "learning with the body" performing knowledge cf. hidden/implicit knowledge) analysis of movement performative body memory (see: V. Appfelthaler) Philosophies and sciences of becoming (Proj.: Kinetographien) taking movement into consideration in theory models (Proj.: Kinetographien) Performativity of forms of materialization (project: Kinetographien) processual aesthetics (Proj.: Kinetographien) dynamization of categories and models arts tied to the course of time unfettering the fine arts in actional arts (Proj.: Kinetographien) processual unfetterings Kinetographic theory development techniques of movement 31 mythological view performance art Christian liturgy (Wolfgang Duck)


24 structural/structuring view 20 (art) historical view 23 power theory view 21 economic view / production view 22 view of popular culture 19 view of representation 18 view of the artwork 17 body extensions 17 machine view 18 view of the picture 19 material view / olfactory view (smell) 21 view of the market funding view / cost view / sponsor view 23 view of the organizing institution 20 view of collecting 24 view of the field +Performance as work +Performance as sculpture +Performance as image-generating action Performance as machine theater +Performance as sediment +Performance as material collection Performance as counter-concept to "representation" +Performance as demonstration of accomplishment Performance as (repeatable) show +Performance as event Performance as staged event Performance as staging permanent performance (Eva & Adele) +Performance as relict +Performance as billboard newspaper +Performance as installative collection +Performance as curiosity cabinet +Performance as "total" installation +Performance as installation Performance as sign system Performance as breaking through structures +Performance as configuration of presence Performance as space of tension +Performance as place-less art +Performance as agreement soap performance performative sculptures public sculpture rent an artist staged events art events events service live art Fashion show as performance (Wolfgang Flatz) fashion show (Rainer Aring) (Andrej Bartenev) the body as mannequin (Text: Bettina Rehberg) street happening body statue (2) FormAnce (2) pop entertainment street art (2) Danny Devos minus delta t Mike Hentz Werkzeug-Gruppe des Konzils / Black Market International Zygmunt Pio Trowski Matthias Jakisch Ulrich Lepka spatial aspects of the performance design performance as installation (see left.) cabaret +Performance as gesamtkunstwerk? 22 entertainment view practical joke (2) performance history art history cultural history psychology of collecting philosophy/theory of collecting memory discourse memory theories "end of history" discourse Perception theory on architecture (B. Leitner) Phenomenology of perception Location research (Peter Arlt, Marc Auge) Theory of urban locations Architectural theory / Arch. discourse structuralism (discourse) semiotics / semiotics of theater symbol theories of knowledge system theory / system discourse field theories topological psychology formal sciences self-organization theory power theories power discourse (with Foucault) (game rules of art) organization theory critique of institutions discourse culture manager debate globalization discourse liberalism discourse economy as discourse (Foucault) (game rules of art) media theory pop theory / Pop-theoret. discourse high&low discourse techno-culture discourse cultural studies discourse fashion discourse / Retro discourses hedonism debate new subjectivism debate fun debate ontology of the event art theory morphology criticism of the institution discourse curators' debate material debate difference philosophy rhizomatics image theories morphology pictural turn (discourse) still life performance "Still Life" (Johan Lorber/Lorbeer) sculptural installation Every form of street action, street theater, street music, cabaret (Word Play Group) Situation comedy performance as image-generating action (s.l.) highly semantic acts (cf. highly semantic spaces) image concepts The picture behind the picture (in front of the picture) (Boris Nieslony) pictorially oriented actions action painting the performer creates a picture – is part of the picture see also: gestures gestural painting (Michael Burges) see: gesturing bodies moving sculpture (2) sculpture in motion human sculptures living sculptures kinetic sculpture (2) (2) Photo Performance Nigel Rolfe Jochen Wüstenfeld & Thomas Werner Ingolf Keiner Heinrich Lüber Ken Unsworth K. Rinke (2) primary demonstrations representation cliche Performance as counter-concept to "representation" economy of material performance as curiosity cabinet plundering rummaging from the depot fundamental materialism (R. Krauss) highly semantic spaces ob-jects in existence and dignity Surrogate Relics performance as sediment (s.l.) all existence is also a trace performance as material collection (s.l.) Performance collection as travelling depot performance as relic (s.l.) (see: sediment) Performance as billboard newspaper (s.l.) the exhibited archive (B. Nieslony, Jürgen O. Olbrich) Service (2) Archive (see also: Schwarze Lade) Performance as installative collecting (s.l.) Performance as "total" installation (see left) performance as total picture (Fake shop – performance installation) Performance as total sculpture Performance as permanent collection situation structures the artist becomes part of the text - the viewer becomes part of the text see also: performance as situative production Precursors of performance art Futurist performance DADA Theater der Grausamkeit Fluxus (see detail ) Situationists Lettrists Gutai (Japan) important art historians on performance art: RoseLee Goldberg, Bonnie Marranca, Justin Hoffmann, (...) important art theoreticians/editors on performance art: Elisabeth Jappe, Jürgen Raap, Paolo Bianchi, Gerhard Johann Lischka, Allan Kaprow, J.L. Schröder (PSi7), C. Doswald, J. Kistus, R. Puvogel, M. Hübl, H.-N. Jocks, Victor Mazin & Olesja Turkina, Paul Schimel, F-A. Hettig, Ilena Pintilie Teleaga, (...) central manifesto on performance art: see: programmatic texts product view Performance in advertising spectacle culture (decentered attention) spectacle theater (LE) self-organization vulgar performance Entertainment cf. performance as accomplishment street art Every form of street action Street theater (Osamu Kuroda), street music, cabaret Performance in pop music role of emotions Freakshow Performance as show (performance is the heart of the show) Performance as demonstration of accomplishment (s.l.) the art of entertainment comedy as stylistic structure attitudes (2) extremely personal forms of behavior (Ida Brun, Henriette Hendel-Schütz) The "Model" is a service (see left) catwalk performance (B. Bérard & M. Josipovic) shop window performance (Colette) (Luciano Castelli) (Festival der Regionen) (Roi Vaara – walling in) (Gerd Belz & Raoul Marek) (Marie Teresa Hincapie) Department Store Performance (Anne Hoy) (seals in the department store: W. Georgsdorf) experience world Events event jeopardy event art / event culture (Fabrikanten) (A. Heller) (Gelatin) fluxus (2) Performance as event (see below) performance artist as curator/artist (Jean Dupuy, B. Nieslony, Roi Vaara, Seiji Shimoda & Kazuhiro Nishijima (NIPAF), Le Lieu (Jean Claude Saint-Hilaire), Nigel Rolfe, Ray Langenbach, Chumpon Apisuk, Amanda Heng, Christel Burmeister, Anet van de Elzen, Norbert Klassen, Heinrich Lüber & Karin Roth, Danny McCarthy, Milos Vojtechovsky) (Vollrad Kutscher: Performance Parties) (Masaki Iwana) (BBB.Johannes Deimling – builds own networks (Gabriele Oßwald & Wolfgang Sautermeister) (Michel Giroud) (catalyst arts) (Das Archiv: Sabine Kaeser) (Eloy Tarcisio) (R.József Juhász – studio erte) (Rafael Montanez Ortiz) (Sue Broadhurst) (Magnus Palsson) (Ryszard Piegza) (Chuke Stake) (Jordan McKenzie) (Gusztav Ütö & Konya Reka) (Marissa Carr) (Dziugas Katinas) (Wladislaw Kazmierczak & EWA Rybska) (Louise Liliefeldt) other organizers: (Gesine Weise, Jürgen Wolfstädter) (Zap Art) (Sylvie Ferre, Emily Tabassi, Lukasz Guzek) curating as performance Projects (see: project art) Artist Run Spaces Das Konzil Kunoldstr. 34 Büro Berlin Bodo Berheide (Galerie-Kollektiv Wuppertal) Werkstadt Odem Kl. Ausstellungsraum des Künstlerhauses Hamburg Servicebüro Hamburg Ultimate Akademie cf. networks performance society including exhibition institutions concept of performance oriented to power theory in the works of M. Foucault and Judith Butler institutionalized space See also: violence see also: cliches of representation Performance as breaking through structures (cf. Nöth) poetic structures stylistic structures (comedy as a stylistic structure) structurelessness (Do happenings have structures?) minimally structured events Performance as semiotic text (cf. Nöth) Performance as negative demarcation from other structures senses excluded (in the field of art) See also: Performance as open system See: avoiding narrative structures Performance as sign system (Cf. Nöth) 25 spatial view score as flow structure (see: view of the score) (see: performance as staging) building performance building as performance deconstruction of architecture as performance (Gordon Matta-Clark) Renovation as performance (George Steinmann) Reconstruction as performance (David Ireland) hidden performance architecturally determined performances Architecture in transformation - chance for performance (factory hall flair) zones of transition (LE) factory halls /vs/ White Cube Performance as place-less art (s.u.) See also: Performance as total installation Environment environment art (James Melchert) (Insa Winkler) doing away with the stage (Stadtwerkstatt) theater of "divided" space Performance as agreement (2) Art without exhibition spaces – where the audience already is Performance – a game of locations a place is a voice threshold situations passage, transition, gate, door, translation (B. Nieslony) (cf. PSi7) gates transitions, virtual airport (Mo Diener, Sergei Nikokochev) (Buckminster Fuller, 100 meter kitchen – P.Arlt fünf ingenöre, Stadtwerkstatt: time spiral tower) 25 architectonic view Places and Spaces "founded" places/spaces location, place, site, area, room, space Performance location Desolate spaces – factory halls, derelict buildings, contaminated areas magic places private spaces living spaces conventional places / non-places (Peter Arlt, Fabrikanten) View of Locations spatial structuring (see also: spatial view) game rules ritual (s.l.) Archives on Odyssey (minus delta t) structural characteristics of singularity, unrepeatability (uniqueness), indeterminacy and finiteness of the performative event ephemeralness (James Lee Byars) "never show them again" Nature locations / natural locations (Cf. Land-Art as Action Art) (Jill Orr) (Yin Xiao-Feng) ceremony art (2) celebration art happening (3) Extensive arrangement taking up space, including everything. life as a celebration (invitation to the feast) public celebration baroque celebrations/celebration culture: music, jugglers, sculpture, trumpery, fireworks, entertainment stage shows (Laurie Anderson (P. Hobermann), Jon Rose, Robert Ashley, Diamanda Galas – Blue Man Group) (in the variation: overflowing to total life) cf. agit pop 60s Cf.: living pictures (tableaux vivants) cf.: LKW structures of action being a still life taken from everyday life Life as art – art as life. (see below) Not a medium-related result. Cf. Plots / Real Performance Literature: Büro Berlin (catalogue book) Zwei Monate experimentelles Arbeiten (catalogue) Susanne De Ponte / Ereignis und Wahr- nehmung: eine interdisziplinäre Unter- suchung zu den Events der Künstler- gruppe „GANG ART“ (book) Victor Turner Michel Foucault !! / Mikophysik der Macht M. Foucault / Botschaften der Macht (Reader) Pierre Bourdieu / Die verborgenen Mechanismen der Macht (book) !! Elias Canetti / Masse und Macht (book) Cillie Rentmeister / Frauen, Körper, Kunst Mikrophysik der patrarchalischen Macht (article) Marianne Wex / „Weibliche“ und „männliche“ Körpersprache als Folge der patriarchalischen Machtverhältnisse (extensive picture study !!) Literature: RoseLee Goldberg / performance – live art since the 60s (book) GAG Art (Catalogue) Michel Giroud Heidegger / Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis) Susanne de Ponte / Ereignis und Wahr- nehmung (Eine interdisziplinäre Unter- suchung zu den Events der Künstler- gruppe GANG ART) + Hubert Sowa H. Szeemann / When Attitudes become Form (exhibition) Kunstf. Bd. 134 / art & pop & crossover Ed. Paolo Bianchi Richard Shusterman / Kunst Leben INFuG / Bemerkungen zur Ereigniskunst Let´s Entertain – Life´s guilty pleasures Stefanie Menrath / Performativität von Identiitäten im Hip Hop Literature: Georg Franck / Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit (book) J.-F. Lyotard / Das postmoderne Wissen (book) Performance contra Globalisation (PSi7) Jill Lane / (PSi7) Reverend Billy: mimesis an the dialectics of (not) shopping Literature: Performance Ritual Prozeß – Handbuch der Aktionskunst in Europa / E. Jappe Gregory Battcock & Robert Nickas / The Art of Performance – A critical Anthology (book) ! Annabelle Melzer / Dada and Surrealist Performance (book) ! Mel Gordon (Ed.) / DADA-Performance Kunstforum Bd. 146 / Das Gartenarchiv (Paolo Bianchi) Kunstforum Bd. 32 / Künstler und andere Sanmler RoseLee Goldberg / Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present (book) !! RoseLee Goldberg / Performance : Live Art since the 60s (book) Joachim Dietrichs / Zum Begriff Performance (book) Kathy Rosalyn / Toward a Theory of Performance Art (book) Coco Fusco / Corpus Delecti: Performance Art of the Americas Timothy O. Benson / Conventions and constructions: the performative text in DADA Literature: Relikte + Sedimente (catalogue OK Linz) Kunstforum Bd. 145 Künstler als Gärtner (Paolo Bianchi) Kunstforum Bd. 146 Das Gartenarchiv (Paolo Bianchi) Dorothea von Hantelmann Raum fort und fort (catalogue OK Linz) Erika Linz / The warehouse theory of memory is wrong – Zur Performativität semantischer Wissensstrukturen (lecture) Clemente Padin u.a. / From Representation to Action Dinah Jung / (PSi7) / Performing Fragrance Performance Between Identity and Representation (PSi7) Literature: Philippe Dubois / Der fotografische Akt !! Herbert Blau / performative aspects of photography M. Köhler / Das konstruierte Bild – zur Fotographie und Performance (book) Nigel Rolfe / Sculptures in Motion (cat.) Johannes Lothar Schröder / Identität, Überschreitung, Verwandlung: Happenings, Aktionen und Performances von bildenden Künstlern Kunstforum Bd. 152 Kunst ohne Werk – Die Transformation der Kunst vom Werkhaften zum Performativen Paolo Bianchi (Ed.) T. Warr, A. Jones / The artist´s body ! D. Ronte, H. Schober / Von der Performance zur Malerei Out of actions (catalogue) – Zwischen Performance und Objekt 1949-1979 Philippe Dubois / Der fotografische Akt Peter Simhandl / Bildertheater (book) Clemente Padin / Non-Object Poetry: Action Art Robin Deacon / (PSi7) Hard Water and other Objects Visual Representation (PSi7) / Nic Leonhardt, B. Brandl-Risi, P.W. Marx, Vera Apfelthaler Literature: Pia Müller-Tamm & Katharina Sykora (Ed.) Puppen Körper Automaten – Phantasmen der Moderne (book) Ric Allsopp & Scott deLahunta / The Connected Body ? (book) ! RESEARCH – Industrial culture handbook Olaf Arndt & Johannes Kockel (Ed.) / RRM Dieser Wahnsinn muß ein Ende haben - Maschinenperformances 91-92 ars electrocia catalogues prix ars electronica catalogue books Martina Leeker (on extended perform.) Martina Leeker (article) / zur Zwiespältig- keit von performativen Künsten und digitaler Technik Kerstin Evert (on Stelarc) Archeology of the Future (PSi7): J. Birringer, Helen Paris, Leslie Hill, Tomie Hahn, Marina Grzinic, Scott deLahunta, Jörg Sonntag, Yacov Sharir Yvonne Gaudelius & Charles Garoian / (PSi7) Machine/Meat: Abjection, Romanticism and Identity M. Beatriz de Medeiros / (PSi7) Telepresence and Performance Art Literature: Victor Turner / Das Ritual – Struktur und Antistruktur W. Nöth / Strukturen des Happenings ! semiotic view: Patrice Pavis Umberto Eco / Semiotics of Theatrical Performance (article) Kurt Lewin / The Principles of Topological Psychology (book) Marvin Carlson / Places of Performance – The Semiotics of Theater Architecture Jean Alter (semiotician on performance) Michael Quinn / Celebrity and the Semiotics of Acting Burke / Grammar of Motives L. Wittgenstein Literature: Phänomenologie der Wahrnehmung Poetik des Raumes (G. Bachelard) William Worthen / Disciplines of the Text, Sites of Performance (article) Marvin Carlson / Places of Performance – The Semiotics of Theater Architecture Flatz / Demontagen 87-91 Time/space performance/installation Goffman Dan Graham Robert Smithson / Gesammelte Schriften the body as material => body view conference of plants (Lili Fischer) fünf ingenöre: P. Arlt, Elke Knöß, Wolfgang Grillitsch, Martin Kaltwasser, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius dismantling (Wolfgang Flatz) Multimedia Shows (Rosa Galindo, Pedro Garhel) (Peter Weibel) living sculptures (Gilber & George 1969) (Eva & Adele) (Colette) (James Lee Byars) (Thomas Niggl) (Timm Ulrichs 1966 „first living artwork“) (Peter Greenawy: 100 Objects ...) (Richard Long) (Muntean/Rosenblum Steir. Herbst „why die?“) (Egle Rakauskaite: Honigmulde) curators on performance art: Rob La Frenais, G. Hattinger, E. Jappe, Noel Sheridan, B.Nislony, (...) see also: performers as curators machine sculptures machine sculptures mechanical sculpture machine theater (time´s up/Just Merrit) (Chip Flynn, Liz Young) (Jim Whiting) fighting machines (Leo Schatzl, Franz Xaver, SRL Survival research laboratories (Mark Pauline, Bram Renstorm), Peter Zegveld, Mark Heckert, Eric Werner) music machines / sound machines (time´s up, Joe Jones, Scot Jenerik) (Matt Heckert) (The Users: Symphonies for Dot Matrix Printers) machine performances (Julian Knowles) see: Material "machine": prostheses, hinges, models (curator: G. Hattinger) cf.: prix ars electronica Interactive art computer performances electronic performance (Space violins: Jon Rose) digital performance (2) robot performances („Wall Street Performance“ / Momoyo Torimitsu) (Stelarc) telematic sculptures / Live TV with telepresence – remote controlled over 1000 km (Stadtwerkstadt) Cybersex Performances bio feedback mechanisms (spin sphere – time´s up Just Merrit) painting actions (Barbara Heinisch: danced pictures) (Joel Hubaut) (Group: Hejettes Szomlyazok) painting battle see: prostheses, hinges, models action with body objects (Made In Eric) arm/head extensions: (Rebecca Horn) One Minute Sculptures (Erwin Wurm / Bd.145) (Franz West, ...) (Nikolaus Lang) artist as gardener the garden as site of the action (Teresa Murak) growing seeds, cress dress (Montri Teomsombat) rice dress (Joseph Beuys) 7000 oaks Costume performances costume show (cf. A. Heller) (Pat Oleszko, Vincent Trasov, Paul Cotton, Claude Wampler) flight show (Stadtwerkstatt) cf. Futurists Performers as editor/writers/art theoreticians: Jürgen Raap, Allan Kaprow, B. Nieslony, Roi Vaara, Hubert Sowa, Johannes Lothar Schröder (PSi7), Jean Dupuy, Stefan Fricke (Fluxus theoretician), Arnoud Labelle Rojoux, Alain-Martin Richard, Michael Murin, Clive Robertson, Daniele Roussel, Tina Keane, Charles Garoian (PSi7), (...) Black market International: Boris Nieslony Zygmunt Piotrowski (former) Nigel Rolfe, Jürgen Fritz Norbert Klassen Jacques van Poppel, Roi Vaara Zbigniew Warpechowski Tomás Ruller (former) Alastair Mackay MacLennan (part-time.) Helge Meyer u. Marco Teubner (2000) Büro Berlin: Fritz Rahmann Hermann Pitz Raimund Kummer (...) minus delta t: Karel Dudesek, Mike Hentz, Chrislo Haas, Wolfgang Georgsdorf, ... ("Performance Departures“) "everything is performance“ Stadtwerkstatt Linz (STWST) Georg Ritter, T. Lehner, Gabi Kepplinger, Gotthard Wagner, W. Georgsdorf, R. Zendron, Flati, Blaas, Markus Binder, Elfi Sonnberger, et al. ASA s.u. Die Fabrikanten W. Preisinger G. Harringer P. Arlt Festival of the Regions (A) Material performances (Roman Signer) (Ralf Vormbusch) short-lived sculptures Die tödliche Doris: (Käthe Kruse, Wolfgang Müller, Nikolaus Utermöhlen, Tabea Blumenschein) ironicizing the rituals of contemporary music groups Collecting (for an exhibition) as performance (Isidoro Valcárcel Medina) view of collecting custodian view (basis for historians' research) work actions / work demonstrations (Franz Erhard Walther) work emerges through use cf. also Udo Wid & E. Wurm permanent event locations: Moltkerei Werkstatt Cologne (E. Jappe) (...) Performance is anti-museal important periodicals: Performance Research (London) / Inter (Quebec) High-Performance (Ed. Sara Wolf, Ed. Tim Miller & Linda Burnham) / Performance Art Journal / Performance Magazine (Hg. Rob La Frenais) Studio International (London) / p-form (Seattle) Datum (Holland) / Live Art Online (UK) / P-Form / Switch (technology and art) / TDR – the Drama Review Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory Gutai (Atsuko Tanaka, Kazuo Shiraga, Jiro Yoshihara, Sadamasa Motonaga, Saburo Mirakami, Akira Kanayama, Shuso (Shusu) Mukai, Shozo Shimamoto, Naoki Kanayama) actionist painting (Gutai => George Matthieu) (Yasuo Sumi) (Shanna Noyes) (Sadama Montanaga) Not yet categorized: Bruce Adir (Adair) / Jim Allen / Thérése Ampe-Jonas / Georges Azzaria Artur Babiarz / Isabelle Bedou Nayland Blake / Waldemar Bochniarz Letitia Bolognesi Colin Campbell / Carmichael Catherine Costes Carsette / Tim Clark / Paul Cotten Sue Dakin / Mona Desgagné / Herbert Distel / DLR Paul Dorn / Leopold Duszka-Kolcz / Sophie Fabien Gabriele Forster / Vidya Gastaldon Joel Glassman / Daniel Grenier / Matthias Groeber Ryszard Grzyb / Klaus-Peter Haase Plassun Harel / Alexander Harvey / Helhard Haug Matt Hawthorn / Saiki Hiromu Peter Horobin / Joelle Keandre/ Birgit Kilp Marleen Kos/ Barbara Kozlowska / Jill Kroesen Uli Kruass / Marcin Krzyzawowski / Claudia Leder Sung-Yon Lee / Li Qiang / Qiang Li Isaia Mabellini (Sarenco) / Victor Meertens Gruppe Meier / Christian Messier Ronald J. Meyers / Antoni Mikolayczyk Kati Molnar / Melinda Moran / Helmut Martin-Myren Frank Na / Michaele Nolte / Erik Odijk Catherine Parisot / Jittima Pholsawake / Micky Plüsch Apinan Pohgananda / Wolfgang Rahs / Tim Richter Andrea Ritter / Antoinette de Robien (Robin) Valentin Rottemaler / Michael Sagorny Hiromu Saiki / Seppo Salminen Sarenco (Isaia Mabellini) / Ingrid Scher Marcus Shira-Tilles / Mayumi Yayoi Shozo Emil Siemeister / Suras KV Solwonk Christian Späte / Rüdiger Steiner / Tobias Stengel Wally Stevens / Wolfgang Störchle / Elke Suhr Eva Szanto / Ryo Takahashi / Christoph Tarnow Christophe Terpent / Frank-Udo Tielmann Jarry Vis / Jonas Wille Yit Mun Kwahn (artists village) / Silvia Ziranek Zyklus - Grac de la Luna / Myrna Renaud Richard Harding / Shannon Rose Riley Oeykue Potuoglu-Cook / Thomas Defranzt Heather Crow / Michael Mayhew / Latifa Fakiri Barry Edwards conflating gesamtkunstwerk (Wolf Vostell) See also category 10 after M.