Carpet Flooring Trends for Living Room


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At here, we have revealed new trends about carpet flooring for your sweet home and this makes your home always looks fabulous, read more at


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Carpet Flooring Trends for Living Room

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 When it comes to flooring it’s all about trends designs collections and one thing that always ticking our mind is the economy.  Because today’s modern world people consider cost-consume is more in demand than value.  When compared to wood carpet looks softer and if you choose vinyl – it is more luxurious than anything else.

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Carpet Flooring Trends o Bold stripes o Coral beige carpet tiles o Gray carpet tiles o Textured loop carpet tiles o Wool jute and sisal o Heuga carpets tiles o Interface flor carpet tiles

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Bold Stripes Tiles  To make your room to stand out no need to rely on furniture area rugs and wall colors.  Instead you can choose bold stripe carpet tiles.  You can choose white because it matches with dark walls and bold furniture colors such as deep red or black.

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Coral Beige Carpet Tiles  Generally if you look muted neutral colors that are popular choices for the people due to the look and feel of the color and geometric patterns.  This carpet tile in neutral is the widest choice if you want to get more creative.  It looks warm and unique that is trending now. It provides room and intimate that you can pair with other warm colors such as aqua and white for co-ordinated style and uniqueness.

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Gray Carpet Tiles  These are the new neutrals. Interesting to see these colors is they stand their own. It looks cool practical and stylish.  It provides a neutral backdrop that provides freedom to create a room that appeals a unique design and color preferences for the furniture window treatments room accents and wall colors.  Gray flooring always provides an energetic and playful vibe.

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Textured Loop Carpet Tiles  This has subtle variation in height giving the carpet looks a patterned appearance.  Different sized loops show the light differently.  It makes noticeable patterns in the carpet that looks interesting in the living room.

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Wool Jute and Sisal  It is better to use in the living room because it is better for indoor air quality especially for people who have asthma or allergies.  It traps less dirt and also looks stylish.  Select twisted pile tiles that come with anti insect and stain protectors of 80 wool and 20 nylon.

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Heuga Carpet Tiles  These tiles offer different texture patterns which always attracts people more when compare to other tiles.  It is also used as soft flooring with woodwork finish. Kids are safe to play and you can use a vacuum to clean the dust particles present in the tiles.  These tiles are ever popular at great online prices.

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 You can see exiting colors and textures  Easy to carry in boxes  Even it is easy to fix in awkward rooms  Trouble-free to clean and if a tile is broken you can replace that specific tile alone instead of replacing whole Heuga Carpet Tiles

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Interface Flor Carpet Tiles  It is hard-wearing tiles as this design is famous for its design and is suitable for home and office purposes.  Its durability and versatility for the flor tiles that is perfect for rugs runners or even entire floors.  If you consider environmental then you can choose this one because it is made from pre and post consumer recycled materials.

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