Four Types of Wireless Microphones


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Wireless microphones have become the standard for professionals offering speakers the flexibility to freely navigate the stage. Check out our guide to learn more! Catch up on the latest event industry news, tips & trends at


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Four Types of Wireless Microphones Event Production

slide 2: Wireless Microphones ➔ Wireless microphones have become the standard for professionals ➔ Offer performers interviewers and speakers the flexibility to: ◆ Freely navigate the stage ◆ Focus on the task at hand We have put together a guide to cover some basics on the four major types of wireless mics and how to choose the right ones for your event.

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Four Types of Wireless Microphones

slide 4: 1. Handheld Microphones As far as wireless microphones go handhelds offer the best audio quality which can be attributed to the size of the diaphragm. Considering they are also extremely versatile sturdy and dependable it is no surprise that handheld mics are an excellent option for: ● Musicians and Performers ● Speeches ● Presentations ● Interviewers ● Any situation in which a microphone will need to be passed around QA Panels etc..

slide 5: 2. Lavalier Lav Lapel “Clip On” Microphones ● Great hands-free solution for various presenting needs ● Multiple mounting options making them very easy to hide. The concealment and mobility gained with lavalier microphones make them a popular choice for: ● Theatre ● Engaged public speaking ● Interviews ● Television ● Houses of worship

slide 6: 3. Countryman Microphones ● High-quality ● Lightweight ● Easily concealed ● Comfortable It is a smaller more advanced lavalier microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern serving to minimize noise from handling wind and popping. All of these factors make the Countryman ideal for: ● Theatre ● Public Speaking ● Interviews ● Television ● Houses of worship

slide 7: 4. Fitness Headset ● A fitness headset is perfect for the highest levels of physical activity. ● It has a moisture-repellent hydrophobic fabric that protects the microphone cartridge from corrosion that tends to occur in humid environments. Additionally fitness headsets have wireframes that fit comfortably securely making them perfect for: ● Exercise Videos ● Fitness Instructors Entrepreneurs ● Aerobics Instructors Spin classes yoga etc.

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