-L. Lange: Performance as synaesthetic montage Synaesthetics (Art Clay) view of the exhibition Attempts to "exhibit" performance: Relicts + Sediments (OK Linz 12/1993) battle view See also: fighting machines movement/body techniques from eastern martial arts traditions (see also: dance performance) See also: view of destruction See also: energetic view sporting aspects no events (Roman Signer) view of the stage organic material (Andrés Pereiro-Schmidt) extreme smells (Micha Brendel) smells that "move" (Robert Jelinek) Dirty conditions as power conditions (A. Kosa) Who is allowed to besmirch whom ... (Paul McCarthy) (Jason Lim – Bierregen) Cleanliness mania in Singapore (Amanda Heng) no fixed "locale" work concept action as work (s.u.) trans-formation /vs/ formation the body as object view of public appearances political "appearances" seen as performance performance as a configuration of presence (the action) (BN) the (linguistic) image wants action (BN) preemptory speech (initiation) relinquishing, not selling (BN) networking (BN) (the physical network) consenting disempowerment in imitation (BN) prelinguistic picture dependency B.M. is an event view of the in-between (space) B.M.: ... The immaterial center of performance, of every encounter, the shared knowledge is: what is between the persons, what is between the things, ... B.M. is in the arrangement of the "MA", of the in-between space, this nothingness, a kind of mental embarrassment. list of networks: Todays Place The Prediction Reindeer Werk Das Konzil Werkzeuggruppe des Konzils Minus delta t East-West-Study-Project Aufmerksamkeitsschule Verein für Projektkunst e.V. ASA-European The Current Affairs Bazillus The Neoist´s MATERIAL und WIRKUNG Werkstatt Odem Club Moral Moltkerei Werkstatt Throbbing Christle (Genesis P. Orridge & Cosey Fanni Tutti & u.a.) Kunoldstraße 34 Augenladen Mannheim Le Lieu Quebec/Can Büro Berlin Artist Village (Singapore) the artist as exhibition object (Skip Arnold) (Oleg Kulik) power position of the viewer: the artist as exhibition piece in the box (Skip Arnold, Roi Vaara, K. Dudesek) The performer in the glass box with no freedom (of action) (Skip Arnold) body becomes a monument in a box (Mourad Cherait) Skip, the act – is the art work (self-exhibition) Perceived as fetish (as part of the collection) (Skip Arnold) Cf.: contextual view Cf.: energetic view theory of gravitation probability field Gravitation: B.M.'s performance is a field The attractor: the force of attraction ASA installs: the field (BN) the in-between a battery of the in-between tension / gradient of potential charged spaces constructed by performance "MA" Japan. (east/west study project) (MA Festival 1995) terrorism and performance (Kunstf. Bd. 117) (Muda Mathis) Reduction / celebrated void (instead of show) Clownerie clown acts (Laurie Anderson) cf. view of play and of the carnival Performance as "opening circus" (important events) taboo materials (blood, flesh, cot, urine, sometimes animals consecrated utensils, naked bodies) (Brus, H. Nitsch, Monty Cantsin, C. Kolig, C. Langenbach) Beyond performance (Kunstf. Bd. 100) Visual works by (former) performers (Tom Puckey, Dirk Larsen, Floor van Keulen, Peter Baren, Urs Lüthi, Gina Pane, Sef Peeters, James Lee Byars, Marina Abramovic, Albert van der Weide) action arts: (according to M.-L. Lange) Happening, Fluxus, Land-Art, Action Painting, Body Art, Event, Situation-Art purposeful use of smells (H. Nitsch, Lili Fischer, A. Kosa, ...) burning scent material (Ralf Vormbusch) Living Sculpture and living art works (Category 05 according to M.-L. Lange) humans as sculptural objects the poetic network (BN) mental existence between persons A performance is supplied like a commodity. The Black Market actions are still very close to this commodity character (BN) ASA should be more free and floating. Performance is never a re-presentation, except of itself (George) Performance = exercise in occupying thresholds (neither stage nor audience space) (George) (cf. P. Handke) Performance negates the difference between being and appearance, presentation and re-presentation (George) surrealistic performance theater of pictures (Bob Wilson, Laurie Anderson) (Peter Brook, Jürgen Fritz, Fischer-Lichte) field researcher (Lili Fischer) material experiments (Richard Alpert) revealing the invisible of the visible (Lyotard to Daniel Buren) expressive action painting as starting point: (G. Brus, O. Muehl, H. Nitsch, R. Schwarzkogler) OM Theater as a transgressive gesamtkunstwerk (O. Muehl to H. Nitsch) football club (association culture) (Biefer/Zgraggen) Artist-in-Residence in a ball club (Dough Hall) robotics AI research / AI discourse connectionism cyberdiscourse / cybertheory net discourse technoscience and cyberculture social power conditions (Paul McCarty) surveillant exercise of power (Julia Scher) shopping exhibition – the show must go on (Vanessa Beecroft) scenes (Vanessa Beecroft) Manager training as performance (Robert Reschkowski) cf. analysis of body language (Pantomime) See: experiments with the audience circus animal performance Minnesong (advertising) minstrel performance Literature: (... continued) Jean Dupuy (Ed.) / Collective conscious- ness. Art performances in the seventies Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux (artist) / L´Acte pour L´Art (book) ! Carl E. Loeffler & Darlene Tong / Performance Anthology (book) ! Henry M. Sayre / The Object of Perform. The American Avant-Garde since 1970 ! Paul Schimmel / Out of Actions (catalogue) M. Carlson / Performance. –chap. P. in its historical context Out of Actions (catalogue) – Between Performance and the Object 1949-1979 Prof. Dr. Bonnie Marranca / Performance Arts Journal Performance Research (A Journal of Performing Arts) Vol.1 No.1 Spring 96 Performance Anthology – Source Book of California Performance Art !! Thomas Dreher (Diss.) / Performance Art nach 1945 – Aktionstheater u. Intermedia Joan Borsa / Performin interconnectedness: the cathartic installations of Aganetha Dyck, Ann Hamilton and Susan Shantz Performance in 18. Century (PSi7) Avantgarde (PSi7) Organizational structure (Victor Turner) tourist view of the curator (exoticism and spectacle) What was done (act) When or where it was done (scene) Who did it (agent) How he/she did it (agency) And why (purpose) (Burke) on stage /vs/ off stage – activity power of words power of acts locations of power turning bodies into machines (Futurists) Tele-Existence (Stelarc) Bauhaus (Oskar Schlemmer): the first school to undertake a serious study of performance as an art form Merzbühne theories (Kurt Schwitters) power fields (Kurt Lewin) (fuck head) The visual spectacle (Jan Fabre) modern clowns comic performers Literature: (... continued) Andreas Nebelung / Zwischenräume – sechs ästhetische Erfahrungen (essay Kunstf. Bd. 152) A. Nebelung / Zwischenräume (book) Ivo Osolsobe Charles Morris Keir Elam Josette Feral Erika Fischer-Lichte (FL) / Semiotik des Theaters Perspectives of Uncertainty: Locating the Imperceptible (PSi7) 1995 First Annual Performance Studies Conference 1995 Performativity and Performance (Ed.: A..Parker & Kosofsky Sedwick) 1996 Vol.1 No.1 Performance Research (Journal) 2001 7th Performance Studies Conference Mainz PSi7 (PSI Performance Studies International) Diverse ars electronica projects (knowbotic research – simulation space) see: machine view, TV view, acoustic view, etc. implications for performance of the emerging world of cybertechnology performative aspects of photography (Herbert Blau) pictures drawn/ painted with the body (Carolee Schneemann) see: Painting Bodies (Joan Jonas, Matthias Jackisch) (Rolf Hinterecker) Post Performancism the performative as the "weak point" of representation Performative marketing and attention techniques Stunts as performance ? power of themes between (Buber/Rosenzweig) intercorporeality (Merleau-Ponty) betwixt and between (Turner) ecstasies of the things (Böhme) space-time force field (Fischer-Lichte) category of the "between" as guiding category for an aesthetic of the performative performance as living pictures enterprise theater for managers (Kosilo) Becoming "managers" with theater methods Unnatural bodies (Jim Whiting) dancing machines accidental (jumping cars) (Leo Schatzl) A further understanding of performativity: Efficiency = (calculable) performativity (Lyotard) Performantere = "better" information: It is a matter of knowing which game the opponent is playing (Lyotard) Performativity of the commander (his power) increases with every execution of a command (Lit.: Lyotard) masked avengers (Guerrilla Girls) Investigating event structures (INFuG) contacts with rock/pop: (Yoko Ono – J. Lennon) (Cornelius Cardew: Scratch Orchestra) (Throbbing Gristle (Christle)) (Cabaret Voltaire (ars electr.)) (Robert Longo) (Urban Sax) mechanical Bauhaus stage (ars electronica) shattered performance (Janusz Baldyga) minute pictures (Erwin Wurm) performative sculptures working with and in the field (Marietheres Finkeldei) the power of attribution (exercises something performative) On the in-between as a mental dimension (PB) Turn from work to event (PB) The event takes the place of the art work (FL) view of materiality is shifted into focus (FL) (LE) Performance cultures of the Middle Ages (FL) The culture of the Middle Ages can be understood as being genuinely performative "Presentations“ (Soviet Union) Presentive Events / life = kajf "life itself is the drug" art without history cannot be passed on (?) (Mersch) Preservation = Participation "The Perfect Smile“ or performance as collection object (James Lee Byars) Party Performers (ICELANDIC LOVE CORPORATION) marketing strategies (Com & Com) the renaissance of the circus (cf. A. Heller) Bio-mechanics Mechanical Dances Dancing automatons Mechanical ballets Bio-mechanical exercises Painting and Performance (Bauhaus) (Emilio Morandi) architect as performer (Buckminster Fuller) Live art (Claes Oldenburg, Jim Dine, Al Hansen) Posed performances (Urs Lüthi) Animate and inanimate sculpture (Jannis Kounellis) Frozen performance (Jannis Kounellis, Luigi Ontani) Behavior Tableaux - body language (80 static poses: Scott Burton) "Transformance" (commentary on power & money: Martha Wilson and Jackie Apple) Life style: that´s entertainment The perfect pose („The worlds first Pose Band“ Paul Richards, Ron Calla) The Performance Show (1975) up to 30 artists in each program (Rose English, Sally Potter, Clare Weston, ...) Penny-peep-show conditions (Charlemagne Palestine, Olga Adorno, Pooh Kaye, Alison Knowles, Dupuy) (Stadtwerkstatt) punk performances (Throbbing Gristle) (Genesis P-Orridge) punk (Pyromania) 1979: the move of performance towards popular culture "the media generation“ ´coming out´ of performance into the mass culture (Eric Bogosian, Michael Smith) "Hotel Pompino“ (Van gogh TV) "No one is sure of himself“ (Stadtwerkstatt TV) Club Shows (John Kelly, Karen Finley, Anne Magnusson) See: Club Shows Performance as fashionable and fun `avant-garde entertainment´ gymnast & dancer (Molissa Fenley) cf. extreme situations performer acts in a picture (Miranda Payne) (B. Nieslony) Living paintings (Stephen Taylor Woodrow – hanging on the wall) smell and taste rituals (see: Nitsch) Painting Bodies: Saburo Murakami, Kazuo Shiraga, Shozo Shimamoto, Yves Klein, Claes Oldenburg, Jim Dine, Nam June Paik, Paul McCarthy, Ana Mendieta, Shigeko Kubota, Stuart Brisley, Janine Antoni, Rachel Lachowicz, Cheryl Donegan, Keith Boadwee, Schneemann, McCarthy (Penis) C. Kolig (anal) Elsbeth Böninger Arai Shin ichi comparisons: absent bodies clothing/architecture for the homeless (Lucy Orta) (Bruce Gilchrist u. Jonathan Bradley / Stelarc) Extended bodies extendable bodies Prosthetic bodies body/light sculpture (Atsuko Tanaka) fighters and lovers (Abramovic/Ulay) art and entertainment combination (Van Gogh TV, ...) portrait made of skin and bones (Orlan) spectacular performances (Chris Burden) „ Pure Performance “ (ski boot advertisement: skiing through deep snow) In action with all one's senses, thoughts and powers (beside oneself) Being absorbed in the movement – Forgetting technique (W. Pfaff) Life as public appearance (scater, boarder, dancer, driver, poses, ....) (Sport & Games) power bodies (in new theater) violent hands (threatening gestures) tools with a life of their own (see also: tool view) chain reactions (Fischli & Weiss) (R. Signer) organizations in action leeways are in-between spaces playing suspends domination Places as in-between spaces (s.u.) Performance as: Business management style Performative event field (GANG ART) art of the event Performative-temporal character of picture genesis (Phil. Hubert Sowa) attitude toward the field of events (GANG ART) admission fees (GANG ART) The visual versus the verbal (PSi7) "quickly changeable sculptures" (actions by Roaman Signer) Surrealistic a.p. (ecriture) (Pollock, COBRA, Situationists, Lettrists, Manzoni, Klein, Spur, Egon Schrick, Barabara Heinisch) painted with blood (Y. Klein, Giuditta Tornetta) Theatralizing painting extended performances (Stelarc = Stelios Arcadiou) (2) community performance art event paradigm (INFuG, GANG-ART further development of the event) (cf. Events) digital environments extending the self in the machine unleashing identity in the machine unleashing the body through unmediated connection to the machine On the use of the performative in digital environments performance of machines olfactory stimulations (Fluxus) Happenings & Events InstallAction (Le Lieu,Simon Beer, Angie Hiesl, Fritz Rahmann) develop installation concept from action concept The right place (Renee Kolla) (Nigel Rolfe) (Th. Werner & J. Wüstenfeld) (Heinrich Lüber) (Li Portenlänger) See also: tableaux vivant see also: Mimicry of Life outdoor performance Performance art = art without object (Seamus Malone) achievement view "Performance" of software and processors cf. also body view – physical view (of achievement) "Performance“ in the new economy performing art cabaret, entertainment Party-Culture as Performance performance clips (2) simultaneity of high & low (Mike Kelley) critical art and pop sexual presentations in party life (Beate Ronig – story telling) Collecting as a kind of long-term performance (J. Olbrich) (Laurie Anderson) Songs about art: (Yan Duyvendak) greed for life aesthetics of theft (cf. gift) emotions of the mass emotions at large sporting events role of emotions in power struggles energetic field Arranging the "mood" through the selection of certain places Different places/spaces convey their own specific affective messages storage and mobilization of memory content following affects (cf. NLP) battle emotions work aesthetic as outmoded concept is superseded by the aesthetic of the performative (FL) performative aspects of object art (FL) The performance character outweighs the artifact character The presentation character outweighs the artifact character (FL) (cf. exhibition practice of Udo Wid) Museum and exhibition productions – a phenomenon of performative cultural presentation (study by: Prof. Gaehtgens) (comp. studies by Eva Sturm) (cf. starting schema for this poster group: On the Art of the Exhibition) art history marginalized performative art for a long time 1995 an awakening performative aspects of installation art (M. Dion, U. Wid) Performance = accomplishment and self-assertion in a competitive situation The concert podium as stage in new music (research: Riethmüller) stage concepts cf. Stadtwerkstatt-TV event society and game culture (fun culture) Theater as event flowing transition between art and popular culture (Prof. Bonnie Marranca) Performance = capabilities and self-assertiveness in a competitive situation Performative Codes (Cf. Habitus) Performative view of playing: emphasizes what is oscillating and unfocused, the "in-between", the framework performative sound locations (s.l.) Computer animation of memorial architectures – memory theater (Giulio Camillo, Robert Fludd) fear comes from constraints, anxiety unconscious effect of sexual fragrances (pheromone) sexuality as emotional decoy in advertising (erotic enticements) Postmodern emotion culture (J. Gerhards): hedonist goal of avoiding negative emotions fear-anxiety system anger-annoyance system A bright friendly room relaxes the mood black market Literature: (... continued) Johanna Pfaff-Czarnecka / Macht und rituelle Reinheit Judith Butler / Hate Speech Hakan Gürses (lecture) / Identität F. Nietzsche Arthur J. Sabbatini / Terrorism, Perform Bateson, Goffman, Turner (analysing processes of crisis) Dan Graham (article) / Theater, Kino, Macht (in: mise en scéne) theater miniatures (John Bock) Picture theater – fine artists of the 20th C. as theater reformers (book: Peter Simhandl) Animotion – performative spatial installation (Stefanie Wilhelm) (John Bock) natural disaster as performance/event "the highest form of a possible experience“ (Walter de Maria) cf. (R. Signer) sculptural arrangement (S. Berchthold, I. Keiner) (I. Keiner & S. Berchtold) causality machine (Sandor Doro – Sándor Dóró) Performance installation (Mike A. Hentz) interactive video performance (Christin Lucas) Gunpowder Performance (Cai Guo Qiang) Earth works (Anna Mendieta) Polaroid events (a´ battery a“ : Chrigg Perren, Vänci Stirnemann, Fritz Franz Vogel, Victoria Zappata) Installative instrument to demarcate space (Simon Beer) (Stefan Enderich) trivial performance (Ulrich Frey & N. Klassen) spaces with wind machines (Ralf Filges) PerFORMance (Parzival (Pörsch)) Performers trained in architecture or stage design (Andrea Saemann, G. Ritter) view of presentation view of depicting view of reproduction (more important for the theater field) cf. communication view the artist as scientist (Udo Wid) effectivity Dirtyblueclothes (Howard Fried) Athletic event (against the wall) (Barry le Va) Wrestling with profi wrestlers (Howard Fried) Boxing match (Arthur Cravan) mounds of earth, earth and sand islands (Darryl Sapien, Gutai) burning lens made of ice (Paul Kos) shadow plays (Jim Melchert) (Gelatin) (Anet van de Elzen) The Theatrics of Performance Art (T.R. Uthco) Re-assembling a B-Car as Performance (Chris Burden) Cindarella in a Dragster (Suzanne Lacy) 2 Performers at great height on chairs on the wall (T.R. Uthco: Doug Hall & Jody Procter) persons over 65 high on the wall (Angie Hiesl) Description of a performance (... as performance: Judith Barry) organization art – integrating every imaginable institution (Stadtwerkstatt, U. Wid) The concept of organizing marks the point of transition between art and life (H. Sowa) action form /vs/ work form (F. E. Walther) performative perception of space (Cf. Skip Arnold) reception of spatial arrangement: participating action/embodiment and translated performance (H. Sowa) Abiding and handling (Sowa) (Sowa) not an observing stay, but a participating stay (Sowa) understanding the space as practically traversed execution loss of gestural language in modernism (LE) performative staging of nakedness (Beecroft, Gelatine) Economic view of exposure in image, text and performance (article: G. Brandstetter) Integrative history of performance art (Bonnie Marranca) technically infiltrated bodies view of objects appearance of geometrical, machinic structuralism of postmodern dance (Cunningham) dolls as forgotten people, family machine, execution machine (Kantor) scurrilous machines of love and death (Kantor) cf. "fake" amputation robot (fictive: John Fare) (Artaud): automated personnel (people as though controlled with invisible wires) Theater of objects, entirely without human actors, theater with technical devices and machines (SRL) (LE) object theater transitional objects: when the subject tends to become thing media and techno-body Object theater also opens up new theater models between installation, kinetic object art and landscape art (LE) cf. Tableau Vivant: imitating 18th C. paintings Theater is also an art of sculpture (SE) (LE) The aesthetic object works as a trigger, catalyst and framework for a process (for the viewer) sculptural culture of the body (LE) Sculptures: Theater is here in greatest proximity to fine arts view of re-presentation (LE) Energetic theater would be outside the realm of representation Performance instead of depicting (LE) (LE) Theater, that tends to become a mute gesture – on the exhibition of processes (LE) The principle of the exhibition seizes linguistic material, in addition to body, gesture, voice view of traces Space becomes a site of traces (LE) (cf. Relicts and Sediments) From Appearance Thinking to Traces Thinking museum function of the theater (LE) Surrealism includes the call for a "Performance Art“ Environmental Theater (as Schechner called the "surrealistic street" of an exhibition (LE) Clubs and meetings as ephemeral installations Club Culture: a form of living room theater circus-like show of strength Varieté nerves: people want distraction / "number principle" shift from work to event (DADA, Futurism) style characteristics of mannerist traditions (tendency to extremes ...) Transition of theater to an event (LE) power scenarios (from: La Fura