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In the age of "fake it until you make it", knock-off Rolex watches are aplenty. For people who would rather the real thing, knowing how to spot a fake Rolex may prove to be a valuable skill. In this guide, you'll learn the 11 key characteristics of a genuine Rolex watch.


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Presented by Chapes-JPL HOW TO SPOT A FAKE ROLEX

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INTRODUCTION A MARKET FOR COUNTERFEITERS Rolex watches are a widely recognized status symbol of wealth and success. Many people covet them but the price tag discourages many would-be buyers. Recognizing that there is a vast potential market for cheaper Rolex watches counterfeiters have become adept at producing some fairly convincing fakes. LEARN HOW TO SPOT A FAKE A knock-off may satisfy some buyers but for those who are determined to own the real thing it is necessary to learn how to distinguish a fake Rolex from an authentic one. Being able to identify key characteristics of a genuine Rolex can make the difference between getting a luxury watch and getting taken for an expensive ride.

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HOW MUCH DOES IT COST ▸ If you spot a "Rolex" costing between 25 and 200 then it is almost certainly fake. ▸ Most people who buy cheap Rolex watches know that they are replicas and they dont mind. ▸ Real Rolex watches cost between 5000 - 7000 at the lower-end of genuine Rolex timepieces. ▸ However some fake Rolexes can cost just as much as real ones. In these cases further due diligence is required.

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HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGH ▸ Authentic Rolex watches are exclusively made from premium materials and high-quality metals such as 18-karat gold or 904L steel. This generally makes their timepieces weigh between 100 – 300 grams. ▸ Rolex crafts its own alloys and does all metal rolling in house which translates to a product with greater heft than a cheaper reproduction. ▸ If your watch feels light or flimsy it’s probably a fake.

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HOW CLEAR AND PRECISE IS THE SERIAL ▸ Consumers arent expected to verify the serial number itself but should take a look at the quality of the serial number digits. ▸ The serial should be deeply engraved with digits that are clear and precise. ▸ On fake Rolex watches the lettering quality exhibits far less clarity because of the cheap process for marking the watch. Instead of clear and straight cuts lettering may be etched with a series of tiny dots.

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▸ Rolex’s sweeping hand is a testament to their extreme craftsmanship. ▸ A sweeping second hand indicates that a watch has a mechanical movement instead of the cheaper quartz movement. DO YOU SEE OR HEAR TICKING ▸ If your Rolex has a slight stutter to its movement then it is probably a fake. ▸ Similarly if you can see or hear the second hand ticking then the watch is likely not genuine.

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DO YOU SEE INCONSISTENT LETTERING ON THE DIAL ▸ In the spirit of precision and perfection the dial on a real Rolex is crafted with clear identical letters and numbers. ▸ Knock offs are more likely to exhibit inconsistent fonts and unusual spacing between characters. ▸ Some replicas have even been known to have misspellings or smudging on the dial. ▸ If anything seems out of alignment or otherwise irregular on the dial then it is probably a fake.

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IS IT WATERPROOF ▸ All Rolex wristwatches are constructed to be waterproof. Some models like the Rolex Submariner are designed to be worn while underwater. ▸ Fake Rolex watches are not as waterproof as the real thing. ▸ Testing a Rolex’s ability to withstand water is a difficult for consumers to perform themselves so an inspection by an experienced professional may be required.

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WHATS THE MAGNIFICATION OF THE CYCLOPS ▸ Any Rolex watch that features a date display has a Cyclops or magnification window over the display. ▸ The Cyclops magnifies the date by 2.5X so that it is easier to read. ▸ Fake Rolexes that have a date typically only magnify by 0 - 1.5X representing a major giveaway that a particular timepiece isnt genuine.

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DOES IT HAVE A DISTINCTIVE ROLEX STEM ▸ The crown which also may be referred to as the stem or winder is quite distinctive on a genuine Rolex. ▸ The stem is constructed with a single piece of metal consisting of finely engraved grooves. ▸ On waterproof timepieces the stem should also have a black rubber gasket to seal it from water. ▸ If your crown is made with more than a single piece of metal or missing an o- ring than it’s fake.

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CAN YOU SEE A ROLEX CROWN MICRO-ETCHED ▸ Every Rolex manufactured since 2002 will include the distinctive crown logo micro-etched into the crystal next to the 6:00 position. ▸ This detail was added to provide an easier way to determine authenticity. ▸ However it is quite tiny and magnification may be required to see it. ▸ Consequently many counterfeiters will not even make an attempt to replicate the etching.

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DOES IT HAVE A PLAIN CASEBACK ▸ Looking at the caseback may be one of the quickest ways to tell whether or not a Rolex is real or fake. ▸ While Rolex puts plenty of details and intricacy elsewhere on their watches there are no designs on the caseback. ▸ Similarly Rolex does not manufacture watches with a clear caseback that shows the movement. ▸ For the most part the caseback on a Rolex should always be smooth and unadorned.

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DOES IT HAVE A UNIQUE ROLEX BAND ▸ The Rolex company is diligent about marking their products for authenticity. ▸ This includes crafting their watch bands in a way that prohibits low-skilled counterfeiters from duplicating its design easily. ▸ The Rolex band should remain perfectly aligned when placed on a flat surface. ▸ Keep in mind that even if your watch passes all of the previous tests the band may still be fake.

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GET YOUR ROLEX INSPECTED. Don’t have the time or patience to inspect your Rolex Save yourself the hassle and get your Rolex authenticated by a professional at Chapes- JPL.

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