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Now never lose track of your money! Featured on:

Slide 2: 2 What is Track Every Coin? How? Spend Money Capture on the go via Mobile Apps Analyze on Web Simple tool to keep track of finances

Track Every Coin - Mobile App:

Track Every Coin - Mobile App 3 Capture your expenses on the go Sync all your data to your web account

Track Every Coin - Mobile Access:

Track Every Coin - Mobile Access 4

Track Every Coin – Desktop App: 5 Track Every Coin – Desktop App Standalone app for windows, mac, linux -if you need your finance data on your computer or access without internet

Slide 6: 6 Web Portal

Slide 7: 7

Slide 8: 8

Summary – Track Every Coin:

Summary – Track Every Coin 9 Expense Income Reimbursement Bill reminder Split bills

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