dels Baus) productive art performativity of semantic knowledge structures (Theory: Erika Linz) semiotics of the body (LE) linguistic text, staging text and "performance text" (LE) Telegram style and broken syntax (in Expressionism) network of lines of force (light direction with Wilson) Landscape Play: ... thinking of stage and text more like a landscape (Gertrude Stein) (Christoph Rütimann, Franklin Aalders, Christian Möller) space moods (outside the realm of action) Theater as raising awareness of architectonic processes (Julian Maynard Smith) (Kipper Kids, Susanne Helmes, Marie Kawazu, Jürgen Raap, Walther Stehling, Rainer Aring, Hong O-Bong, Andrej Bartenev, Karen Finlay, Osamu Kuroda, Gelatin) (Nancy Blanchard) performance coupled with installation (V. Acconci) (Stefanie Marshall) process of a sculptural development (Janusz Baldyga) working with models (Vanessa Beecroft) people as dolls Duo as trademark (Brigitte Bérard & Mileva Josipovic) Performance with historical references (Chen Chieh-Jen) (Kaori Haba) consume realism (Lisa Cieslik) (Theo di Ricco) topicalizing exhibition openings (Eva & Adele) art as commodity item (Gretchen Faust) artist as trademark – making sales calls (F.E.M. Frauke Ellen Müller) Pop-Kitsch (Friederike & Uwe) self-experiments with machines (Bruce Gilchrist) boundaries of the human body (Just Merrit) EEG-Experiments (Bruce Gilchrist, Udo Wid, Horst Prehn) Sport and body work (Paul Harrison & John Wood) (H.G.G.N.) ritual machines (Rebecca Horn) J&W Management Consulting (Patricia Jacomella & Maria Walther) profiting from artists of the 3rd world rummaging in material (Servie Jannsen) (Jonathan Meese ) Fetishizing child idols (Mike Kelley) Techno-hybrid Performances (Monika Fleischmann) For Artaud, a performance must be unique, a real experience, unrepeatable, and it must actually transform the audience and the actors into a different state. against violence (Suzanne Lazy) performance as sculpture performance sculptures (Heinrich Lüber) construction of the desolate (Paul McCarthy) material recycling: rubbish & the desolate (Paul McCarthy) rolling in material (grass, dirt, ...) (Paul McCarthy) rolling in mud: (Illka Juhani Takalo-Eskola) installative situation (Alastair MacLennan) (Christine Biehler – Jürgen Fritz) latex performance (Viktorine Müller) dance as combat sport / stuntman (Alexandre Périgot) ArtPirates X-Ray-PSY = Michael Mierse, Georgy Bretschneider, Wolfgang Freund, Marcus Krips, Parzival, Enno Stahl, Jo Zimmermann auctions (A. Reinthaler) personal performance training (= applied performance) (Robert Reschkowski) driving around with window-cleaning equipment (Christoph Rütimann) reflections on advertising (UlunMichael Steinke) kissing walls – imprints (Ella Tideman) face imprints (Goji Hamada) In a framework at the top of a tree (Th. Werner & J. Wüstenfeld) (Hannah Wilke, Pierre Molinier, Tatsumi Orimoto, Jared Bark, Walter Pfeiffer) (Joa Selin & C. Ranzenhofer) (Arnulf Rainer) traces – foot stamps (Günter Saree) Performance in consume temples: confronting consumers with wounds/mourning (Muntean/Rosenblum) important organizations: The Living Art Museum, The Western Front (Vancouver), The Performance Space (Australia), Perforum (Pfäffikon), The kitchen (NY), Hallwalls (Buffalo), Galeria Dzialan (Warsaw) Power seminars (as performance) walking over fire and glass ... (Habitus of these trainers: cf. Schlingensief) active "work" with art objects – attracts sculptures in its wake (Jerzy Beres) crashing head against the wall (Ralf Berger) (Christian Boltanski) (Fabrice Gygi) (Tetsunori Kawana) Entertainment as advertising and sales strategy for products (Mariola Brillowska) Art-Entertainment (Mariola Brillowska) Dance in comic costumes (Peter Callesen) projections as theatrical productions (color, light, sound, mirror, prisms) (Milton Cohen) played installation (Brian Conolly) (Ross Sinclair) several days of excavation work (Ion Grigorescu) artist in robot-like appearance (M. li Antúnez Roca) robot theater machine: stream of fire/stream of water (Erik Hobijn) Performer as illusionist (Holunda – Atelier Juxus) anarchic situations (Hank Hyena) (Gillian Waering) sculpturally tied bodies (Maria Pohland) body between foils "under pressure" (Hanna Frenzel) painting as crucified woman (Natascha Fiala) finger-fan performance (Linda Christanell) semiotic action experiments (Helmut Hempel) consecrated places (Stefan Kurowski & friends) artist as engineer and behavior scientist (time´s up, Tim Boykett, Udo Wid) Mechanics of stimulation - stimulation dispenser (C. Kolig) Tactile satisfaction and torture devices (C. Kolig) use of explosive material (Marcos Kurtyz, Signer, Drill Hall, Guy Pro-Diaz, John Latham, Ivor Davies) tree explosion, simulated dog explosion & explosions at flight show (Stadtwerkstatt) Confrontation with police and border patrol authorities (Marcos Kurtyz) Pursued by the police as a foreigner (Helena Villalobos) Performative "attacks" on art theory texts (resolution of a Greenberg text: John Latham) painter as actor giving what is to be found in crime, in war (Artaud) The "happening" movement was essentially carried by painters (Richard Martel) Performer as advertising medium (ERGO) staged photography (B.J. Blume & Anna Blume) (Cindy Sherman) (Hannah Frenzel) (Pierre Keller) (G. Brus) (R. Schwarzkogler) dressed in foil (Lambert Janssen & Urs Küng) woman in foil (Hong O-Bong) wrapped in transparent film (Miriam Steinhauser) Ocean panorama – Happening (Tadeusz Kantor) Beach performance (Pino Pascali) body exhibited next to other artifacts (James Luna) Performance with food (Paisan Plienbangchang) subsequently rubbish (Surapol Phanywatchira) Video archive about P. (Ryszard Piegza) performers with their own museums (Jacques & Catherine Pineau) important performance archive (Le Lieu) gallery made of clothes (Judy Freya Sibayan) entanglement with hoses (A. Schubert & Dieter Pütz) consume critique through exaggeration Pink-Man (Manit Sriwanichpoom) Machine and body (The Shadow Machine: Peter Courtemanche, Ken Gregory, Carol Sawyer, Alvin Erasga Tolentino) tennis ball machine tosses glowing balls (Valentin Torrens) clay pigeon tossing machine tosses glowing clay pigeons (Stadtwerkstatt – G. Lindorfer) political ironic deification of capitalism (Iwan Wijono) Artist Village: Tang Da Wu (founder), Jason Lim, Koh Nguang How, Lee Wen, ...) gesticulating like brokers with the train station time tables (Sislej Xhafa) (Fluxus, George Brecht, INFuG, Gangart, Larry Miller, B.B.B.Johannes Deimling, Esther Ferrer, Die Fabrikanten, Stadtwerkstatt) (Allan Kaprow, Jonathan Meese, John Bock) (Jürgen Olbrich, Jürgen Kierspel, Wolfgang Hainke, Manfred Vänci Stirnemann, Thoroughly Pseudo, Fricker, Boris Nieslony, Ruedi Schill & Monika Günther, Jacques van Poppel, Ulun Michael Steinke) large images via illuminated windows with residents' participation (Pawel Althamer) (cf. Clickscape by the Stadtwerkstatt) body in large water hose (Pawel Althamer) chemical experiments (Lukas Berchthold) (Eve Bhend & Jörg Köppl, Gordon Monahan) bondage situations (B. Nieslony) transit space airport (Cooperation Project X) (Mo Diener) (Cees Krijnen) (Myriam Laplante) performance as picture set in motion (Judith Haman) performers wear black costumes – like figures from traffic signs (Yvette Helin) dance with large rubber bands (Esther Maria Häusler) DressWorks: every "dress" created in conjunction with a performance (Katja Hergenhahn) interpreting material findings as a labyrinth (Marie Teresa Hincapie) Sculptures appear like forms of action (Joa Iselin & C. Ranzenhofer) magic show – life as a pigeon (Christian Jankowski) soothsayer services manned turn: person integrated in wooden frame: human as component of the sculpture (Köppl / Zacek) large projections of objects (playing with the objects on a turn table) (Diane Landry) Kitsch (Liew Kung Yu) pyrotechnic performances (Jens Nielsen, Roman Signer) pictures brought into life (Gérald Personnier) company/product instead of artist/work (Protoplast: Philippe Cuny, Kate Isler, Alex Silber) projection performance with several overhead projectors (S.A.C. modeller´s club: Mark-Steffen Bremer, Anna Weber, Petra Kowalenko, Ulrich Wegenast, Stephen Thomas) In interaction with stills (Gelatin) Photo action with small animal figures (Yukio Saegusa) money-critical actions (Karin Schlechter & Sol Lyfond) (High Red Center) Virtual performance architecture – video/mirrors systems (Scott Simeral) production assistant with Schlingensief (Elisabeth Steger) capturing a moment as performance – Polaroid (Tache/Magor) meditative actions ritual display of objects (BN) combat situations (Carlos Amorales) Flow = the result of becoming purely "absorbed" in in the activity Sport with extreme involvement (flow – a Zen feeling) Dorfbod´n (100 Tage Prozeß Weibern OÖ) a year outdoors (Tehching Hsieh) genealogies of performance (Josef Roach) accident / techn. catastrophe as performance (Jean Tinguely) Happening with self-destructing machines (Jean Tinguely) throwing food (Nam June Paik) burning money (repealing bourgeoisie values) iconoclasm – destruction of pictures as performance (Humer - porno-hunter) silencing & chewing: immediacy (Institute for Direct Art: Mühl, Brus, Nitsch, Weibel, Kren) idea of the gesamtkunstwerk (R. Schwarzkogler) transforming a museum into a house of God (GAAG) sound performance with construction machines from a large building site (Stadtwerkstatt) Material theater (Stadtwerkstatt) performance with architectural elements (Roi Vaara) The Ladies Ona B, Evelyne Egerer, Birgit Jürgenssen, Ingeborg Strahl, Lawrence Weiner Icelandic Love Corporation: Sigrun Hrolfsdottir, Doris Isleifsdottir, Joni Jonsdottir, Eirun Sigurdardottir Bodytainment (Stahl Stenslie) file cabinet machine theater / machine performance (Intercourse – Istvan Kantor) controlled torture scenes party performance (Vjing, Djing, ...) A.P.A.-Party: life and product consulting (Elfi Sonnberger, Martina Kornfehl, et al.) Performance: striving for a common image (B.M.) consume critique (Montri Teomsombat) surfing (Rolf Hinteregger) (Artaud) Attack of power instances: state, university, family, religious, ... Non-object (Neide Dias de Sa) multi-projection show (USCO M. Callahan) Performer as advertising medium (Nenad Bogdanovic) ECART Group (John Armleder, Luchini, Rychner, Raoul Marroquin) communication sculpture (Hilmar Fredriksen) male dominated society – performance as infor-mance (Karin Anarchia) Botanic Ballet (Andre Bartenev) expanded installation concept (Simon Beer) (A. Birchler & T. Hubbard) Architecture-related performances (A. Birchler & T. Hubbard: Impenetrable space - (after Kafka Re-Inviting the Diva (Lori Blondeau) (Aiyyana Maracle) Re-Inventing the Diva (Sheila James & Yasmin) (Carol Sawyer) (Alvin Erasgo Tolentino) Cyber Space – Psychic Diva (Kira Wu) see "pure dance" ballasts (Robert Smithson) action as moving sculpture (Tan Chen) photos of executed people: ... revealing another image layer behind these images (Chen Chieh-Jen) acting in "concrete" locations (Günfer Cölgecen) event images (electronically controlled) (Hansjoachim Dietrich) Repeats of historical performances (ECART) imitating antique sculptures (Franticek Klossner) ventriloquist doll (Gebrüder Kunst) hammer blows "nature study (Paul Gernes) Group material & effect (BKH Gutmann) 1948: last appearance by Artaud and Cage enters Black Mountain College Commentary on ring-shaped representation in over 32 views: everything is always and simultaneously present. Depending on the time segment, some things are (fashionably) in the foreground – but the rest is still present .... time-controlled household appliances (Dick Higgins) High Red Center (Jiro Takamatsu, Genpen Akasegawa, Natsuyuki Nakanishi) stockmarket speculation with art money (Fabrikanten) combat sport & power training (Regula Knopp) (Shigeko Kubota, Carolee Schneemann) anarchist actions (ArtPirates) circus artistry (Osamu Kuroda) stockings (Margit Leisner) robot community in human-free zone (Chico MacMurtrie) power of circumstances / dilemma (Jamie McMurry) The boat is full (every creator a name) (Valerian Maly & Klara Schillinger) working with milk (Ottó Mezzaros) Varieté / Vaudeville (Oogiri) (Rakugo = Storytelling) contact persons from various countries/continents: M. Vänci Stirnemann (Switzerland), Richard Martel (Canada), Seiji Shimoda & Shozo Shimamoto (Japan), Ayah Okwabi (Africa), John Held (USA), Clemente Padin (Uruquay), Warren Burt (Australia), Lee Sang-Jin (Korea), Jozsef Juhasz (Slovakia), Artpool – Galantai (Hungary), Guy Bleuys (Belgium), Zygmunt PioTrowski (Poland), ASA & H.J. Tauchert & Inge Broska (Germany) Cynic Pop-Diva (Pipilotti Rist) Shooting Diva (Pipilotti Rist) chemical material (Tomás Ruller) discourse as site of the unfolding of power (Lit.: M. Foucault) force theory view (Cf. Foucault) cf. archeology with M. Foucault (the Archeological Archivist) Power wants to tame, cut back, control and organize the discourse (discourse control through taboo) seen in terms of the theory of acts of power (Foucault) can people be portrayed as commodities (Santiago Serra) What is an appearance? (Alex Silber) what is the picture after the action (Kjetil Skoien) slide projections and music (Kjetil Skoien) sculptural ritual (Lorna Stewart) system view view of signs (System´Art Groupe: Michèle Métail, Louis Roquin) acrobatics (new modern acrobatics – f´Legussozy) Interactive costumes (Lori Weidenhammer) art marksman (Jürgen Wolfstädter) self-exhibition (Timm Ulrichs) sifting (Volker Anding, Laib) cf. intimate performances (FS) social static (Spencer Tunick) Performance of the steel works facilities (driving through with the works train) Performing Internet (PSi7) Prodigious Performance (PSi7) (wonderful, violent, ...) popular performance (PSi7) Performing Fragrance Performance (scent, fragrance) Literature: (... continued) Nicholas Whybrow / (PSi7) Schauplatz Berlin The performing city Urban Performances – Performing The City (PSi7) Bodiescapes (PSi7) Transforming the Canon (PSi7) (PSi7) Performing the human historically Still to be researched on the Internet: Milan Adamciak Arahmaiani Rahmayani / Julie Bacon Olimpiu Bandalac / Jozsef Bob / Maris Bustamante C. Ondine Chavoya / Chen Shi Sen Rosalyn Constantino / Raquel Mendieta Costa Angel Delgado / Ricardo Dominguez Amanda Dunsmore / Felipe Ehrenberg Károly Elekes / Maria Elena Escalona Stano Filko / Michael Fortune / Eri Furukawa Toshimasa Furukawa / Maria Elena Gaitan Mizuho Handa & Tomoko Takahashi Birgit & Wilhelm Hein / David Hull Noor Effendy Ibrahim / Patrick Jambon May Joseph / Elzbieta Kalinowska Padungsak Kochsomrong / Julius Koller Marleen Kos / John Kovach / Pawel Kwásniewski Aileen Lambert / Mi-Jeong Lee / Won-Hyung Lee Jessica Lerner / Pia Lindman / Roshan Linsi Jerzej Lipcynski / Hoang Ly / Janos Markus Cesar Martinez / Radislav Matustik / Mauntin Shue Dan McKereghan / Peter Meluzin / Aldo Menendez Charles Merewether / Wathiqu al a Meri Ottó Meszaros / Marta Minujin / Jose Munoz Aung Myuint / Nagisa Nakasone / Yumiko Okada Simone Osthoff / Pagac-Oravec (Duo) Cosmin Paulescu / Silvia Pellarolo Dan Perjovschi (cf. Amalia) Phanyawatchira Khaissaeng & Surapol Cosmin Pop / Vladimir Popovic Marilena Preda Sank / Antonio Prieto-Stambaugh Maria Elena Ramos / Mohammed Rezda Jae Rhee / Robin Rhode / Nelly Richard Peter Ronai / Tracey Rose / Lotty Rosenfeld Masano Sano / Santiphap Inkongam Zoltán Sebestyén / Rudolf Sikora / Lukasz Skapski Ewa Smigielska / Leandro Soto / Merian Soto Wojciech Stefanik / Neung-Kyung Sung Takeo Suzuki / Sompong Tawee / Rie Tanaka Sean Taylor / Harumi Terao / Attila Torö Felix Gonzalez Torres / Carmelita Tropicana Teresa Vascancellos / Evelyn Velez-Aguayo Szabolcs Veres / Piya Visuttiiprapanont Maya Wagatsuma / Susanne Walders Wang Mo-Lin / Piotr Wyrzikowski / Yasmin Jana Zelibska / Aida Zurinna / Vladimir Kordos Jamie Hutchison Archeology of the Future: Intelligent Stages, Neural Systems (PSi7) Intelligent Stages (PSi7) Collecting as cultural memory Performance contra Globalisation (PSi7) Oral history performance (Gretchen A. Case) A Sociology of the Institutionalisation of Performance Art (PSi7: Britta B. Wheeler) Body Shape (PSi7) The Shapes of Sensation Transforming spaces through kissing (Nezaket Ekici) Calligraphy / writing art as performance (Nja Mahdaoui) The "presentation" of pictures while opening and closing medieval codices (PSi7 W.C. Schneider) performativity of forms of materialization (Proj.: Kinetographien) What must be questioned are: "models" as statically conceived and spatially structured explanations (e.g.: semiotic sign models, psychoanalytical topographies of un/conscious, spatial text terms) (Proj.: Kinetographien) performativities of energetic matter (Kinetographien) machinized sculptures (Proj. Kinetographien) mobile architecture dancing graphies (Calligraphies) (Proj.: Kinetographien)


17 playful view view of playing 15 view of orality 14 existential view 13 intensity view 12 ethical view 10 emotional view 09 everyday view 09 everyday view 10 recipient view / tactile haptic view 11 political view / intercultural view 12 aesthetic view / visual view / light view 13 identity view 14 view of the artist performance with language(s) 16 effect (consequence) view 17 carnival view +Performance as whereabouts +Performance as life Performance as life-art-work Performance as celebration Performance as "translation" (PSi7) +Performance as act +Performance as analytical postulate Performance as demonstration Performance as political phenomenon Performance as political strategy Performance as praxis of destabilization Performance as subversion Performance as communication guerilla see above +Performance as attention +Performance as aesthetic category Performance as aesthetics of existence Performance as a praxis of articulating identity Performance as memory work +Performance as formational field of experiment Performance as life-art-work (2) +Performance as originary human language +Performance as language Performance as narrative Performance as play celebration art (1) direct art gender- tainment (1) manifestation speech performance interdisciplinary actions poesie sonore ceremony art (1) Tableaux Vivants Happening (1) story telling (1) life art agitations games feminist performances agit prop manoeuvre agit pop guerilla art the art of the act art action action literate performance literary performance literature performance sonore lectures lectures (3) poetry in action spoken words performance intercultural exchange in performance performance in politics Performance = the art of the act (Black Market) performative action prediction (1) psychoanalytical view / psycho-physical view view of destruction gender- tainment (2) communication aesthetics sociology (Bourdieu) identity discourse performativity views postmodern views sociology (Bourdieu) cultural studies new subjectivism privatism debate life philosophy (game rules of art) manifesto of tactilism existentialism (primacy of the act) psychoanalysis / disgust theory Lacanism discourse queer theory (PSi7) gender studies psychological theories of performance psychology / action psychology see also Gustav Metzger Black cultural theory cultural criticism feminist studies / feminist theory gender studies anthropology of gender cultural history postmodern views postcolonial theory (Game Rules of Art) aesthetics as art theory aesthetic discourse art theory / morphology perception theory debate on the sublime aura debate revulsion theory communication aesthetics performance studies ethnography existentialism (primacy of action) existential philosophy subjectivism debate performative theories ethnology analytical philosophy linguistic philosophy rhetoric language studies / linguistics structuralism speech act theory (Austin, Searle) pragmatics/interactions and conversation analysis socio-linguistics linguistic performance theory literature studies literature discourse linguistic turn (discourse) private /vs/ public living prediction (Reindeer Werk) living tableau performance is playing life (as topic) re-enacting everyday situations performance as celebration (see: encounter) public celebration (fire-eater ...) life as a celebration (invited to the table) Inge Broska Hans-Jörg Tauchert Jürgen Olbrich thoroughly pseudo Boris Nieslony Ulun Michael Steinke Reindeer Werk: Lebende Vorhersage – The Prediction 79-82 the act act forums Gestures (2) space of action pleasure of grasping /vs/ touch prohibition (Franz West – pieces that should be experienced with the body) (desire for touch) Intervention (2) (Alain-Martin Richard) directness (as central quality of performance – in comparison with communication through media) disgust view the untouchable "let's do some action" Taboo taboo violation/taboo breach (Tibor Hajas, McCarthey) (Fluxus) (autoperforation artists: Micha Brendel, Else Gabriel, Rainer Görß, Via Lewandowsky) (Schlingensief / What else could be violated?) disgusting performances showroom /vs/ space to act (minimal public distance) nauseating abjects "participant" as actor Performance culture as hotbed of a new reception art emotional space / space of feelings zones of dis-rupture the emotional as a fundamental position emotional force of performance performativity of feelings venting games performance as exorcism (see above) violence as critical array of instruments brutality as a fundamental position destruction in art the conference as life of the act performance as analytical postulate (see above) being tense together (2) intercultural performance projects intercultural dialogue (P. Jacomella & M. Walther) intercultural transformation (Translation Transition Transformation – PSi7) intercultural collaboration (PSi7) Asian ideas without intentions encounter (2) Communitas taboo violations (2) (discourse control through taboos) east art / west art performance as subversion (see above) performance as destabilizing practice (see above) performance as demonstration (see above) (Milan Kizak) (Canada) Performance as social, political strategy resistance movement