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UNFCCC, May 2007, Bonn Side event: Climate Impacts for Water The EU water policy framework 17 May 2007 Marieke van Nood Water Framework Directive Team Unit D.2 – Water and Marine DG Environment, European Commission


Content EU Water policy – an overview Water Framework Directive Floods Directive Marine Strategy Directive Water Scarcity and Drought Challenges


EU Water Policy Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC): overall framework for integrated management ambitious objectives (e.g. good status by 2015) Establishment of river basin management plans by 2009 Completing the framework: Groundwater (2006/118/EC) Priority Substances (negotiations ongoing) Extending the scope: Floods Directive (negotiations finalised) Marine Strategy Directive (negotiations ongoing) Communication on Water Scarcity and Droughts


Water Framework Directive: Principles Protection of all waters across Europe, based on comparable principles and objectives Binding objectives, at the same time providing flexibility on the tools how to achieve them Implementation with full participation of all interested and involved parties Long-term planning basis for technical, financial and political decisions

Water Framework Directive: Timetable: 

Transposition into national law Dec 2003 Administrative arrangements Dec 2003 Environmental and economic analysis Dec 2004 Monitoring programmes Dec 2006 Draft river basin management plans Dec 2008 Final river basin management plans Dec 2009 Implementation, adjustment 2015 till 2027 Water Framework Directive: Timetable


-cyclic approach: update river basin management plan every 6 years, including update of pressures from climate change and of the reference conditions -economic instruments: water pricing policies with incentive to use water efficiently -integration with other policies via planning cycle (navigation, agriculture, hydropower) Water Framework Directive and Climate Change


Floods Directive State of play - Second reading agreement deal adopted by the European Parliament, 25 April 2007 -Three stage process : Preliminary flood risk assessment, including climate change considerations (2011) Flood hazard and flood risk maps, based on medium and low probability (or extreme events) floods (2013) Flood risk management plans aimed at reducing probability and damage of flood events (2015) -Coordination and synchronisation with WFD


Floods Directive and Climate Change -Climate Change scenarios and extreme flood events should be taken into account in all three stages : - identification of areas at risk - preliminary assessment - scenario building for maps - mitigation and protection measures in plans, including issues such as “sustainable land use practices” – but much flexibility given to Member States Specific requirement to take climate change into account in the second cycle Commission to report specifically on climate change in the implementation report -Cyclic approach: increased knowledge of climate change impacts on floods can be taken into account


Marine Strategy: State of Play -Proposal by Commission in 2005 -The Marine Strategy will deliver the environmental pillar of the forthcoming EU Maritime Policy -Directive: - Co-decision ongoing (outcome expected late 2007 or early 2008) -Framework for Marine Strategies at the level of Marine Regions -Overall objective: «good environmental status» by 2021


Marine Strategy and Climate Change -Marine Strategy Directive Similar 6-yearly cyclic management, embodying «adaptive management» can take account of CC -Arctic Profound impacts on the marine environment, most visibly starting in the Arctic, will be felt worldwide -EU Maritime Policy Sustainable development of maritime activities -Common Fisheries Policy


Water Scarcity and Droughts  A worldwide problem – EU not spared any more Droughts Increase over the last 30 years Large impacts on the economy, society and environment Water scarcity 12% of EU population and 19% of EU territory affected so far – trends show significant extension  Need to fully consider impacts of climate change


Water Scarcity and Droughts State of Play  Communication from the Commission to be adopted by mid July 2007  A Stakeholder Forum for all interested parties - Meetings on 29 January, 26 March Next meeting on 24 May  Open a broad debate at the Informal Environment Council 1st September


Water Scarcity and Droughts Challenges Focus on Water Demand Management, cf energy Progress towards full implementation of the WFD  Address ineffective water pricing policies Improve land use and planning: address inadequate water allocation  Water saving must become the priority  Further integrate water concerns into sectoral policies  Fill knowledge gaps and ensure data comparability


Challenges Sustainable Water Management = Adaptation Ample tools for Adaptation exist at EU level Full implementation of existing instruments Involvement of all water dependent sectors Water pricing: polluter/user pays World outside EU


More information EC Water Website: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/index_en.htm Water Information System for Europe (WISE): http://water.europa.eu Or email: Marieke.van-nood@ec.europa.eu


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