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FAFSA Presentation:

FAFSA Presentation

Opening Page:

Opening Page Click on “Start Here”

Slide 3:

Student Login

Slide 4:

Will have separate tab for each Financial Aid year (10-11, 11-12,etc.)

PIN Login:

PIN Login If you do not know or have a PIN Number, you need to go to www.pin.ed.gov

Demographic Information:

Demographic Information Marital Status is of the day you complete FAFSA !!!!

Student Eligibility:

Student Eligibility

School Code Section:

School Code Section Select “Off Campus” for Housing Plans in drop down menu Chancellor School Code: 003043

Independent Students:

Independent Students Number of students in Household is total in house, not just family members.

Financial Information:

Financial Information Take information directly from 1040 Tax Return

Financial Information Page 2:

Financial Information Page 2 DO NOT put the amount of taxes withheld, amount should be TAXES PAID!! Normally on Page 2 of 1040 Return.

PIN Signature Page:

PIN Signature Page NEVER EVER share your PIN number with anyone!!

Submission Confirmation Page:

Submission Confirmation Page Estimates on Pell Grant and Loans (Not Finalized Numbers, Final Award determined by Financial Aid Department.) Also Lists schools Graduation and Retention Rate.

Dependent Students-Determination:

Dependent Students-Determination Yes to one of these questions should make student Independent Status

Dependent Students:

Dependent Students Parents will have to get their own separate PIN number and also enter tax information.

Dependent Students-Special Circumstance:

Dependent Students-Special Circumstance Section for Special Circumstances for Dependent Status. Even if student is Special Circumstance, Parental information is still required.

Parent Demographic Info:

Parent Demographic Info Parent Income section same as Independent student. Students and Parents still must sign with own PIN.

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