protest movement, sit ins Aktivismus / Activism (Chumpon Apisuk, Arahmaiani (A. Rahmayani)) Political women's movement Performance art performance is a paradigm of feminism itself (V. Export, Lorraine O´Grady: Guerilla Performances) guerilla theatre gender (in) performance feminist narrative performance anarchist approaches (Charlemagne Palestine) "a" battery "a" The Prediction Büro Berlin ASA-European Rent An Artist, Prediction Black Market International STOP.P.T. Performance Networks Situationists, Lettrists IRWIN, Lidl Akademie Chris Reinike Rasa Todosijevic social movement (cf. projects by IRWIN) Queer Happening (2) Performance as attention (see above) attention as raw material (2) the general essence of performance ethical equivalency see also: political view attention as raw material (1) the general essence of performance arranging morbid curiosity visual drama aesthetics of presence (cf. ZEN) self-attention contemplation /vs/ ecstasy quality of perception aesthetics of the atmosphere the enflamed aura (charisma) aesthetics of living places aesthetics of life practice aesthetic of performative art re-auratization in performative art Western taboo of transgressing beauty: cutting the face (Gina Pane) (Orlan) aesthetics of existence (M. Foucault) There are as many performance aesthetics as forms of living or language games (D. Charles with Wittgenstein) with regard to aesthetics /vs/ ethics cf. Wittgenstein Performance as an aesthetic phenomenon (as aesthetic category) see above logic of different identities invented identities (Lynn Hershman) exhibition of the self cross-dressing (role playing) (G.J. Lischka) drag performances tableau vivants (2) Living Tableau Performance as "translation" (PSi7) into a different area. After a P-phase, artists are often active in other fields. see: the enflamed aura (charisma) see: contemplation /vs/ ecstasy see: attention (energy field as centered attention) see: the brutal see: most sublime moments of physical presence see: uninhibited performances passion see: view of destruction attempts to establish new concepts of art Quality anonymous performance (Charles Kaltenbacher) (Ria Pacquée) (Emil Gropoz) personality I am an artwork Performance is quality (Disc.) presence abidance (Heidegger) see: Identity PreFormance Form ance see: aesthetics of existence (Foucault) the art of existing see: Performance as life life-art as self-experiment analytical philosophy epistemology cognition sciences cognition theories artistic research constructivism resemblance theory 16 epistemological view Performance as observation Performance as spiritual exercise thinking in movement (Peripatetics, INFuG, ARGE Kulturtheorie, Stefan Szczelkun) Happenings as quiet research the body's performative forms of insight performance as analytical session (see below) art as knowledge system (Kunstforum: Jean Odermatt "LKW Gotthard") (George Steinmann) interdisciplinary approaches in performance see: interdisciplinarity view reference system of terms Performance as conscious dream (see below) (Terry Fox) cf. "linguistic turn“ rhetoric Fairy Tale: Performance as rightful speaking (Grimm's Fairy Tales: Joan Jonas) Performativity of Language 15 linguistic view Oral traditions (see study: Eva u. Attila Kosa) poetic structures the conference as speech laboratory Story telling techniques speech theory Performance /vs/ Competence speech act poesie d´action DADA story telling (2) speaking, singing, screaming (Jilia Heyward, Shelley Hirsch) (Michael Schmid – screaming naked) (Kim Tomczak) experiments with sound characteristics of sound creation sound poems (Carles Santos, Henri Chopin et al.) (Meredith Monk) cf. living environments (living pictures as in the baroque era) ceremony (B. Nieslony) audience participation open end audience participation agitation & propaganda (Marxist, Leninist) (Sonia Knox, Elisabeth Chitty) (Ray Langenbach) (Marcel Odenbach) (U. Rosenbach) (Marcella Bienvenue)(Chris Reinicke) situative production maneuver, sit ins sound poetry (Larry Wendt, Serge Pey, J.-A. Deelder, Julian Blaine, Jaap Blonk, Jean-Francois Bory, Jacqueline Cahen, Diane-Jocelyne Cote, Jean Dupuy, Paul Dutton, Cyrille Fontaine, Giovanni Fontana, Bernard Heidsieck, Joel Hubaut, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Jean Jacques Lebel, Alberto Masala, Joseph MacKenzie, Martha & Jenny, Angéline Neveu, Tibor Papp, Michael Rice, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Cesar Figueiredo, Enzo Minarelli) Poles: often related to one's own life Poland: almost like story-tellers, but always relating to real life Performativity as establishing identity as a process of repeated citations Literature: Performance as an aesthetic category (edition of a performance journal) Dwight Conquergood / Performing as a Moral Act: Ethical Dimensions of the Ethnography of Performance (article) Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! 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(catalogue book) Black Market International (brochures) Büro Berlin (catalogue book) Herbert Blau / To All Appearances: Ideology and Performance Randy Martin / Performance as political act Baz Kershaw / (PSi7) / Ecoactivist performance The Environment as Partner in Protest Literature: Justin Hoffmann / Destruktionskunst Michel de Certeau !! / Kunst des Handelns Paul Ricoeur (application) / Lehrstuhl für Philosophie des Handelns Konserviete Welt / Eva Sturm Kultur als Handlung / article: Gertrud Koch /Texte zur Kunst 99 – 9 – Heft 35 Ästhetische Handlungen u. Demonstrationen Samson D. Sauerbier Habermas, Apel (Theory of Communicative Action) Interpassivität / Ed. R. Pfaller Karl Gröning / Hände Literature: L.K.W. (catalogue) OK Linz Performance Art, die Kunst zu leben Life is art enough / Ed. Anita Beckers Life is art enough / Felix Philipp Ingold Linda Montano / Art in Everyday Life Performance art – Die Kunst zu leben (book) Literature: Texte zur Kunst Sept. 1999 9.Jg. Heft 35 Notes on Camp / Susan Sontag Kate Davy / Fe/male Impersonation: The Discourse of Camp (article) Expansionen (catalogue) Wiener Festw. 79 Georg F. Schwarzbauer (FS): Physische und Psychische Energien in der Performance Clifford Geertz, P. Bourdieu Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi / Das flow- Erlebnis (also: John MacAloon) Richard Poirier / The Performing Self Suture – Phantasmen der Vollkommenheit (catalogue and symposium publication) Peter Gorsen / Körperrituale der Travestie und des Transvestismus (article) Petra Klaus / Hardcore-Performance (article) Hakan Gürses / Identität (lecture Gmunden) Dieter Mersch T.Warr, A. Jones / The artist´s body ! Orientalities: Representing National and Intra- National Identities Through Art an Music (PSi7) Vera Apfelthaler / Drag, Performance und das performative Körpergedächtnis Literature: Kunstforum Bd. 150 Zeit – Existenz – Kunst Peter Gorsen / Der spielbar gemachte Alltag oder die Rückkehr des Existentialismus in der Performance Art (catalogue essay) Roland Barthes / La Mort de l´Auteur Heidegger / Existentialphilosophie ... Heidegger / Sein und Zeit Jaspers, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty Staging the Holocaust (PSi7) Miriam Yahil-Wax / (PSi7) Where language ends Literature: Eva Kosa / Ilias (masters thesis) ! Doro Franck (article) / in: Relikte & Sedimente Eva Sturm / Im Engpaß der Worte J. Lacan John L. Austin / How To Do Things wih words John R. Searle / Speech Acts: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language J. Butler Herbert Paul Grice, Strawson Eli Rozik / Categorization of Speech Acts in Play and Performance Analysis L. Wittgenstein (language game theory) Pierre Bourdieu / Was heißt sprechen? Die Ökonomie des sprachl. Tausches !!! V. Flusser Mikhail Bakhtin / Speech Genres ... J. Kristeva J. Derrida !!! Shoshana Felman / Don Juan avec Austin Richard Baumann / Story, Performance, and Event: Contextual Studies in Oral Narrative Marvin Carlson / Performance; chapter The performance of language Noam Chomsky (competence /vs/ performance) Literature: Zur Wirkungssicht: cf. article by Marie-Luise Lange Jill Dolan / The Dynamics of Desire: Sexuality and Gender in Pornography and Performance (article) Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Roger Caillois Hanne Seitz (Ed.) Schreiben auf Wasser Robert P. Crease / The Play of Nature - Experimantation as Performance P. Bianchi / Kunst ohne Werk – aber mit Wirkung (article Kunstf. Bd. 152) H.G. Furth / Wissen als Leidenschaft Thomas Kellein / Fröhliche Wissenschaft Helen Freshwater / (PSi7) Contagion, Containment, and Censorship (article) Literature: Spielregeln der Kunst (series) Eric Berne / Games People Play Roger Caillois / Man, Play, and Games Johan Huizinga / Homo Ludens (book) Vom Ursprung der Kultur im Spiel V. Flusser (homo ludens) various articles Victor Turner / Vom Ritual Theater. Der Ernst des menschlichen Spiels !! Gregory Bateson / A Theory of Play and Phantasy (Essay) !! Important concepts to performance theory Erving Goffman op.cit. Mikhail Bakhtin (concepts of carnival and dialogism) -> Julia Kristeva Hans-Georg Gadamer / Die Aktualität des Schönen. Kunst als Spiel, Symbol u. Fest TOYS´N´NOISE (catalogue OK) Bachtin J. Piaget , L. Wittgenstein, F. Schiller Andreas Nebelung Barchorski u. Röcke (research project) / Dramaturgie von Witz und Witzkultur in Spätmittelalter u. früher Neuzeit Gebauer (research) / Die Aufführung der Gesellschaft in Spielen Gebauer, Wulf / Spiel – Ritual – Geste Vom Ernst des Spiels (book) (2) expanded performance The allotropic = the purest thought of alchemy; does a process of insight need 20 years or can an event create it in a second political revolutionary approaches political actionism politically motivated actions actionism in parliament symbolic actionism (PB) consequences of performances Why performances ? the function of performance within a culture (Lit.: M. Carlson) function/meaning of performance insight as consequence political, social consequences (see political view) consequences for the field of art (game rules of art) cf: revolutionary approaches agitation, impotence as consequence censorship as consequence (Karen Finley) (Ron Athey – NEA USA) legal prosecution as consequence (G. Brus, P. Weibel) collective consciousness (Jean Dupuy) observation as performance (Robert Filliou) Performance without the performer not appearing and not conducting either (Rose Finn-Kelcey) ersatz performer (Rose Finn-Kelcey) Conference or sermon as form of performance (Lili Fischer) sing-song (Lili Fischer) helplessly exposing oneself to the audience (Wolfgang Flatz, Abramovic) sadistically tortured (Hermes Phettberg) strictness Levitation (canceling gravity) (Terry Fox) nauseating smell (Else Gabriel) taboo topics child abuse (Rosa Galindo, Pedro Garhel, B. Nieslony) mental situation nomadic artists (nomads) as mediators between art and everyday life => celebrations (Alain Gibertie) movement "les Vivants“ singing sculpture (Gilbert & George) life: intense, burning, infernal spectacle (Tibor Hajas) light compositions (Nan Hoover) light music (Rolf Julius, Christian Möller) Performance with (dead) animals (V. Export, Siglinde Kallnbach, Werner Klotz (snails), Via Lewandowsky, Alastair MacLennan, H. Nitsch, R. Schwarzkogler, Otto Mühl, Zbigniew Warpechowski, Mark Tomson/Thompson (work with bees), Stadtwerkstatt (bug race), Zitronenfalter (Brook), Attila Kosa (taxidermist), Paul Kos (Trophy), Josef Beuys (coyote, horse, dead hare), J. Kounellis (horses), G. Duintjer (horse), Bender&Nern (horse), Arnulf Rainer (Painting Performance with Monkey), Stephan Us (dead sparrow), Elisabette Mileu (fish) Pascale Grau (ladybug), Bonnie Sherk, Tatjana Ilic (bird in mouth), Marco Ivaristtis, Kim Jones (Rat-Burning), Ella Tideman, Markus Schwaighofer, Walter Stehling (dog), Ramiro Oviedo (snake), Hélio Oiticia, Carolee Schneemann (snake, fish, chicken), Kaprow (chickens), Rafael M. Ortiz (chicken destruction), Mark Boyle (insects in the throes of death), Simon Whitehead (tracking animals) Cf. animal performance (circus) (Allan Kaprow, Tadeusz Kantor, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Wolf Vostell, Al Hansen, Rauschenberg, Robert Whitman, Nitsch, Schneemann, Knizak, K. Dewery, Alain Jouffrey, Zorka Saglova) Penetrating the atmosphere – What is art and what is "reality“? (Harrie de Kroon) dignity performance (Zofia Kulik, Przemyslaw Kwiek) building up intensive energy fields (Rolf Langebartels) bizarre piece of existence theater (Via Lewandowsky) childhood experiences, primal fears, destructive fantasies, drive analysis (Alex Mlynarcyk, Colette, Luigi Ontani, Johan Lorbeer, Claudia Triozzi, Myriam Laplante, Faisal Abdu´Allah) celebration of psycho-physical naturalism (Otto Muehl, H. Nitsch) see above: therapeutic view experience of primal excess (H. Nitsch) Disguise as performance (Orlan) (Yasumasa Morimura) Publicly sympathizing in disguise (Ria Pacquée) cf. also: masks operation performance Operation as performance (Orlan) remodeling identity Identity in process energetically putting oneself into a Samurai (Charlemagne Palestine) – Hagakure: in praise of energy (Mishima) to exhaustion completely expending oneself (Gina Pane) (McCarthy) (Reindeer Werk) (Denis Oppenheim) (Marina Abramovic: dance to unconsciousness) (Marcos Kurtyz) (Dorte Strehlow: dragging sack) (Melati Suryodarmo: dances,falls, ...) total overload (Stuart Brilley) lightshows Shan – discipline of attention (Zygmunt Piotrowski - School of Attention) (2) Neurotic Rituals – in the intensity of a hysterical psychosis (Reindeer Werk) Eva Seanto Ulrike Rosenbach Simone Forti Deborah Hay Elaine Summers Trisha Brown Lucinda Childs Alison Knowles Charlotte Moorman Angelika Festa actions for the life of the earth (Ulrike Rosenbach) Phosphorescence (Fried Rosenstock) The performer as avid recipient of an exhibition (Tomás Ruller) (Ralf Samens) Performance as memory work (see above) (Schmiz&Drux: Alexander Schmid, Michaela Drux) "Polis Performance“ (Matthias Schönweger) experiencing the greatest possible intensity: as goal of the performance (Peter Stembera) light extinguishing machine (Andreas Techler) Smashing lightbulbs 20 performance-meters become a marathon (Albert van der Weide) nauseating material battles key experiences inflation of self-expression every insight is only possible through action / knowledge is a matter of doing (Grotowski) responsibility (Z. Warpechowski) Performance as perfect corporate identity / corporate identity performer surrendering identity in every performance (Nieslony) Language Happenings (Emmet Williams) Performance as provocation (Else twin Gabriel, Micha Brendel, Via Lewadowsky) Pro-Vocation - calling displacement of the dominance of the visual (sense of sight) sense of touch important parameters of p.: identity of the subject coerced performance of life mourning performance (Hans-Jörg Marti) Intensity and energy: Vital works: Abramovic/Ulay energy dialogue energetic view destruction in art symposion DIAS (1966, ...) (O.Muehl, H.Nitsch, P. Weibel, A.Hansen, Gustav Metzger, Susan Cahn, John Sexton, Kurt Kren, Vostell, R.M. Ortiz) extreme situations mental and physical burden (Chris Burden) (Barbara Sturm) mental boundaries (Stuart Brisley, Geert Duintjer) viewer in the role of the performer (in complicated technical installations) (Chris Burden) (V. Acconci) naked performance by the "audience" organized through private ads (Spencer Tunick) poetic text as starting situation (Charles Dreyfus) (Colette: declared the course of her life an art work) playing with the audience's attention (Giuseppe Chiari) Touch and Feel Cinema (Valie Export) Body Contact (Schechner) Touches (Franz Müller) identity transfer (Valie Export) real-physical investigations (Attila Kosa) Vivisection (intervention in live animal ...) (B. Nieslony) (organic) decay decomposition (Kosa) the body as building extreme performance (Text: Lischka) (Julie-Andree Tremblay) Performance as valuative achievement, as configuring presence to action (BN) view of performance Performance: concrete realization of the linguistic utterance (... voice, breath, gesture, mouth, ear, eye) ... what is personal, physical in every act of speaking (cf. also habitus) performative speech act (... imbedded in ritual situations, etc.) bed in (for peace) (Yoko Ono) the recipient as (necessary) witness As human existence intervening in an immediately effective way in the existence of a public body (BN) (BN) The energetic sum: Emergence (higher plane of being), not conducting secondary discourses view of world view configuration (of presence) rightful speaking – performance (BN) Is performance a language? loving people (openness / taking no position / ...) authentic introverted autistic (BN) B.M. is an intercultural elected affinity B.M. is a principle with ethnic-cultural dimensions B.M.: ... certain states of knowledge cannot be held down absolute solitude in the act B.M. Micro-emotions are the tools of taking action In the arrangement of "MA", the in-between space, this nothingness, B.M. is a kind of mental chagrin. constraining thinking processes (sabotage – Robert Jelinek) cf. view of the field see: taboo materials organic material liberation from religious and sexual taboos disruption, shock as consequence (Kees Mol) exposure shame embarrassment (Peter Land) (BN) chagrin insight illumination comfort daydreams emotions mourning (Hans-Jörg Marti) purification (cleansing) liberation touched, moved increased attention desire for presence, physicality, sensuousness, material experience (Bernd Schulz) mental chagrin (B.M.) cheering entrancing enticing put into a trance querying disquieting perturbing frightening soiled reminder of what is held in common (among people) cf. ethical view tensed outrage philanthropy Walking and Thinking Thinking is Walking Walking as cultural act border-crossers (Kunstf.Bd.136) Performance is based on the presence of acting artists unmediated reference to the audience as essential characteristic of the action arts Feminist Actionists (Carolee Schneemann, Joan Jonas, Ann Halprin) body as material (see left) emotional turn (following cognitive turn) psychical border-crossing performances (category 01 according to M.-L. Lange) Experimental actions (Category 06 according to M.-L. Lange) cf. context view destruction actions (category 07 according to M.-L. Lange) (W. Flatz) symbolically directed against civilization (Wolf Vostell, G. Brus, O. Mühl, R. Schwarzkogler) self-exposure see also: Narratively structured performance (Category 12 according to M.-L. Lange) politically intended actions and performances (category 13 according to M.-L. Lange) (Janus Markus = J. Markus-Barbarossa) Art and Revolution (P. Weibel, V. Export, O. Mühl, G. Brus UNI Vienna 1968) play theory language game approach (Wittgenstein) postmodern views anthropology (of laughter) playful insight performance is playing role plays (s.l.) game rules (of art) musical score as game rules (s.l.) play of locations (see above.) games (3) cathartic games (see below.) free play (see: Improvisation) free play with materials, objects, body movements, action locations (see: release view) playing with frameworks (cf. context view) (Schlingensief) Sites of performative learning: laboratory, workshop, ... trial action trial thinking (analogous to trial action) (religious) rapture / ecstasy intoxicated state negotiating identities in use the mental network (BN) the network of intentions thinking and acting in intensities (BN) Performativity of netgames escalation begins with one´s own body (Engelmann) audience and performer participate in the same energetic space Performance is present (Francis Francine: Drag-Performer with Warhol & Smith / Mario Montez, Jack Curties: Drag- Performer with Warhol) drag queen / drag king (Diane Torr) Drag (Mary Noéle Dupuis) Excess, the moment of delirium (McCarthey) rap meets poetry (cf. Marvin Carlson) return of the text testing the audience's reactions (see: borderline situations) (La Fura dels Baus) Performance aims to provoke dismay, fear, anger, desire, anxiety, hate (Li.: J.