Anorexia and Bulimia

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Information about Anorexia and Bulimia and how it affects the brain.


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Anorexia and Bulimia : 

Anorexia and Bulimia By: Chanelle Davis and Chris Naccache

What is Anorexia? : 

What is Anorexia? Eating Disorder Starving Self Fasting Excessive Exercise

Who does it affect? : 

Who does it affect? Affects both men and women 95% of anorexics are women Teens going through puberty Low self-esteem Middle to upper-class people

What happens? : 

What happens? Weight lost below 15% of normality Depression Easily irritated Shorter attention span Obsessive Anxiety Weakness Brittle Skin Shortness of Breath

What is Bulimia? : 

What is Bulimia? Eating excessively Force vomiting Abuse of laxatives Abuse of enemas

Who does it affect? : 

Who does it affect? 3% of all women in U.S. have it at some point 6% of teen girls suffer from it 5% college-aged females suffer from it 10% of men suffer from this

What happens? : 

What happens? Depression Seizures Substance addiction Swollen salivary glands Teeth decay Swollen and Sore throat Irregular heart beat Stomach ulcers Liver and kidney damage Muscle weakness Bloating and Abdominal pain Bowel muscle damage

What about my brain? : 

What about my brain? Anorexia Limbic system Hypothalamus Controls feeling of hunger and anger Bulimia Limbic system Hypothalamus Controls feeling of hunger and anger

How do I get better? : 

How do I get better? Psychotherapy Support Groups Medication Hospitalization


QUIZICAL! What part of the brain is affected by eating disorders? A. Prefrontal Cortex B. Cerebellum C. Limbic System D. Temporal Lobe Who is affected by these two eating disorders? A. Just little kids B. Manly Men C. Women D. All of the above

QUIZICAL! Pt. 2 : 

QUIZICAL! Pt. 2 What is the main thing anorexics do? A. Sleep B. P.M.S. C. Model D. Fast What are the main things bulimics do? A. Read and Write depressing stories B. Eat nothing and throw up C. Eat a lot and throw up D. Model and never eat

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