-F. Lyotard) mind shift-ing experiments Performance as a meeting of different cultures (Abramovic/Ulay, Minus delta t) the body is the focal point of investigations (Abramovic/Ulay) gender surfing (playing with gender roles) (ritual double genderedness – shamans) speech or body knowledge (cf. Eva Sturm) beings from another world (Mariko Mori) playing and humor see also: Fluxus (G. Brecht) performer takes sleeping pills – audience has to react (Ma Liuming)/ sleep pieces (Geoffrey Hendricks) on the drip with sleeping drugs (Holtappels) Experiments with the audience (Dan Graham) (Viktorine Müller (vacuum-packed audience), Mike Hentz (enclosed, shackles), Nikolaus Urban (locked in, stabs), V. Export (whipping), Jason Lim (beer rain, flour rain), Markus Hensler) black performance lesbian performance linguistic performance multicultural performance (PSi7) political performance ecological performance race and Performance (Fabio Mauri) (Laurie Carlos) (Adrian Piper) Sadomasochistic Performance: (Bob Flanagan, Sheree Rose) (Paul McCarthy) (Mike Parr) (Da Blunschi) autobiographical performance (Rachel Rosenthal, Spalding Gray, Julia Haywards, Laurie Anderson) camp performance lesbian camp performance (Helena Goldwater) gay camp performance (life as theater) Theater of the Ridiculous engaged performance ethnicity and performance Literature: (... continued) Jill Dolan / The Feminist Spectator as Critic Michelene Wandor / Studies of British feminist performance Lance Carlson / Performance Art as Political Activism (essay) Catherine Elwes / Floating Femininity: A Look at Performance Art by Women (essay) Lynda Hart & Peggy Phelan / Acting out – Feminist Performances (book) Valie Export / (essay) Persona, Proto-Performance, Politics Coco Fusco (artist) / The Other History of Intercultural Performance (essay) Susanne Schwinghammer-Kogler / (PSi7) Interculturalism and aesthetics or the deconstruction of an eurocentric myth Norma Broude & Mary D. Garrard (Ed.) / The Power of Feminist Art Edith Almhofer / Performance Art – Die Kunst zu leben Patrice Pavis (Ed.) / The Intercultural Performance Reader Erika Fischer Lichte (intercultural approach) Literature: (... continued) Allan Kaprow / Step Right in Assemblage, Environment & Happenings (book) !! Udo Kultermann / Art-Events and Happenings (book) ! Kathy O´Dell / Contract with the skin - masochism, Performance art and the 1970s J.L. Moreno / concept of psychodrama Julia Kristeva (theory of the "abject“) David Jones / The Performance of the Abject (article) Sigmund Freud, Wilhem Reich Performance: Restored behavior There is no performance without Preformance (John MacAloon) Meta-communication (Bateson) Psychological frame genuine /vs/ play (in comparison to theater) in relation to the performer's use of the body in relation to the role of the "viewer" deep play /vs/ shallow play (Geertz) materially unproductive, rule-based, ,... temporary panic, dizziness (Lit.: R. Caillois) vertigo (Milica Tomic & Róza El-Hassan) flow – experience Concept of carnivalization (Lit.: Mikhail Bakhtin / Bachtin) carnival – the place for working out carnival – the place for working out (cf. view of destruction) annulment of hierarchical relationship (of noncarnival life) carnival as testing bed for new cultural and social structures time of impossible connections "dialogical" performance intercultural performance (PSi7) cultural development (see below) entertaining therapy function performance as self-creation creative tension between repetition and innovation Language as performance (Austin, Searle) performative verbs a theory of language, is part of a theory of action (Searle) explore alternate selves (Eleanor Antin) performance artists as poet, storyteller, preacher, rapper, ... Beginning in the mid-80s, language again becomes more important in performances (often in social and political context) Political Performance (Adrian Piper) (Padang Ilalang Group) (Kathrin Butt) (Michelarcangelo De Luca) political climate: (Mongkol Plienbangchang – U-kabat-Group) garbage delivery performance ethnic performance (Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Laurie Carlos, Jessica Hagedorn, Robbie McCauley, Coco Fusco, Shirin Neshat, Lorraine O´Grady, Reona Brass) Cut piece (Yoko Ono) Feminist view (Faith Wilding, Suzanne Wilding, Valie Export, Martha Rosler, Barbara Smith, Marie Beth Edelson, Linda Montano, Yvonne Rainer, Suzanne Lacy (Lazy) & Judy Chicago, Yoko Ono, Eleanor Antin, Hannah Wilke, Shrin Neshat, Amanda Heng, Carolee Schneemann, Betsy Damon, Leslie Labowitz, Martha Wilson, Lydia Schouten, Fumiko Takahashi, Diane Torr, Split Britches, Anna Deavere Smith, Nicole Croiset, Karin Anarchia, Anna Dancikova, Taro Ito, Tina Keane, Anna Paci) Literature: (... continued) Peggy Phelan / Unmarket – The Politics of Performance (book) Sue-Ellen Case (theorist of feminist perf.) Moira Roth / 1970s The Amazing Decade Michelene Wandor / Carry On, Understudies Helene Cixous Luce Irigaray Julia Kristeva Marcia K. Moen / Peirce´s Pragmatism as a Resource for Feminism Teresa de Lauretis / Sexual Indifference and Lesbian Representation Andrea Juno & V. Vale (Ed.) / Angry Women (Kathy Acker, Susie Bright, Wanda Coleman, Valie Export, Karen Finley, Diamanda Galas, Bell Hooks, Holly Hughes, Lydia Lunch, Kerr & Malley, Linda Montano, Avital Ronell, Sapphire, Carolee Schneemann, Annie Sprinkle Women and Performance (Journal) Philip Auslander / (PSi7) Performing Resistance in a Commodified Context (PSi7) personal fears and obsessions self-exploratory performance work on the self (Eleanor Antin) physical changes (Eleanor Antin) dandy as model Cross-dressed performance sex education (AIDS) (Hortensia Ramirez R.) Identity (as) performance performance demonstrations (Guerilla Girls) social activist performance feminist actionism (originally. V. Export & U. Rosenbach) body=social construction=transfigured nature /vs/ material=body=nature gender: a category constructed through performance (not a given social or cultural attribute) gender = a "doing“ man/woman dualities analysis (Elena Ferrer) freeing buried female potentials (Mileva Josipovic) (T junction) flood of light (Sonia Knox) voyeurism of performance (V. Export, Lydia Lunch, Rachel Rosenthal, Elke Krystufek) performative tendency of all creative writing mirror (Iole de Freitas, Joan Jonas, Dan Graham) Performance as construction of meaning (in actu and in situ) deconstructivist essence of performance (cf. Hakan Gürses) acts of meaning production / meaning is acting/doing An utterance is performative, if it simultaneously realizes what it designates Performance: concrete use of language Performative aesthetic (H. Seitz) (FL) performance as observation performance as research laboratory Politically motivated self-immolation as performance? (Jan Pallach) Seppuku (Yukio Mishima) Performance as "spiritual exercise (Lit.: W. Welsch) practice exercise Perception as performative act ! category of the "in-between" as guiding category for an aesthetic of the performative Experimentation as Performance (Udo Wid) Core of a performative ethics and aesthetics: intensification of life with all its capability for expression, perception and pleasure (H. Sowa) (John Duncan) game moves with tremendous performativity (Lit.: Lyotard) Cf. Butoh (Christoph Mayer A) Butoh: search for origins in the depths of one's own existence Performativity of the procedure already replace (acc. to Luhmann) the normativity of laws (Lit.: Lyotard) anonymity (Guerilla Girls) human as dog (Oleg Kulik, Alexander Brener, Peter Weibel) technology critique (Fake shop – Performance-Installation) controlled facial muscles (Huge Harry) EEG-measurable: hunger, fear, anger, mourning, joy lie as performative act (Helga Moehrke) (Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill) (Sompong Thawee) see: view of playing (Ralf Samens, Ben + Sam, Ross Sinclair, Udo Idelberger) modified (card) games (Robert Filliou) Interpassivity (theory) Lecture as Research Performance (Marietheres Finkeldei) cf. identity view (Performing Identities – PSi7) A performance "speaks" more directly than a presentation playing with identity see also: identity view participative research (performative) vs. observational "standpoint" artist as (participative) behavior scientist (U. Wid, A. Fraser, Gina Pane) aesthetics without intent (PB) search for the perfect Now (moment) (James Lee Byars) Self-Performance-Art (PB) art without work, but with effect (PB) Aura (air, breath) as what is forgotten in humanness (D. Mersch) see: life-art-works interplay between aesthetics & existence (PB) lived mental art work (PB) Presentation character has outweighed artifact character since the 60s (FL) author = work Oral cultures are exemplary performative cultures (FL) invisibility of the author (PB) Life – an instruction manual: the book of gestures (Jochen Gerz) periodic performative intensities (instead of works) gathering for moments of intensity opening oneself up to the experience of intensive presence (Petra Deus) model of the accident (Allan Karpow)(Stuart Sherman) event of disconcertedness par excellence existential and bodily "abhorrence" that results speechlessness and comes before thinking losing one's grip possibility of ec-stasy Your presence is the best work (James Lee Byars) living artwork (Orlan) author view collective authorship There are no repetitions, only situative presence The human being becomes human in playing play drive playing as a joint praxis of suspension Laughter becomes chaotic in carnival aesthetics of the moment (cf. ZEN) neo-existentialists (@Home) private performances (Jamea Lee Byars) portrait performances (Irene Andessner) (Giorgio Ciam) Light- Performance dramatic self- expression (G. Brus, A. Rainer, V. Export) Expressionistic and psychological interests (Viennese Actionists) dream illustrations (Eleanor Antin) dream theater (the Surrealists) (Min Tanaka) in search of the authenticity of experience art as investigation (Chris Burden) rape scenario (to break the code of silence) (Ana Mendieta) In reality of rape (Sandra Orgel, Aviva Rahmani) completely surrendering to the visitors (Marina Abramovic) (Hermes Phettberg) (Julie-Andree Tremblay) self-experiments with psychopharmaca (Marina Abramovic) Performing Identity: see also feminist view (Yayoi Kusama, Pierre Molinier, Judy Chicago, Faith Wilding, Urs Lüthi, Adrian Piper, Patty Chang, Jürgen Klauke, Katharina Sieverding, Linda Benglis, Robert Morris, McCarthy, U. Rosenbach, Warhol, Leigh Bowery) see also: identity view war victims (Mona Hatoum) gender transformation suits (Lygia Clark) self-poisoning (Heli Rekula) performance as ability to act (Al Hansen) (Laurie Anderson) (Andrea Saemann) (Alexis Smith) (Jean-Yves Frechette, Jan Swidzinski, Hanna Barbara, Adriana Zamboni) Performances on: language and its relationship to voice (Amanda Stewart) border situations (green line walk – Die Fabrikanten) Great Wall Walk (ULAY) Extremity in the emotional sphere resource of attention art as a quick trick Art Attack (Lynn Mc Cary, Evan Hughes, Alberto Gaitan) total irritation (Schlingensief) science on and for people (B. Nieslony) Literature: (... continued) Theatralisierung des Politischen (article) G. Rauinig / Wien Feber Null (book) Geraldine Harris / Staging Femininities. Performance and Performativity Anette Baldauf / Gender & Performativity Ian Watson / (PSi7) Interculturalism and Aesthetics: Eugenio Barba´s Barter Practice Rosalinda Borcila / (PSi7) Citizen/Foreigner: The Body at the Border existential commitment in performance (Pane, Brisley) analytical chilly rationality studies (Helmut Schober, Scott Burton) (see also sports view) (Loidl) (Charles Dreyfus) in the moment of dread taking action = "taking in hand" (giving existence "a hand") be-holder (in actu) view of nonsense DADA (2) Performance = what moves us: goals, emotion, dreams, fears, relationships What touches us ? Before there was writing, before there was theatre, there were surely performances To analyze performance as the primary reality (David E.R. George) Performance as a model of existential reality The ethics of giving is performative (the event as gift, The gift as event must be irruptive, unmotivated – Derrida) event aesthetics as ethics (GANG ART) irreducibility of the practical action Interventive actions of public life Activity – Frames of mind (Kaprow) "Peintre Nato" theory of self-liberation agit-lecture (Bruce Barber) art propaganda The performative indoctrination model (Ray Langenbach) see: Attitudes (techniques of aestheticization) exposing oneself completely (extreme performance) (BN) (Abramovic) celebration art (2) Performance as the production of an energetic body Performance as ritual of transition in a crisis situation (PSi7: Transition) haptic stimulations (Fluxus) (Sabine Sonnenstein) cross-culture Girlism cf. theater view cf. service view cf. political view see: lectures sound poetry / phoneme (see also: poetic theatre) performance as "theory event“ see: lecture performance see: communication view against discrimination because of cultural differences (G. Gomez-Penas, James Luna, Adrian Piper, Tim Miller, Holly Huge, Robbie McCauley) (Elvira Santamaria) Life Performance (Abramovic, Ulay) interrelationships of life are declared art The ideas that are in performance are functions (interfunctions) gaining influence over attitudes and interpersonal relationships (Tadeusz Pawlowski) acting performatively Oral tradition in Romance countries strong lecture culture in: Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia ritual clowns (Pueblo Indians) arrested theatrics ultimate performance cf. Pure Performance Ultimate performance with oneself: (Bas Jan Ader, Serge III (Serge Oldenbourg *1), Tibor Hajas, Petr Stembera) *1 Russian Roulette (Kees Mol => Nieslony) poetically destructive performing artists view joy / logic of joy silliness exuberance doubt no distance shame (culturally determined) curiosity interest system interest logical mental pleasure nostalgia gloating (em) bitter(ed)ness hardness strictness excitement performativity of thinking (public collective thinking) aesthetics of destruction / deconstruction moods of contemplation, solemnity or celebration rage and hate as motivation rituals and emotion / ritualizing emotions emotions relating to the unfamiliar the unfamiliar as monster emotional influences of light (in space and through the seasons) It is not possible to speak about ethics (praxeology) ethics = action (performative) emotions with regard to what is strange The strange as monster (see below) emotional power of expression (cf. "southern" cultures) emotions in the battle of the sexes emotionalization of thinking laughter reveals hidden fundamental fears cf. knowledge as passion laughter reveals hidden fundamental fears logic of joy exposure Literature: (... continued) Elke Koch (research project) / Ritual und Emotion.Theorie u. Begriff des Rituals am Bsp. der Trauer Jens Roselt (article) / Vom Affekt zum Effekt Judith Butler (injurious speech / hate speech) Slavoj Zizek Kunstf. Bd. 126 / Große Gefühle (weak) Luc Ciompi / Die emotionalen Grundlagen des Denkens !! Norbert Elias (sociology of emotions) Jürgen Gerhards / Soziologie der Emotion view of behavior The (photographic) picture becomes performative in the act of viewing ritualizing (staging) emotions Performatively generating gender & sexuality Western "text-fixated" culture; in comparison, non-western cultures appear as "performance“ transformation as aesthetic category (FL) see above outdated concept of effect aesthetics superseded by the aesthetics of the performative Literature: ( .... continued) Doris Kolesch / Ästhetik der Präsenz Mattenklott / Präsenzästhetiken Mattenklott (research project) / Kultur des Coming out (Coming Out und Subkultur - Technologien des schwulen Selbst) Mattenklott / Erzähltes Geschlecht Andrea Sieber (research project) / Zum Wandel der Geschlechterdifferenz in körpersprachlichen Inszenierungstypen der Liebe Nietzsche Mishima / Hagakure - Zu einer Ethik der Tat Spielarten von Authentizität (conference) / O. Hruschka, A. Matzke Harald Begusch (Diss.) / CrossDressing? TransSex? CoreGender? Stefanie Menrath / Performativitäten von Identitäten im Hip Hop Between Identity and Representation (PSi7) Staging Cultural Identity (PSi7) presence aesthetics self-image performative constitution of gender identity (Annette Messager) performative creation of distinctions (Gebauer with Bourdieu) Identity & Habitus humans as players – playing the role of themselves (H. Plessner) memorial culture tied to the body (cf. NLP) Memo-theatrical dimensions of texts / strategies for visualizing literature (cf. ILIAS – E. Kosa) performative utterance Slam Poetry Performance = always also an embodiment of language thinking as communicative performance (dialogization; productive debate) performativity of reading view of laughter culture most physical art of laughing: the joke body language jokes laughter community jester's body with mimicking gestures, pointing, masquerades carnival of thinking (ridicule of other directions of thinking) playing as the essence of culture culture as a game (Lit. Huizinga) event society and game culture playfulness and fun culture playfully devoted to chaos (Gelatin) psychical view without an emotional push there is no action logic of anger, rage and aggression rage-anger system basic state of calmness Counterpart to energy: flattening emotion – slowing down, pasty appearance, flabby muscle tone, quiet voice, cold skin, dull gaze Freudian concept of sublimation = transformation of libidinous energy into different types of processes tense and relaxed fundamental state of being Suspension of the familiar ego boundaries, close to psychosis, in both the ecstasy of love and religious ecstasy (unio mystica) emotions are the central suppliers of energy Insight comes from suffering; disturbance first forces the system into a new way of functioning Emotion as a form of social energy energetic observation of psychic processes (psychic energy) fear-angst system (V. Acconci) abandonment panic system existential meaning of angst ... Existence has always already been tuned (Heidegger) voice (as emotionally controlled component of communication) open thinking (positive feelings, pleasurable relaxation) constrained thinking: negative feelings like anger, fear and mourning, also revulsion and shame have a specifically divisive, distancing effect on cognition thus connotated energizing and (de)motivating effect of affect on cognition logic of joy pleasurable play LKW (2) art of life cf. service view Theater (Perf.) as genuine experience of existence (A. Artaud) rebirth of life The ritual does not distinguish between audience and performers effectivity/rituals /vs/ entertainment/theater (R. Schechner) intercultural performer training (Schechner) The 8 rasas (non-commonplace emotional states), that the audience experiences through the art of the performer (W. Pfaff) experimental self-experiments (theatrical) research work: knowledge about oneself ... cf. body as medium (Performing Resistance – Vienna) more game than battle (Performing Resistance) Animotion (Stefanie Wilhelm) senses up-set (BN) Light and pineal gland (Ingolf Keiner) postprop- agitprop PIM performative indoctrination model (Ray Langenbach) (Kees Mol) poetry and destruction (Vasan Sitthiket) Performance art emerged from the analysis of forms of representation (Ray Langenbach) Text Performances (Chumpon Apisuk) (Waldtraut Winkler) (Dominique Tronchet) culture politics as core of performance (Charles Garoian) Spoken word performance (Kristin Lucas) banquet (Tamar Raban, Raoul Marek) celebration culture (Stadtwerkstatt) (Werksküche: transpublic) censorship (Tania Bruguera) energy drawings of performances (Morgan O´Hara) energetic parallelisms (Morgan O´Hara) Performance of thinking (Hermann Bohmert) table football championship (Raoul Marek) computer game rules (Markus Hensler) computer games (Paul Demarinis) Recipient- Performer Club Moral (Danny Devos & Annemie Van Kerckhoven) (Gabriele Oßwald & Wolfgang Sautermeister) (Steve MacCaffery, Enno Stahl, Gilles Ateeu, Yves Boisvert, Stan Lafleur, Jean-Pierre Verheggen) being a person among people (BN) cultural respect (BN) person marked as hermaphrodite (Fen-Ma Liuming) posing with the camera (Ma Liuming) irony and humor (Bartolomé Ferrando, Rainer Aring) (Marlene Madison Plimley) artistically autonomous research work (Hayley Newman) Performance and the idea of expanded writing (Ric Allsopp) Performance and writing Disquieting and renewing energy (Ric Allsopp) existential questions (Petra Deus) The oral apostles (Ralf Filges (Ralf Fölling)) screams (Siglinde Kallnbach) pictures of anonymous people, tortured, executed (Chen Chieh-Jen, Nieslony) Psychical energy (Stuart Brisley) feeling of "power" depends on the energy behind it (Erich Jandl => Andrea Saemann) (Norbert Klassen) Fears for the dignity of the human being in delusion (Rolf Hinterecker) „Beauty now“ (Vanessa Beecroft, Cindy Sherman, Yasumasa Morimura, Matthew Barney, Leigh Bowery, Mariko Mori, Pipilotti Rist) cage situations (Bonnie Sherk, Gómez-Pena & Fusco) Diagrams (thoughts, feelings) (John White) hand generated light (Richard Alpert) Animal ritual (Bradley smith) artist image (Susan Mogul) Learn where the meat comes from (Suzanne Lacy) The great American worker (Francis Brown) Feminist Art Workers (Nancy Angelo, Laurel Klick, Cheri Gaulke) On the ethics of the deed – Hagakure (Yukio Mishima) act/effect realized in being dealt with (H. Sowa) real action as taking political effect pragmatic ethics and aesthetics (with Rorty, Shusterman) (H. Sowa) intensifying participation (after Sloterdijk) aesthetic action (Sowa) Situative existence as carrying out action Understanding a situation means ... actively grasping it (Sowa) pragmatic aesthetics stressing the body (Sowa) reality as practical execution of life (actus) meaning is acting/doing (Sowa) understanding as form of action (Sowa) Being – as performative practical Act (Sowa) Practicist concept of being (with Heidegger) practical situative attention /vs/ contemplative aesthetic attention performative understanding (Sowa) performativity of thinking (public thinking) transition of theater to a celebration (LE) Theater of perversion (LE) (LE) emotionally unmediated terrorizing radical pain performances psycho-physical attacks dealing with the taboo hellish bodies: horror worlds: electrical shocks, unbearable noise (LE) postdramatic theatre of happenings (LE) audience in the victim role DADA, Futurism and Surrealism seek mental, psychical-psychological and even physical attacks on the audience (LE) (Mary Bauermeister) political theater media presence for political issues (Schlingensief) intercultural theater perception politics hovering attention (cf. trance) Performance as an aesthetic category provocation aesthetics aesthetics of horror visual dramaturgy aesthetics of the living Ethics is the aesthetics of the future (RoseLee Goldberg with Lenin) Ethics is the Aesthetics of the Few (ture) (Laurie Anderson) Ethics of catharsis requires participation (LE); transfer qua awakening of uncontrollable emotional reactions (fear, revulsion, alarm) When Abramowicz presents herself to the visitors ... perception must turn into an experience of responsibility Artaud: to be as one condemned to be burned and making signs from up on the stake view of real experience existence-philosophical topicalization of situation (Jaspers, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty) actors as theme and main figure (LE) Solo-Performance self-transformation (cf. self-mutilation) (LE) most radical form of self-transformation: public suicide The performance artist's gesture of self-presentation (LE) "language planes" instead of dialogues (LE) language as soundscape music of multiple languages reading performances (Kathy Acker) view of the voice theater as oral institution Speech act as event speech acts as actions the voice comes directly from the soul Physique of the voice in straining, wheezing, rhythm, archaic sounds and screams (LE) Exposing the physique of the voice in screaming, groaning, animal sounds (LE) showing and communicating (with Wittgenstein) "Shaken" by: enthusiasm, insight, fascination, shock, excitement, confusion (LE) Theater-anthropological thesis: Bipolarity is not found between ritual and theater, but rather between the parameters of effectivity (in ritual) and entertainment (in art) (LE) Dolls, stuffed animals as (co-)players (Boris Nieslony) (Paul McCarthy) (Natalie Eberle) (Jürgen Raap) (Gelatin) (Henry Chopin) mimesis and imitation (Robert Hartmann, Werner Reuber, Ulrike Zilly) (Jeans Group: Holger Dreissig) (Esther Ferrer, Elvira Santamaria) (Giovanni Fontana, Joel Hubaut, John Giorno, Bernard Heidsieck, Fernando Aguiar, Pierre-André Arcand,, Michel Giroud) Language Performances (Stefan Güpping) against sexism, racism (Guerilla Girls) (Roddy Hunter) celebrations of everyday life (Milan Knizak) attacking the audience (Istvan Kantor – Monty Cantsin) actionist reflection on the social status of the painter (Jean Le Gac) Poesie brut (Alberto Masala) ArtPirate (PSY = Michael Mierse) shown By: pseudo through and through (M.V. Stirnemann u. Gido Dietrich) honing survival instincts (Ronaldo Ruiz) laboratory situation of knowledge formation (UlunMichael Steinke) performance as language (Ric Allsopp) Performance with language: (Joan La Barbara, Ferrando Bartolome, Dick Higgins, Massimo Mori, Brian Catling, Emmett Williams, Fritz Schwegler) feminine myths of everyday life (Mechthild Barth) Bruit-TTV (Louis Oueller, Fabrice Montal, Robert Faguy, Jocelyn Robert) monologues (David Cale) Indian Movement (Jimmie Durham, James Luna) (Brian D. Tripp) (Gundi Feyrer) own way of speaking and living (KUSCH) Performed Text (Secession) (Josef Bauer, Valie Export: finger poems) "Tactiles" (C. Kolig) use of toys (Sigalit Landau, B. Nieslony) communication with the audience (Sang-Jin Lee) Performance = intensification of visual and tactile stimulations (Wanda Golonka) Giving what is to be found in love (Artaud) (Antoni Miralda) tradition and entertainment art and life (Yuan Mor´O) commonplace ironicizing studies about ballistics and others (Dr. Math.) (Irma Optimist (Luchta)) Myth of performer recycling (Ursula Palla) The "Internationale“ in 10 min tact (Susan Philipsz) The "Internationale“ with TV set on pedestal (Wang Mai) incl. audience (Karen Rahn) X days birthday celebrations (Yutaka Sone) urban strategical interventions (Shanna Noyes – Urban Canvas Art Initiative) 11 feminist view virtual suicide (mirror) (Cuco Suarez) Judaism (Tanya Ury concentration camp tatoo) (Mike Hentz, Karel Dudeseck, Monty Cantsin, Padeluun, Flatz) (Reindeer Work, Boris Nieslony, INFuG, Markus Schwaighofer, Jean Odermatt, George Steinmann, Lili Fischer) linking cultures (Dimitri Alithinos) Total participation instead of spectacle (Situationists) experimental games (Situationists) celebration as intersection between action theater and society playful action, pure play of the hands (Verena Schwab) artist identity (Büro Haake-Brandt) shop for energies of all kinds (Ulf Freyhoff – FreiRäumeN) respectless sense of humor (Kurt Fulton) "Something, an echo of nothing / serial murder (Franticek – Klossner) enticement/fobbing off (Anja Ibsch) (Wladislaw Kazierczak) (Werner Herterich) Hula Hop show (essence of body art) (Oliver Kochta & Frank Lüsing) Re-Imaging Tableaux Vivants (Stephanie Beaudoin, Tarin Chaplin, Colette, Kim Dawn & Christof Migone, Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan, Rachel Echenberg, Nathalie Grimard, Louise Liliefeldt, Christine Martin, David McFarlane, The Other Theatre, Kathryn Walter) stimulating emotionality (Hansjörg Marti) electronic game environments (Miltos Manetas) bumper cars with game environment and modified slot machines (Stadtwerkstatt) fighting for the right to be different (Amalia Perjovschi) police stop performance (Isa Perkasa) fun objects (Jim Pomeroy) 19years exhibition ban (Zorka Saglova) practical joke (2) breast performance (Ewjenia Tsanana) (cf. V. Export) Exposition voives: Vito Acconci, Judith Barry, Genevieve Cadieux, Janez Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Garry Hill, Jochen Gerz, Pierre Huyghe, Kristin Oppenheim, Moniek Toebosch singing performance (see above) Action Poetry (Lori Weidenhammer) games of fate stammering – prelinguistic utterance nn view discourses advanced studies method complexes theory complex research directions discipline direction reference literature for the respective view / conference references Performance Terms academic performance, akustische P, animal performance, anonymous P, architecture performance, autobiographical performance, Bewegungsperformance, black p, breast performance, cabaret performance, camp performance, collaborative P, costume performance, cover performance , cultural performance, Dauerperformance, deconstruction performance, dialogical performance, didactical P, digital P, dinner performance, Echtzeitperformance, ecological performance, electroacoustic P, electronic P, ethnic p, ethnographical P, feminist P, Fingerfächerperformance, fragrance p, Gesangsperformance, Grenzüberschreitungsperformance, gestic P, gestural P, homosexual performance, intercultural performance, Intimperformance, Kaufhausperformance, Kommunikationsperformance, Konzeptperformance, konzeptualistische P, Körperperformance, Kurzperformance, Langzeitperformance, Latex performance, Laufstegperformance, lecture performance, lethal P, Light-P, life performance, machine performance, medical performance, minimal P, minstrel performance, multicultural p, myth-related performance, naked performance, narrative P, operation performance, party performance, permanent P, poetic P, political performance, popular p, Portrait P, posed performances, private performance, projection performance, pure P, real time p, research p, retro-performance, revolutionary p, Ritual P, Rollstuhlperformance, rhythmische P, Sauf-P, Schaufensterperformance, self-exploratory performance, shamanist P, Stehgreifperformance, Stimmperformance, Tele-Performance, Telephone-P, Text-P, theatralic performance, table performance, trivial performance, ultimate P, urban p, verborgene P, unsichtbare P, Vortragsperformance, vulgar performance, Weihe-Performance, zerbrochene P, Zweierperformance These symbols highlight "canonized" performance directions. These directions could also be called streams (BN), performance categories, concepts, movements, media directions, performance (sub)cultures, (micro-)styles, practices, basic patterns (of behavior) or performance "types". As a supplement to these, see the non-canonized "performance terms“. These views cover content/analytical perspectives or delineate content zones. Placement within these zones follows the principle: spatial proximity = subject matter proximity. The outer ring is generally more abstract than the inner area. In Foucault's terms, these could also be called archeological fields. artist (collective list) +Performance as ... (short definition) aggressive action (BN) action research school of attention imperturbability existential actions – to the point of total exhaustion (Ben ´D Armagnac) feeling of total participation (Flow) Intensive play (flow) Deep play inner thunderbolt (Zen) (Nam June Paik) Transvestite (Urs Lüthi, Jürgen Klauke) fear situations (Mark Boyle) Guerilla Art Action Group (GAAG: Jean Toche, Jon Hendricks, Silvianna, ....) Moments of "panic and destruction", where consciousness threatens to collapse (Export on G. Brus) catharsis as artistic effect presidential candidacy (Heinz Baumüller) founding political party (Schlingensief) Light-Noise Performance (G. Ritter, P. Haunschild) Performance Poetry Show (Flati - Stadtwerkstatt) Rolling art – glass balls (Stadtwerkstatt) bets and gambling (Stadtwerkstatt) Transgender (Siverding) Learning foreign languages as "art praxis" (R. Ganahl) authenticity conventional life situations attitude in common (B.M.) environmental issues (Mongkol Plienbangchang) child's language ritualized speaking (Heinrich Lüber) clumsy performer (John Bock, Peter Land, C. Schlingensief) (Vienna Group) B. Nieslony: shows languages of the body, the physique, the gestures, the images, the actions identity through work (Arai Shin ichi) in the service of humanity (Rui Huang) Ethical "performance“ (internet newsletter) cf. Wittgenstein Bingo (Jahn Mauritz Löcke) washing laundry with Golf War video (Ali al Fatlawi) evolutionary research program (ALMA) receiving guests (any affair) Diva of spoken words (Jill Battson) comic turn, carnival of mimicry (Homi Bhabha) Picking up the audience and taking them along into the water (Billedsofteater) psychical exceptional situations (Michael Burges) ironic commentaries (Charly Banana: Ralf Johannes) rhythmizing language (Toni Davidson) animal hears (sometimes pulsing) (Stadtwerkstatt, Sándor Dóró) woman as a piece of meat (Mary Noéle Dupuis) physical voice examination (Natalie Eberle) identity game with B. Bardot (Lena Eriksson) audience brought in one by one (Franco B.) voice performance (Jana Haimson) Political agitation (Birgit & Wilhelm Hein) gorilla masks feminist performance Thinking is deed, leap, dance ... (Foucault with Deleuze with Nietzsche ...) non-existence of woman (Varsha Nair) losing (Mexican) identity (Maricruz Penaloza) (Rakugo = storytelling) staging light (Noah Riskin) situation with guests (Hinrich Sachs) Performative dimension of identity constructions radical poetry (Ruedi Schill, Erich Jandl) sharpening perception by falsifying the result (curse: Rudolf Heimo Eber, Joke Lanz) Destruction of tradition and memory for the benefit of the identity of the now (Myung-Hee Seon) Living in a bag Called „I“ (Ryota Shimizu) human weaknesses (Smelly) Disrupt political colonialism (Spiderwoman) extreme self-presentation (Kiev Stingl) mapping sites of existence (Janos Szirtes) for a re-politicization of performance (Hans-Jörg Tauchert) Word on the street-performances & Tele-poetics-performances (Andrea Thompson) performance artist as perception theorist (David Thomas) pleasure and pain (Eulalia Valldosera) Dame Magma (Lori Weidenhammer) Nihilistic existence (Ming Zhu) Tele-narrative (Adriana Zamboni) Exhibitionism (not accepted in a performance: A´battery A“) self-referentiality of the performance (FS) Art as unmediated direct communication (FS) (James Barth, Heinz Cibulka) artificial disclosure (FS) unmediated sensation of unbearableness (through directly conveying a physical stress situation) (FS) The archeology follows the axis: discursive praxis => knowledge => science. In keeping with this, relevant discourse, research directions (scholarly fields) and method complexes are listed here. Discipline: grouped methods (of a scholarly discipline) Terror of violated intimacy (Schlingensief) performers in animal costumes (penguin, polar bear: Gelatine) responsibility models (Georg Ritter) audience responsibility disintegration and new identity (initiation) Activism and Community (PSi7) ecoactivist performance child's view (PSi7) Performing Identities: Nation, Region, Religion (PSi7) Translating the Body (PSi7) Performing world war (PSi7) political discourse re-politicization discourse post-colonial discourse exoticism discourse race discourse regionalism debate minorities debate Eurocentrism debate critical discourse Thinking through Performance (PSi7-article: Dwight Conquergood) Las Americas: Crossing Cultures (PSi7) Performing Authenticity (PSi7) Staging Cultural Identity (PSi7) Staging the Holocaust (PSi7) (PSi7) Performing Trauma: Rewiring Self and Society In the Aftermath of Violence Animals Transforming Culture: High and Low (PSi7) Multilingualism (PSi7) Visual versus Verbal (PSi7) Literature: (... continued) Ferdinand de Saussure (la langue /vs/ la parole) Senta Trömel-Plötz (Ed.) Gewalt durch Sprache (book) J. Habermas / theory of communicative competence and performance Charles Morris (semiotician) Emile Benveniste Jerrold Katz (competence/performance) William Labov (sociolinguist) Hans-Dieter Huber Johanna Malt / Performative Constructions of Meaning (article) Robert A. Fischer / Oral, multimedial (article Kunstf. Bd. 152) Walter J. Ong / Orality and Literacy N. Luhmann Davidson Horst Wenzel (research project) / Repräsentation und Kinästhetik im Spannungsverhältnis von Mündlichkeit und Schriftlichkeit König (research project) / Produkt- orientierte und prozeßorientierte Ansätze in der Sprachwissenschaft Semi-orale Kulturen des Mittelalters Sybille Krämer (research project) / Performanz u. Performativität in der Sprachphilosophie processual aesthetics (Proj.: Kinetographien) red text: first development phase (Version 01) black text: subsequent development phases (modifications / expansions) Legend puppet theater as performances (Rirkrit Tiravanija)


09 everyday view 01 atmosphere view 08 physical body view 07 subversion view / media-critical view transport view / view of the journey 05 view of innovation 03 interdisciplinarity view 02 unbounded view 01 contextual view 02 conceptual view 03 service view / project view 04 influential thinkers method view 06 education view view of educators (teaching) 07 view of media taste, incorporating 09 everyday view +Performance as situative production +Performance as situative experiment Performance as reference +Performance as open system Performance as breaking through structures +Performance as a transitional form of art Performance as agreement +Performance as personal field of experimentation Performance as link between sections Performance as gift +Performance as tool +Performance as profiling facility +Performance as medium for communicating art +Performance as mediated reality +Performance as value-setting achievement (BN) Performance as gestural situative event +Performance as communication guerilla Performance as communication +Performance as achievement +Performance as dilemma Fluxus staging interdisciplinary actions Intervention seminars (1) photo performance body work Actionism living Environments (2) human sculptures expanded performance real performance audience performance multimedia performance video performances (2) TV performance media performance decollage happening trash art poesie d´action art corporel art corporal body art Viennese Actionism queer performances Gestures Behavior Art attitudes LKW life art body sculpture (1) revolutionary performance approaches (expansions, transformations, renewal) communication concepts of performance computer performances view of electronic media context-aware theories contextualism discourse theories of meta-communication The Open Art Work (U. Eco) (Game Rules of Art) Intertextuality (Tina Keane) performance theory epistemology dialogical approaches postmodern views crossover debate Performance theory (game rules of art) communication theory / NLP pedagogy / art pedagogy (game rules of art) theater theory nomadology discourse body theory body philosophy / body sociology media theory / media discourse media studies media anthropology communication theory information theory net discourse / cyber discourse simulation discourse queer theory / gender studies sexuality discourse / AIDS debate Body theory / body philosophy body sociology dance theory / new body theories phenomenology of perception revulsion theory bioenergetic therapy sociology (Bourdieu) cultural studies new subjectivism privatism debate life philosophy (game rules of art) self-jeopardizing body work (Tibor Hajas) (Chris Burden) the self at stake(FS) (Brus, Ben Vautrier) body works poetry with body language traces of a (living) body (Stefan Berchtold & Ingolf Keiner) "getting wasted" "total action" (Muehl) "piss action" (Muehl) smearing edibles (Karen Finley) (Andre Stitt) (the kipper kids – Harry Kipper) physical body /vs/ body schema the physical body as the sensing and sensed body Performance as primal human language (2) body as material (material actions: Otto Muehl, H. Nitsch) Gutai: material actions body-material-interaction (Valie Export) the performance of the body (performativity) disciplining Dionysian actions intoxicating, ecstatic Dionysus ritual (Etant Donnes: Eric Hurtado, Marc Hurtado) philosophy of intoxication (H. Nitsch) confrontations (2) (Etant Donnes) body language dinner performances eat art gestures behavior Sexuality (Carolee Schneemann, J. Klauke, Ulay Abramvic, G. Brus, V. Export, COUM: Genesis P. Orridge & Cosey Fanni Tutti, McCarthy, Frank Wedekind, Johanna Went, Marissa Carr, Brian D. Tripp, Gelatin) borderline situations Performing Sex (Annie Sprinkle) breast performance / Sex worker (Mamiko Kawabata) gestic performances gestural performance primary gestures gestic painting (see right) gesture of the physical most sublime moments of physical presence Masturbation as performance autoerotic performances (Elke Krystufek, Vito Acconci, Annie Sprinkle, G.Brus) Sex oral (Harri Schemm) palm of the hand (Allucquére Rosanne Stone) gay & lesbian, transsex. uninhibited performances (Kees Mol) behavior experiments animalist behavior extremely personal forms of behavior (as cultural achievement) gesticulation / signs of expression poses (Bruce MacLean) (Lucas Samaras) (V. Beecroft) intensified gestures (Stelarc) body view /vs/ physical body view Nao Bustamante Skip Arnold, Kees Mol (BM) Zbigniew Warpechowski Orlan, Roi Vaara Marina Abramovic Harrie de Kroon Nikolaus Urban Jan Bas Ader, Koop Seiji Shimoda Ken Unswort. Mike Parr Robert Faguy, Ishi Mitsutaka Marco Klaassen, Ralf Berger Glyn Davies Marshall Bruce Nauman Ulay = Uwe Laysiepen Rebecca Horn Klaus Rinke, Timm Ulrichs Denis Oppenheim Matty Jankowski William Wegman Christine Bänninger RIA Pacquée, Atau Tanaka Phillip Warnell, Salvo Jürgen Fritz R. Ganahl Ute Meta Bauer Wochenklausur ALMA everyday objects everyday relics Performance at the intersection of art and everyday life fascination of the banal raising awareness of banal processes everyday behavior Life ist art enough (Jürgen Olbrich) life situations science on and for the human being Alchemy of everyday Allotropy of everyday the art of existing multimediality feedback Neoism (performances of the 80s) (Stuart Home) subversive communication systems electronic performance digital performance (P. Weibel) simulated events intermedia approaches in performance art (Valie Export) (Tina Keane) (Barbara Konopka) (Palindrom) Performance is intermedia art per se Crossover & Bricolage Interaction Performance as a special kind of interaction (see above) Performance as communication guerilla multimedia approaches in performance art deconstructions (Rafael Montanez Ortiz) violence as critical instrument (2) brutality as fundamental position (2) trash performances (2) soap performance didactic performance passing on value transfer (CH 2 ART AS SERVICE) participation approaches Transport (radical social changes due to new transport techniques durch neue Transporttechniken) (BN) the art of travelling (Kunstforum – Paolo Bianchi) (minus delta t) the inaccessible performance 06 gestic view (see above) performance as mediated reality performance educators (see: curators, editors) performative pedagogy enlightenment through action (see above) Performance as profiling facility 05 tool view being one's own tool tools of performance resources view view of instruments utensils (materials / props) see: view of material performance techniques the conference as "laboratory for action" the conference as "laboratory for action" Performance: body-machine material "machine": prostheses, hinges, models Methods of discontinuity of series of autonomy of differentiated dependencies of parallel movements of ironic substitution Collage, Montage (Jochen Gerz) action as tool collective doing Group performance encounter (1) ASA: the art of the encounter joint anxiousness Improvisations (1) (Brian Catling) Performance improvisation the performance – an operating system of art confrontations dialogical approaches associations principle: Black Market principle: ASA gift pieces Performance as dilemma permanent performance conference cf. Stadtwerkstatt as permanent conference openness open practice contemplative openness conceptual openness Performance as predicament (2) radical expansion of the concept of art "open concept of art" imaginary performance (Stuart Brisley) real-time performance ( /vs/ theater ) invitation as substitute performance allusion as substitute (Peter Arnold) art space renovation as performance substitute Apollonian actions Transformation (ASA is transformation) Performance as transitional form of art (see above) performance with open progression the translation (GANG ART, BM) (Translation Transition Transformation – PSi7) see also: revolutionary performance approaches invention .... moments see also: process (process view) attempt poetic pilfering (separated from the usual function) the power of the context (Thomas Huber) situative approaches (Udo Idelberger, Pier van Dijk) invention of grotesque moments (Jaques van Poppel) this point is considered a superstructure for several neighboring views Performance as breaking through structure (see above) see also: performance as translation robot performances ("Wall Street performance“ / Momoyo Torimitsu) (Stelarc) living pictures like in the baroque era (Colette: celebrated her life in designed environments) behavior research extreme gestures similar to painting father of body art: G. Brus performance as situation (Terry Fox) collective term: cf. expanded theater living sculptures Performance as agreement (see right.) action lecture (P. Weibel) (W.Hofmann minus delta t) performer as researcher of gestures and gesticulation (W. Hofmann) (Rachel Echenberg) plots Koans - daily life plots extract of a story (B. Nieslony) the daily, the daily story (the koan) seeing an everyday situation and turning it into a performance / 1:1 transfer (not mimicry, not mimesis) Literature: Die Kunst des Öffentlichen / article by Stella Rollig: Projektorientierte Kunst in den 90er Jahren Lesezimmer / Ute Meta Bauer Charon – Eine Ästhetik der Grenzüberschreitung / G. Raunig Bonnie Marranca (interdisciplinary performance theory) Alan D. Schrift / The Logic of the Gift Christel Weiler / Performance als Gabe (article) Get together – Kunst als Teamwork (cat.) Walking through society (yearbook) Peter Frank / Nachkriegs-Performance: Das Vermischen von Kunstformen und Kunstsparten (article / ars electr.) Marion Strunk / Vom Subjekt zum Projekt (article Kunstf. Bd. 152) Literature: Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) Hubert Sowa / Nach Duchamp und Heidegger: Kunst, verlernen Anita Cherian / (PSi7) Performing the Region – Nation Literature: Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Richard Kostelnatz / On Innovative Performance(s) (book) Marcel Mauss / Körpertechniken (article) Hubert Klocker (Diss.) / Der Wiener Aktionismus. Das Orgien-Mysterien- Theater. Eine performancetheoretische Studie Literature: Kunstforum Bd. 137 Atlas der Künstlerreisen Frauen, Kunst und neue Medien / Ed. Heidi Richter et al. Ute Ritschel / Symposion 2001: Performance art & Pädagogik Terretoires Nomades Hanne Seitz (Ed.) / Schreiben auf Wasser Performative Verfahren in Kunst, Wissenschaft und Bildung (book on the symposium: Performance u. Lehre) Charles R. Garoian Marie-Luise Lange / Schneisen im Heuhaufen – Formen von Performance Kunst (article) Hubert Sowa (INFuG) / Kunstpädagogik und Praxisparadigma (article) Robert Filliou / Lehren und Lernen als Aufführungskünste Eva Sturm / (article) Kunstf. Bd. 152 Literature: Dirmoser (DG) (study) Wer fliegt – Abenteuer Kommunikation / Die Fabrikanten Dirmoser (DG) (study): STWST – TV M. Serres / Der Parasit Handbuch der Kommunikationsguerilla Luther Blissett, Sonja Brünzels Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Philip Auslander / Performance in a Mediatized Culture (book) Bausch & Sting / Forschungsprojekt: Medien und Rituale Philippe Dubois / Der fotographische Akt H. Böhme, P. Matussek / Computer als Gedächtnistheater J. Fohrmann / Textur und Performanz: Medientheorien im Vergleich J.L. Schröder (lecture) / Blende und Traumzeit – Performance u. Medien Martina Leeker / (PSi7) Performativity and Notions of Media Literature: The explicit body in performance (book) Rebecca Schneider Powerful Bodies (book) Victoria Best & Peter Collier (Ed.) Küchenlatein – Performance – Drehbuch 1989 (on Lili Fischer) On Cooking (Performance Research) Hermann Nitsch – Leben und Arbeit Danielle Spera Stefan Brecht / Queer Theatre M. Merleau Ponty (entire work) W. Reich, M. Foucault, F. Nietzsche Martina Leeker (article) / Der Körper des Schauspielers/Performers als ein Medium Literature: Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Atelier van Lieshout / the good, the bad + the ugly (catalogue book) Stadtwerkstatt in Arbeit (catalogue book) Jürgen Schilling / Aktionskunst. Identität von Kunst und Leben? !! Alan Read (PSi7) / Theatre and Everyday Life Davied E.R. George Bonnie Marranca M. Foucault / Der Brauch der Lüste (originally.: „Das Leben als Kunstwerk“) L.B. Clark / (PSi7) The Everyday Life of Objects Literature: Postmodernism and performance (book) Nick Kaye Marvin Carlson / Performance Intertextuality (article) Marvin Carlson / Performance – a critical introduction (book) !! Interventions / Ed. Opus International Editions Friederike Hassauer / Die Kunst der Entgrenzung (article) R. Barthes / Fragmente einer Sprache der Liebe Meditations on Tenderness of/in Performance (PSi7) / Peggy Phelan, Della Pollock, Rachel Hill, Judith Hamera Literature: Kontextbewußte Ansätze in Kunst und Wissenschaft / G. Dirmoser (DG) Erving Goffman / Frame Analysis (book) Gregory Bateson J. Derrida Performance: Texts and Contexts (1993) Victor Turner / Frame, Flow, and Reflection (1977) in: Performance in Postmodern Culture Gernot Böhme / Atmosphäre - Essays zur neuen Ästhetik Thomas Dreher, Peter Weibel, ... cf. on this: performativity as view communicative framework conditions games (2) interventions (2) maneuver (2) (Canada) Performance as social political strategy change of paradigm (cf. performative turn) Council discussion: every theme needs its tools. The toolbox is the selection of critical instruments (theory). philosophy as tool rent an artist (2) valet for 1 month (2) social performance actions with job-seekers, unemployed persons, homeless, prisoners (Christoph Schlingensief) (Santiago Serra) cf.: Grand Gesture private performances (for photo works) (Colette, Jürgen Klauke, R. Schwarzkogler) leaving traces as performance (Gunter Demnig) Ariadne Thread unpredictability in the course of communication (Die Fabrikanten) cf. Happening equal right of intervention Cooking/Kitchen as performance cooking & gift cooking & communication (P. Arlt – fünf ingenöre, Kubelka, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Matthew Ngui) kitchen pieces (Attila Kosa) cooking art (Spoerri, Mario Ohno) (transpublic: transpikante Erfahrungswelten) Hell Cuisine (W. Grillitsch, E. Knöß, H. Müller) (see also: celebration) as the turkey (Mechthild Barth) (Thomas F. Fischer, Joan Jonas, Christina Kubisch, Fabrizio Plessi, Marcel Odenbach, Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman, Ulrike Rosenbach, Pipilotti Rist, M.Bienvenue, Gershon Berkowitz, Tomás Ruller, Peter Land, Matthew Barney, ....) extreme situations (panic due to lack of oxygen: Peter Gilles) (Jan Mlcoch) lack of breath to unconsciousness (Gilles) (BKH Gutmann, Mariko Mori, M.C. Chaimovicz, Ma Liuming, Stephen Laub) see: machine view (tools with a life of their own) see in detail: machine view self-injury/pain (Tibor Hajas, Gina Pane, Chris Burden, Petr Stembera, Jerzy Truszkowski, Z. Warpechowski, Danny Devos, G. Brus, M. Abramovic, Ron Athey, Bob Flanagan, Franko B, Michel Journiac, H.G. Herrmann, W. Kazmierczak, ...) surveillance as performance (Julia Scher) The Avant Guard in Action (T.R. Uthco) (George Maciunas (namer), George Brecht, Bob Watts, Yoko Ono, T.Schmit, Joe Jones, Yoshimasa Wada, B.Vautier, G.Chiari, J.Hidalgo, W.Marchetti, Ayo (Ay-O), A.Köpcke, T.Kosugi, Christiansen, Eric Andersen, W. de Ridder, G. Hendricks, Milan Knizak, Dick Higgins, Phil Corner, Robert Watts, Alison Knowles, Nam June Paik, Charlotte Moorman, Ken Friedman, Takako Saito, Emmett Williams, Robert Filliou, Al Hansen, Ben Patterson, Larry Miller, Raphael Montanez Ortiz, Tomas Schmidt, G.Baruchello, Beuys, J.Dupuy, R. Morris, C. Oldenburg, C. Schneemann, D. Spoerri, W. Vostell, Zaj, R. Summers, Piki Soul,Mary Bauermeister, ...) reflections on historical tools (Verena Kraft & Kurt Petz) (Edward Lazikowski) (Richard Martel) artist dialogue (Raoul Marek) cultural transport enterprise (minus delta t) (Tonga-Expedition: G. Ritter, G. Wagner) action-analytical commune (Otto Muehl) public "production" of art works (art factory / curator Hattinger) Laura Kikauka, Leo Schatzl, Sabine Zimmermann et al. (Perf. at Posthof), ... (Hermann Nitsch, G. Brus, Rudolf Schwarzkogler) redesigning one's own body (Orlan) art corporel (Gina Pane) using objects outside the usual context (Jaques van Poppel) (Reindeer Werk: Tom Puckey, Dirk Larsen) (Rachel Rosenthal) (Paul Demarinis) (Sang-Jin Lee) (Station Rose: Gary Danner & Elisa Rose) (Valie Export) (Orlan) (Stelarc) (GANG ART) (James Partaik) (Sylvette Babin) (Mark Dijkstra) (Amsterdam Ballons) (The Dark Bob) (Max Frazee) (Marlene Madison Plimley) (Gordon Monahan) (Milos Vojtechovsky) (Perry Hobermann) (Maricruz Penaloza) (Pyromania (B.N. Hiesserer)) (Jürg Schmoll) (Manfred Vänci Stirnemann, Boris Nieslony, Jürgen Olbrich, Robert Fillious -> , Alain Gibertie) (Stuart Brisley) role of chance (resistances with the help of chance) sculptural-aleatoric process (Andreas Techler) responding to the context (Roi Vaara, Peter Weibel, V. Export) (Peter Weibel, V. Export, Etoy) (Pyromania: B.N. Hiesserer) concept performance (Anna Winteler) (Felix S. Huber) Performance as link between sections (see right) demonstration of an idea (without audience participation) Performance as autonomous art (?) closed circuit procedure body language as sculpture (Beuys) role of costumes (András Böröcz & Lásszló Révész) (Kyupi Kyupi) (Leigh Bowery) (Gelatine) life and work as unit/ every public act = performance (James Lee Byards) open end (Happening) view of communication the body as tool art as communication creating communication spaces (cf. Rirkrit Tiravanija, Die Fabrikanten) (Constanza Camelot) the power of communication performance as value-setting achievement (BN) sex, blood and flesh rituals nomadism (Black Market) (Cooperation Project X) indeterminacy (allowing the quality of sums) (BN) Media as superfluous accessory (BN) power of the incompatible (BN) physical view – achievement (see also view of achievement) mimicry as appropriation of diverse disciplines (BN) (Peter Wolf) cf. also: infiltrating existing systems (Gianni Motti) incompatibility as sovereign gesture (the precise monologue) (BN) performance space as transit space prelingual image dependency (also with new media) All genuine life is encounter. ... Space and time are found in the encounter. (M. Buber) open system of encounter (BM) (R. Tiravanija) B.M.: objects as performers of equal worth ability method = tool ASA = methodic change of lenses (BN) enactive aspects in fine art (Udo Wid) Presentation as performance (Udo Wid) performative aspects of the presentation of fine art (vernissage speeches, accompanying actions) vernissage ritual: as celebration of thanksgiving, initiation, rite of passage Martin Buber => B. Nieslony (dialogical approaches) Ludwig Wittgenstein ! => Lyotard => H. Sowa (language game concept) => Fabrikanten Wittgenstein => James Lee Byars Judith Butler !! => Ray Langenbach situation art (source: Marie-Luise Lange) Intermediality (as common characteristic of performances) Interdisciplinarity (as common characteristic of performances) (BN) (BM) body as tool performances crossing physical boundaries (category 01 according to M.-L. Lange) (time´s up) "emptying" and "purifying" the body physical borderline states (Charlemagne Palestine) risk situations: electricity, fire, dangerous materials, knives, drugs, extreme duration, hanging, piercing, ... (cf. torture practices) reaching a high degree of being-in-the-body through self-injury Performances without fixed concept for action (category 02 according to M.-L. Lange) Improvisational, arising spontaneously from the moment (Black Market) Improvisation (2) (c. Hommelsheim, W. Höfinger) free play free play with materials, objects, body movements, action locations creating an "aesthetic laboratory and workshop situation" (M.-L. Lange) (category 06 experimental actions) (3) expanded performance Expanded Performance (category 09 according to M.-L. Lange) ... Can be understood as a practical transfer of Concept Art into practice and the public sphere Performance as synaesthetic montage of action strands, aesthetic means and media (category 10 according to M.-L. Lange) ... Working with multimedia means. Semantic unity in the sense of a gesamtkunstwerk (cf. view) Deconstruction performances (2) (category 11 according to M.-L. Lange / Inge Baxmann) These performances seek: confrontation, irritation of sense, disjunction, interruption and demontage of familiar semantic conjunctions. The point is "upending order", the destruction of traditional rhythms and flows of meaning. breaking through conventional patterns of perception and reception expectations view of the framework construction in the atmosphere (INFuG, Stadtwerkstatt) inflection, habitus, manner (see: orality) breaking through the atmosphere – What is art and what is "reality"? (Harrie de Kroon) see also: aesthetics of atmosphere (atmosphere as term of aesthetics) Setting arranging the "Situation“ specific practice of speaking and showing (INFuG) frames and framework conditions are are training fields for the situative (BN) Hannah Arendt => B. Nieslony M. Merleau-Ponty ! => Stelarc 04 view of artistic production performance theory dialogical approaches operating system discourse cf. poster sections: context approaches- in art and science Service office as performance substitute (?) the opposite of control is service cf. archive cf. view of collecting cf. view of the organizing institution cf. political view: activism international communication networks creating the in-between (see: list of networks) network idea (Jürgen Olbrich) real work as performance (Bender/Nern: Firma B&N) ASA: The Art of Service ASA = art service association ASA should be a pure service / Service makes ASA visible rent an artist (3) (as service) cf. Servicebüro Hamburg cf. Büro Berlin (H. Pitz) cf. Sampler Büro Bert cf. Community Service (USA) cf. Depot (Vienna) A performance is supplied like a commodity. The Black Market actions are very close to this commodity character (BN) ASA should be much more free and floating. away from commodity concept (cf. work view) ASA Projekte: Die Gabe Gabe als Gesellschaftssinn the gift is the greatest, the oldest, the swingingest network that exists (Rirkrit Tiravanija) cf. exchange projects Cultural Worker communication settings services "Services“ "artistic service“ (project by A. Fraser & Helmut Draxler) cf. also reading seminars (R. Ganahl) lecture service (U. Wid) care of the handicapped (as service) (Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler) cf. projects by MAIS project-oriented art (Simon Beer) cf.: support association for project art cf. Public Access projects (Stadtwerkstatt, Servus, FRO) mobile office container counters, tradefair booths, office spaces, hotel lobbies as possible presentation forms Methods of infamy, vivisection, implosion (BN) movements of a common desire the service is the medium service as a technique of passing something on ASA = communication pool ASA = interactive art philosophical terminal (see above.) as service service offerings view = service view services in the community services for the recipient individual service offerings art as service offering church-service (U. Wid) representation and excess (ketchup/chocolate sauce instead of blood/feces) (Paul McCarthy) action and accident (sensation of falling) (McCarthy) no stylistic restrictions (BM) experimental, sketch-like shifting the boundaries of body, pain and risk action work with adolescents (M.-L.. Lange) future suitcase (Hannimari Jokinen) Ausbildungssicht mail art scene travel art (Ko DE Jonge, Niall Monro, Ed Varney, Juan J. Agius) homosexual performance: gay perf., lesbian perf. (David Drake, Tim Miller, Holly Hughes, Karen Finley, John Fleck, Isaac Julien) cybertechnology and performance Literature: (... continued) V. Flusser / Gesten Erving Goffman / On Facework: An Analysis of Ritual Elements in Social Interaction (article) Lea Vergine / Body Art and Performance The Body as Language Peter Gorsen / Sexualästhetik, Grenz- formen der Sinnlichkeit im 20. Jahrh. Erving Goffman / Stigma M. Haerder & Sumie Kawai (Ed.) / Butoh Die Rebellion des Körpers Charlie Spencer (Ed.) / a catalog of Queer performance "alea" or chance (John Cage) aleatoric "dialogical“ performance trans-formation /vs/ formation performance /vs/ behavior (Elio Mariani) (Thomas F. Fischer) (Stuart Brisley) (Albert Mayr) "framing“ has a central significance for performance theory Bakhtin / Bachtin ! Erving Goffman ! Performance: a permissive, open-ended medium with endless variables Ralph Ortiz => Arthur Janov (impulse for primal scream therapy) practically every imaginable physical activity has been investigated (real time activity) Habitual behavior patterns habitual behavior (FS) Kurt Levin => V. Acconci suffering bodies (Martyrs) (Bob Flanagan, Ron Athey, Eleanor Antin, ...) community-oriented work see above Performance as a new discipline or an interdisciplinary field. Joseph Roach: it is of course an anti-discipline (the trickster as guru of this anti-discipline) Literature: (... continued) Kate Ince / Between the Acts: Orlan, Performance and Performativity (in: Powerful Bodies) !!! Tracey Warr, Amelia Jones / The artist´s body (book) !!! Marcel Mauss (lecture.) / Körpertechniken Jean-Luc Nancy Prof. Hermann Schmitz – Neue Phänomenologie (Differenz von Körper und Leib) / (book) Der Leib, der Raum und die Gefühle W. Pfaff u.a. / Der sprechende Körper Siemke Böhnisch / Gewalt auf der Bühne Michel Serres => Orlan (operation readings) Artaud => Kristeva Julia Kristeva => Orlan (operation readings) Artaud => Orlan (operation readings) performative staging of his biography (as researcher) (Xavier LeRoy) Performance = Production and reproduction of corporeality lecture performance (Mike Hentz) (Xavier LeRoy) Lecture-Demonstration (Abramovic, W. Pfaff) Performance art as critical pedagogy teaching as performance Performance as (new) "procedure" (see insight view) process-oriented forms of teaching Performance as transformation of a situation (J.-F. Lyotard) Performance as communication laboratory (Nenad Bogdanovic) performative processes are a core of learning W. Reich => Viennese Actionists W. Reich => Atelier van Lieshout W. Reich => John Duncon convulsivist (Reichian) breathing exercises Performativity of originally separated fields (of knowledge): performativity through interdisciplinarity (cf. Lyotard) performativity through new arrangement; through new conjunctions (of the data of a game move) (cf. Lyotard) performativity through inventing or carrying out new game rules (Lit.: Lyotard) Performativity: re-valorizing team work (Lit.: Lyotard) cf. art as teamwork (GANG ART) interdisciplinary poet-researcher (INFuG: F. Kleuderlein, B. Kümmelmann, Hubert Sowa, Thomas Eisen) opening addresses, appearances, presentations, scenic arrangements (INFuG) art as service offering (INFuG) performative lectures (INFuG) programmatic disturbance (INFuG) art teaching as art (INFuG) anti-minimalist movement / quasi- baroque style situation art Tele-Performances (Stadttwerkstatt – Checkpoint) (Mia Zabelka) Participation-Tele-Performance (Nam June Paik, Allan Kaprow) Performance Interventionist (Gordon W) (Rudolf Klaffenböck) lecture performance (Marietheres Finkeldei) (Ray Langenbach, Yuji Sone, Ewjenia Tsanana, P. Arnold, Savier Klaro, Andrea Saemann) (Helena von Oldenburg) (Fritz Schwegler) lecture as form of action (P. Cuny, Kate Isler, Alex Silber) settling in, destroying view of ideas avant-gardist isms are superseded by ideas and contexts (PB) poetry and performance (PB) Früher machten wir Pläne, heute sprechen wir von Projekten (PB) life art instead of lifestyle (PB) Kunst als Lebensform education as performative method (Eva Sturm) view of mediality exposed drawings (Senoner) conceptualistic performances (Moscow conceptualists: Ilya Kabakov, F. Infante, A. Monastyrskij) participants and audience were identical momentum self-propulsion abandonment: surrendering to openness (Alex Silber) acts of violence against the body (Zhang Huan) close to torture (Shi Sen Chen) project groups work performative practice (Performing Resistance) art projects as communicative practice undeliberated education is not to "be had", it must occur processually (Pazini) living intermedia sculpture (@Home) Conceptual art: performance as demonstration or an execution of those ideas Simultaneity revolutionary performances (Schlemmer´s) theory of performance Gesture Dance (Schlemmer) Non-intentional actions (Fabrikanten) question and answer sessions (J. Beuys) body performance (Fuckhead) S. Freud => Viennese Actionists / Surrealists => Michel Journiac see also: Behavior Tableaut projections in a "performance triptych“ (Robert Longo) Extremes of doing nothing and the boundaries of self-control (Chris Burden, ...) smelling and tasting rituals (OM Nitsch) Suspensions (skin hooks – Stelarc) (cf. Fuckhead) skin hooks (H.G. Herrmann) Georges Bataille Roger Caillois Gesturing bodies: (Yves Klein, Ben Vautier, Charles Ray, Erwin Wurm, Arnulf Rainer, ...) raising awareness of important activities (Mierle Laderman Ukeles) Ritualistic bodies (see also: rituals) 08 body view / gustative view Transgressive bodies invitation into intimate spaces (Barbara Smith – naked) skin cuts: V. Export Gina Pane Raul Zurita Diamela Eltit self-experiments: (Denis Oppenheim – sunburn) (Barry L Va – smashing against the wall) (Norbert Stück) Body boundaries (skin incisions, self-experiments, ....) skin-like clothing (Regina Frank) clothing printed with body parts (Katharina Trost) view of art criticism n.b.: separated from body view Literature: (... continued) V. Flusser / Gesten Karl Gröning / Hände Erving Goffman / On Facework: An Analysis of Ritual Elements in Social Interaction (article) Lea Vergine / Body Art and Performance The Body as Language Gregory Bateson / Ökologische Kommunikation P. Bourdieu (Habitus/Hexis) Gesten u. Körperinszenierungen im Mittelater K.-J. Pazzini Martina Koch (Habilitation) / performative Pädagogik cf. role of nonverbal communication with G. Bateson (double bind ...) "how" something is communicated see also: view of orality habitual view Performance of the body ("believable performance": identity) inscribed in the body (incorporation) Public body (M. Abramovic) total improvisation (in music) = "purely“ performative ? absurd moments body as language (Gina Pane) body as instrument (Matthew Barney) body knowledge body memory elementary forms of behavior (not rationally controlled) (A. Rainer, Reindeer Werk) tools/instruments (in actu) in use (Pepi Meier – furniture deconstruction) "Werk-Zeuge " - tools testifying work free spaces = playing spaces boundless play forms of living as context The concept of "performance“ dominates American culture as a way of viewing everyday activity (Bonnie Marranca) (GANG ART) greater appreciation of atmospheric perception habitus = gait (GANG ART) art as translation (GANG ART) (PSi7) mood gauge (GANG ART, granular synthesis: Kurt Hentschläger & Ulf Langreich) (cheerful, uplifting, alarming, aggressive, ...) agit-lecture (2) see: action see also: attitudes (2) extended performance see body extensions: (Stelarc) gesture bodies transgressive bodies physical investigations with the body (bending, falling, folding, walking, hanging, leaning, ....) (Ken Unsworth) (Barry La Va) Discours du corps (cf. Expanded Theatre) as physical body, the structure relinquishes itself (B/Ph.B) as body, it internalizes itself is inscribed in the body The aspect of the physical body is presentation The aspect of the body is representation Orgies-Mysteries- Theater (cf. ceremony art / Celebration art) transformation from showing to showing Neo-dadaism Indeterminacy (Cage) Intermedium (Happening) Intermedia / mixed means Porno-Formance (Carol Queen) (Mathew Wilson, Mark Alice Durant, Ilija Soskic) gesture as guarantee of the statement Gesture (French) = Action Experimental art (Christian Hasucha) anonymous intervention steered intervention commissioned intervention instant intervention see also: moment art (office of dramaturgy and performance research - Vienna) interactivity daily life koans lectures performance as pedagogic (Christel Burmeister) (cf. also theater) Performance Art as critical pedagogy (Charles R. Garoian) Living Projects see also: tableaux vivants see also: mimicry of life Perfect Performance (James Lee Byars) the perfect performance learning the language of the body joy of experimentation Performance-Service-Art art that provides services (attitude – imitated sculptures) a choreographology is missing (gen. theory of gestures) (Monty Cantsin, Jason Lim, Helinä Hukkataival, H.A. Schult, John Bock, Tom Murin) traveling as performance glued to the wall (Roi Vaara) stuck to the ceiling (Roi Vaara) Lust lust greed relaxed mediality as performativity over 50% of communication is nonverbal (gestures, facial expression, posture) 02 view of eros patterns of staging love (public, conventionalized staging) /vs/ unbounded displacement confusion Heidegger ! => H. Sowa, K. Rinke Heidegger => Foucault, Lehmann Gadamer => H. Sowa G. Bateson emotionalization of communication through gestures "teaching" as gestural- situative event (cf. NLP) bondage auto-aggression auto-destruction (G. Metzger) atmosphere/mood emotionally conceived knowledge as passion corporeality of feelings performative actions of love interactive processuality Performance theory has to have an interdisciplinary arrangement (Prof. Dr. Bonnie Marranca) view of producing view of fabricating (shifts more into focus again) investigative working method (R. Tiravanija) Siehe auch: Servicesicht performative generation of belonging (to groups) / Code Communities (Jean-Claude Schmidt) common store of gestures, rituals and signs performative and body-language surplus Performative aspects in photography Projection with speaking voice (James Coleman) media aesthetics and performative practice (Mattenklott) on: (Ron Athey, Laura Aguilar, Matthew Barney, Eva u. Adele, Mary Kelly, Rachel Rosenthal, ...) F. Nietzsche => P. Bianchi (LKW) Viennese Actionists Foucault (life as a work of art) body fragmentation in the performance body in pain (Scarry) anarchic body avant-garde since Nietzsche (cf. Foucault) research projects by Prof. Wulf family rituals (Bourdieu reference) rituals in school Production aesthetics as outmoded view is superseded by the aesthetics of the performative (FL) Identität u. Habitus (s.r.) fundamental change in the approach to and way of dealing with the objects different locations/spaces and lighting each convey their own affective message atmosphere – mood – disposition temperament, constitution love relationships have an unfettering effect (decentered; abandoning one's own standpoint) connection with the whole (Religio) without boundaries: see various forms of ecstasy logic of joy, pleasure and love curiosity-interest-system / pleasurable innovation (pleasurable channeling of new feelings and thoughts affective communication, emotional contagion and enslavement: art is a social phenomenon with strongly affect- driven components: facial expression, posture, voice, gestures hunger as basic sensation (fasting 33 days: Ernst Len) fasting (R. Schwarzkogler) starving (K. Etschmann) the real organ of feeling is the entire body (pleasurable) chemical "moods" (Dopamin, Epinephrin, Serotonin) uplifting energy-conserving behaviors everyday mental state as (affective) point of departure everyday logic, logic of joy /vs/ logic of fear, logic of anger, logic of mourning (Hans-Jörg Marti) affect and context dependent selection of memory contents while simultaneously repressing memories not conforming to affect perfect bodies deformed bodies (Lee Wen) body archeology (body's capacity for remembering – Grotowski) everyday prohibitions (1968) (Project: Paradise now) The performer is a pontifex (bridge builder) technique = traditionally effective action (Marcel Mauss / Körpertechniken) group feeling (communitas) (cf. BM) Yoga exercises: lead to (too) introverted concentration – all feelings extinguished (Grotowski) cf. Tao body as medium media guerilla (gettoattack) (Pierpaolo Calzolari) deformation (Denis Masi) (Li A- Roca) trans-latio (Matthias Jackisch & Elvira Santamaria) absolute freedom denouncing the rites of art (Kees Mol) Performance art = free art – The art of freedom (Z. Warpechowski) M. Foucault => Ray Langenbach Artaud => Foucault Foucault => P. Bianchi (LKW) R.D.Laing => Stuart Brisley J. Berke (MA v. Laing) => DIAS (Ana Mendieta) dough – mouth formation (Ann Hamilton) Performance as the blood of the media table performances (Janet Haufler, B. Nieslony, BBB Johannes Deimling, Dziugas Katinas, Regula Kopp, Mario Ohno, Seiji Shimoda) Tischsituationen / Tischregeln (Ralf Filges) (Ulla Rauh) Tischtransaktionen (Fabrikanten, Nieslony) Service (as servant or waiter: Bruno-Peter Schärli) the performer as waiter in the gallery (Chris Burden) Lust am Moment (Vollrad Kutscher) AOS – Art Operating System (Zürich) (Bruno Peter Schärli, Peter Spillmann, Hans Wermelinger) Minimal Performances (BBB.J. Deimlinger) means (media) of performance (see: media view) open system of collaboration (Hayley Newman) Performer as teacher: Nieslony, Abramovic, Hubbard, Zeca Ligiero, ... container (Carola Willbrand) dialectics of behavior (Stuart Brisley) (John Sturgeon & Aysha Quinn) (Inge Broska) (Theresa Drache) (Hans-Jörg Tauchert) physical exceptional situations (Stephan Us) spitting ice .... techniques view musical/acoustic atmosphere view of synergies (U. Wid) W. James Austin ! => Sowa Searle ! De Certeau !! => B. Nieslony S. Zizek A.Artaud => Derrida ! => Foucault ! Pragmatists: Charles Peirce, Rorty, Mead, Quine, Dewey, Dilthey, Fellmann, Shusterman Kierkegaard Appeal J. Habermas (bodiless) Habermas => S. Szczelkun Davidson Feyerabend Putnam Hintikka Shusterman, Rorty, Dilthey => H. Sowa haptic experiences, skill, method capabilities view of presentation view of depiction view of reproduction Luce Irigaray physical body as painting ground (Barbara Smith) Trickster (counterpoint critic) (Jacques van Poppel) Media burn (Ant Farm: Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, Doug Michaels, Curtis Schreier) Dada Shave (Anna Banana & Bill Gaglione) De Sade => John Duncan Telephone Performance (Bob Wilhite, Minus delta t) The praxis paradigm takes the place of the poiesis paradigm (H. Sowa) (H. Sowa) the programmatic opening of the avant-gardist work concept in the direction of practical, performative forms of life practical performative forms of living (H. Sowa) Hölderlin, Schelling, Nietzsche => H. Sowa (eliminating the difference between art and life) difference between: fabricating/making/building and acting/living/caring (H. Sowa) truly situative action Pragma-art (Pierangelo Maset) communicative action (nach Habermas) P. Bourdieu, Gebauer, Wulf => H.Sowa, Kosa situative abidement and lingering associations (Sowa) Marcel Mauss => Sowa (habitus as form of practice) disposition (with Heidegger) Replacement of the paradigm of the production => Turning toward paradigm of reception (Sowa) Triggering actions becomes an artistic task (P. Maset) presentation of an atmosphere and a state of mind (LE) strategy of duplicated frameworks (LE) tableau (framing) frameworks of light, space and sound (Wilson) (cf. GANG ART) cf. absurd theater view of manifestos regaining complexity Performance without people or without performer - Making art without artists (e.g. naked performances through recipients: organized by Spencer Tunick) Simultaneity (a form of openness as concept) – it remains open, whether there is a connection or or merely an external simultaneity (LE) (LE) Concrete theater – abstract theater without action Polyphony instead of dialogue (LE) The dialogical structure gives way to the monological and choric (LE) cf. chorus theater Concept Theatre (LE) Post-dramatic theater can also be understood (in reference to Concept Art) as an attempt to conceptualize art in the sense that it offers an experience of the real rather than representation. scenic montage: synchronously played "fields" (cf. BM) parallel action (Wilson) (cf. BM) project theater (LE) (Team of: dancers, graphics artists, musicians, architects, ...) documentary theater (LE) parallel plot strands (LE) (otherwise boring) interdisciplinary theater (LE) Circumscription of otherwise disintegrating theater languages (acting, music, installation, light poetry, singing, dancing) the activity of producing and carrying out (takes the place of the product) (LE) Carmelo Bene => Gilles Deleuze Bertolazzi, Brecht => L. Althusser Gertrude Stein => Performance ( Bonnie Marranca) R. Barthes (intensive theater attendance.) anti-mimetic ... (LE) 60's: new spirit of experimentation theory of pure form (LE) revoking mimesis (orientation to painting) Postdramatic theater praxis: different kinds of genres are conjoined in a presentation (dancing, performance, narrative theater, ...) All means are equally valuable attention hanging in the balance (cf. Trance) Theater of gestures and movements (gestus) The postdramatic body is a body of gesture (LE) On the gradual development of thoughts while speaking theater of subversion The dominants of drama and illusion are migrating to the media, whereas the currentness of performance becomes the new dominant of the theater (LE) plurimedia theater (LE) High-tech-Theater Video or performance installation (Gary Hill, Bill Viola, Muda Mathis, Tadasu Takamine, Kubisch + Plessi Martine Aballéa, Serge Comte) aesthetics of the living mythology of the profane work as performance (Servie Janssen) connection between New Music and Conceptual Art (Esther Ferrer – Gruppe Zaj (W. Marchetti, J. Hidalgo, R. Barce)) Art as intervention (Art Attack) (Tara Babel & Andre Stitt) (Gebrüder Kunst) (CH 2 ART AS SERVICE: Daniel Hauser, Chiarenza) joint practice – gesture of showing (Andrej Dudek-Dürer) (Eva & Adele) (KUSCH) (Laura Kikauka) (Geert Duintjer) (Klat und pac) Leading actor in one's own life? (Gérald) taking blood (Peter Gilles) (Ray Langenbach) feeding (Stefan Halter, Franz Gratwohl) Second hand shop as art (Christine Hill) Performance as symposium, round tables, staged encounter (Adi Hoesle, Fabrikanten) question & conversation performance (forced entertainment) Proto-Fluxus (Toshi Ichiyanagi, Jackson MacLow, David Tudor, Henry Flynt) Performance as a ritual of transition (FL) (PSi7: Transition) Minimal Performances (Murmeln im Mund: Harrie de Kroon) (James Lee Byars) (Ralf Berger) (Peter Kalmus & M. Murin) Minimal Actions (Michael Blättler) (Esther Ferrer) Fluxus Adaption (Bob Lens) New type of fluxus (Sara Seagull, Neal Taylor) skinning performance (Viktorine Müller, Irene Bachmann) (Barbie Cyborg (V.M.)) (Miriam Steinhauser) energetic situation (absurd actions) (Mimi Nakajima) destruction of communication (Ralf Filges) communication as art (Robert Reschkowski) art as communication ritual knife's edge (Carola Riess) electro-welding and other craft elements (Angelika Thomas & De Chirico) Everyday life (Marcia Tucker) transformed bodies projected onto dancer bodies (K. Obermaier & Chris Haring) essential body experiences (Sylvette Babin) reflection on the social practice of art (Didier Bay) challenging the physical body – walking over glass (Rebecca Belmore) standing on ice (C. Schmidt- Chemnitzer) public production of art works (Cezary Bodznianowski) New Media (Christian van de Borght) Performance as guided tour (in the museum) – (A. Fraser, C.P.Müller, Christel Burmeister) Urban intervention (40 singers in the underground) (Christine Carson) Interactive audio tour (Tagny Duff) Networker / electronic network work (Cesar Figueiredo, Nieslony, Padellun, Bernd von den Brincken) daily plots (Kristinn G. Hardarson) self-confirmation by licking the body (B. Johannes Blume) furniture chopper (Pepi Meier) Bioenergetic performance (R.M. Ortiz) lecture artist (Stan Lafleur) extreme body art (Wen Lee) Post-Fluxus (Montagne Froide - Valentine Verhaege) conceptual models of attention (Gen Murai) communicating with people on the street (Tatsumi Orimoto) Ideas conveyed verbally (by telephone) over several days: "spoken house“ (Otiose: Ailith Roberts & John Dummett) delivery runs as performance (Padellun) Recycling performance / ironized repetition of "classical" performance "pieces" (Ursula Palla) performance as a field of action and experience – an all-encompassing atmosphere (Prof. Mike Pearson) conflict discussions as service Feldenkrais Method (Andrés Pereiro-Schmidt) teaching and learning situation with the audience (Pino Poggi) (Chris Reinicke) broom (Qing Qing Chen) Intervention as support measure for reality (Matthias Schamp) laboratory of life (Victor Snessar) Body art & Butoh (Mark Steger) masculine attitudes (Ilija Soskic) communication projects (Chuke Stake) (Pomodoro Bolzano – (Max de Well)) (Hinrich Sachs) body in honey, rolling in feathers or hair (Barbara Sturm) sitting in vinegar (Julie-Andree Tremblay) poetic situations (Peter Trachsel) poetic situations in duplication (Joa Iselin & Christoph Ranzenhofer: Port Rouge) ad hoc performances (Wulle Konsumkunst) communication performance (Wulle Konsumkunst) (Werkzeuggruppe des Konzils / minus delta t Black Market International) „Dead-House-Walking“ (Social Impact) OÖ male duos: (ALMA – Alfred Hofstetter & Max Markus Frei, Patrick Sidler & Jörg Lenzinger, Joa Iselin & Christoph Ranzenhofer) climate chambers (biospheres) visitors are exposed to elementary sensations (heat, cold, steam, storm, ..) (Bigert & Bergström) (cf. Wettergebäude by the Stadtwerkstatt) generating clouds (Lone Twin – Gregg & Garry) family life with children as performance (Shirley Cameron & Roland Miller) Computer games (Paul Demarinis) body orifices (P. Rist, Gebrüder Kunst) artificiality of the everyday (Emil Gropoz) What separates real life from performance? publicly peeling vegetables: (Devora Neumark) environmental problems and urban problems (T.X. Harsono) breast incisions joined with operation needles (JOKO: Karin Jost & Regula J. Kopp) pain through connection (in nettles) interdisciplinary works (Jiri Kovanda) interdisciplinary projects (Marcelo Exposito) telephone sex (Odette Le Blanc Practitioner) Collaborative Performances (with 15 participants) (Jörg Lenzlinger, Patrick Sidler) Performance = action, framed by a defined space (Matthew Maguire) asking passers-by for a moment (Franz Müller) body language: breaking through the boundaries of convention with performance (Tony Morgan) Japanese body work body therapy (G. Pesonnier) cybernetic research (Sadie Plant) Roman orgiastic culture of gorging (Ro Ma Ma Chine: Cecile Noldus, Mike Hentz) "Risk behavior" as imaginable basic pattern for performances => the unplanned (Hinrich Sachs) extreme large page shift with scrollbar relocation action (J. Lothar Schröder) Reiseprojekte (Marianne Tralau) Three people at a table – each operates without perceiving the others (VLIES: Rolf Konrad, Pat Binder, Wim Kolb, Jörg Brandt) V. Flusser => M. Vojtechovsky => Nieslony climate control technician Performance as creative field of experimentation (see right) (Kees Mol, Alastair MacLennan, Harrie de Kroon, Geert Duintjer, Carole Schneemann, C. Palestine, Seiji Shimoda, Richard Martel, Irma Optimist, Hayley Newman, Z. Warpechowski, Chen Chieh Yen, Ma Liuming, B. Nieslony, Thomas Kumleh, Markus Schwaighofer, Elvira Santamaria) Parallelbewegung synchronicity serene attention Flow = optimal performance (through anxiety-free situation) losing oneself in doing Flow – most unmediated communication dialogues (Fabrikanten) crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat (Bas Jan Ader) Paul de Man chair destruction (Ralph Ortiz) catatonic position (cramp) (G. Brus) pain automatically generates a more active reception on the part of the viewer ritualizing the everyday (R. Schwarzkogler) (Thomas F. Fischer) (Psychogeographical Association) teacher => pupil K. Rinke => Karel Dudesek B. Nieslony => ... Marina Abramovic => ... departures = spontaneous actions (scream in the concert hall) scenic lecture (Georgsdorf, Lehner, Ritter, Binder) Private performance – collective "departures" (Stadtwerkstatt) everyday performance (Stadtwerkstatt) multimedia largest scale performances (Kunst & Kravall: Stadtwerkstatt) Disco atmosphere (Frank Lüsing & Oliver Kochta) Literature: (... continued) Cyberdance – Performance u. neue Medien / Martina Leeker (article): ... bio-elektronische Performances Ruth Schnell (article): Performance u. interaktive Medienkunst Sophia Totzeva / (PSi7) Differenz und Identität – Medientransformation als Wiederholung Wolf-Dieter Ernst / (PSi7) Body Check: How to perform the body in mediated Culture without getting tired? Diane Howard, Stan Dyer / (PSi7) Translation, Transition, and Transformation in Cyberspace Translating into Cyberspace (PSi7) Anja Diefenbach, Barbara Büscher, Steve Dixon, Martina Leeker Barbara Büscher / (PSi7) Cybernetic Transformation in Performance. Körper u. Medien, (rück)gekoppelt ASA in Bologna: (Padellun Rena Tangens, Raoul Marek, Boris Nieslony) Ponton Medias: (B. Heidersberger, K. Dudesek, S. Vanasco, M. Hentz) interactive real-time video systems (Gretchen Schiller) affection (B.M.) nomadic performances body as sound box perceiving oneself (mirrored) in the other (Surachai Ekphalakorn) Real time performance via Internet (Michael Schaowanasai) polyscenic, simultaneous, fragmented theater (Artaud) Theater of blood (Artaud) The artist is at the Service of the Community (Francisco Inarra) (Franz Kaltenbäck) naked performances (V. Beecroft) (Spencer Tunick) Drama in Real Life (minor accidents – with bike into the canal) (Jan Bas Ader) conceptual way of dealing with art (ALMA) continuous service as performance (ASA) dances from gestures (Pina Bausch) Performances by concept artists (Marcel Broodthaers, P. Weibel, ...) Ritualize/fetishize/highlight the ordinary (Joelle Ciona) everyday situations (Anna Dancikova) tongue traces (Gillian Dyson) conceptual performances instructions as propositions (Esther Ferrer) media shamans (Jürgen Fritz) conceptual actions (Teodor Graur) (Bucky Grinberg) a kind of phantom that is constantly changing (Tine Kortermand Hansen) telephone performance (Markus Hensler) (STWST) (Thorsten Kellermann) ironic way of dealing with communication technologies (Franz John & Merit Aton) living in exhibition spaces for several weeks (Klat und pac) (Udo Wid) gesticulation (La Ribot) everyday chaos (Sandy MacFadden) Art of walking (Tony Morgan) (Mike Pearson) (Alexander Schmid) (Fabrikanten: walking with no intentions) Job as measure of life work (Devora Neumark) Ritual and improvisation (Pauline Oliveros) performer in suitcase (Yeun-Hi Pan) drinking performances (Jürgen Raap) invisible performance (e.g. as couple: Judy Radul) media performances electronic media: Old Boys Network, (Helena von Oldenburg), Frauen und Technik, Gruber, Mike Hentz, Karel Dudesek, Richard Kriesche, P. Weibel, Regina Frank, Hayley Newman, Pipilotti Rist, Kira Wu Media performances: other media (without electronic media): Monty Cantsin, Jason Lim, Mike Hentz, Karel Dudeseck Padeluun, Franklin Aalders Ralf Samens, Ben & Sam conversation as performance (Hinrich Sachs) Warburg => Nieslony, DG W. Benjamin => Nieslony with INTERMEDIA the finished product is always just a set piece of the process (Konrad Schnitzler) The performer as transformer tries to keep his senses together (Verena Schwab, Foundation Schwab-Hensler) the non-action (Kjetil Skoien) Alternative continuing education as performance (T junction) Gender Behavior and Codification of Gestures (T junction) (Julie-Andree Tremblay) avoiding communication (VLIES) framing everyday life (Kam Yeon Hee (YEONEE) self-torment (not accepted: A´battery A“) Can we no longer bear "direct" (non-transmitted) reality? (A´battery A“) Is this "directness" a chance for performance ? the author regards himself as a producer (FS) Performance without an audience intimate performance (FS) general patterns of behavior (FS) (Michael Buthe, Jet Ferro, Hans Eykelboon) Pantomime performative pedagogy (Habil: Martina Koch) Trash-TV and trash-aesthetics (Schlingensief) walk and posture determined by high heels (Vanessa Beecroft, Gelatin – cleaning action) impenetrability (Hubbard & Birchler) everyday gestures (Gelatin) cleaning actions (Gelatin) Reisetour / Audiotour (W. Pilar) urban space as prerequisite ? (urban view) media centers theater locations festival locations counterexample: Festival of the Regions the role of public spaces for production (cf. project view) (art space = protected space) limited publicity "seeing" with the body (LE) Theater is first of all a form of behavior and then art use of addictive substances/psychedelic agents (cf. Shamans) Performing Internet (PSi7) Academic Performances (PSi7) Community Art Projects (PSi7) (Regina Hellwig-Schmidt, Horst Konietzny, Regina Frank, S.A,C. Modellers Club) Meditations on Tenderness of/in Performance (PSi7) The Every Day(ly) (PSi7) Urban Performances – Performing The City (PSi7) The Influence of Globalisation on Performance (PSi7) "learning with the body" passing something on through the "direct manipulation" of the body. See: performative knowledge (R. Schechner) cf. also habitus concept philosophies and sciences of becoming (Proj.: Kinetographien) media of movement artists transported in boxes (Dudesek, Roi Vaara) cleaning services (Gelatin - naked)

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