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Building a Community:

Building a Community Taking your online presence to next level

The 3 kinds of online media:

The 3 kinds of online media Brand-controlled channel Website, twitter account, Facebook fan page, etc Is viewed with skepticism – aims to become ‘earned media’ A predominant tone, consistent reaction and empathy is essential for long-term success Brand pays to leverage a channel Sponsored pages, banner adverts, paid search Works only if it is ‘interesting’, targeted and useful Is dependant purely on marketing push Customers become the channel Reviews/ opinions in discussion forums, twitter, blogs etc Can go unabated positively or negatively Needs constant monitoring, reactive engagement and a carefully derived tone of reaction for long-term engagement Owned media Paid media Earned media

Owned-Earned Media:

Owned-Earned Media Team- BHP

Random Vs. Prioritized- organized communication:

Random Vs. Prioritized- organized communication Online communication is about 2 aspects Who are we speaking to? What are we telling them? Each time we go out online with paid banners, random updates on Facebook, Twitter etc. we try to build an audience from scratch – this is a waste of effort, every time Assuming we’re reasonably sure of what we’re supposed tell online users, the other aspect, ‘who are we speaking to?’ needs to be fixed

Characteristics of online conversations:

Characteristics of online conversations Unaided Brutally frank Impulsive For brands to be able to initiate conversation, they need to participate in the existing conversation first – and earn the trust of the online crowd. Brands need to understand that social media does not work within any set of rules – journalistic, for instance. Social media, hence, can be extremely honest and as a result unsettling to brands/ companies. It’s very easy to have an opinion and air it via the myriad tools online. Brands need to condition themselves to this fact.

What is a community???:

What is a community???

Grey Gambit:

Grey Gambit



Why do we need a Community??? :

Why do we need a Community??? People: A ground to discuss, accumulate and innovate (Central Hub) Innovation: Get feedback, advice and new ideas Collaboration: To make people the backbone of the brand Evangelism: Help to grow Evangelists for your product or goal Loyalty: Right engagement can lead to increase in loyalty 2-way sharing Vs 1-way broadcast

What makes a community “THE” community:

What makes a community “THE” community Listen: Good or bad ? Explain: Any major actions, explain Provide: What the users want Transparent: Open , inclusive discussions Easy: The participation Criticism: Always welcomed Active: The main focal point

Critics turned Evangelists:

Critics turned Evangelists It took a total of 10 days to clear the case

How to build the community…Stepping Stones:

How to build the community…Stepping Stones Online Mapping : Where is your target users? Perception : How are you perceived Psychology : What is the psychological level of your user? Various Algorithm : Do you know the basic of Semantic Web?

Building the salience…:

Building the salience… Data Insights Action Required Website Search Site traffic? Bounce rate compared to traffic? Traffic from India? Local content, including newsroom What is search inquisitiveness compare to competition Search queries regarding latest products? Prominence in category-related queries Keeping product pages the same worldwide, country-specific pages / helps drive multi-stakeholder engagement as well as search visibility Newsroom content optimized for sharing (SMO) Are contextual keywords, search-friendly social platforms enhancing the visibility (SEO) Need Suggestion for: SEO/SEM strategies Organic search

Beneficial Tools:

Beneficial Tools Alexa Google Analytic IceRocket Twitter Advance Search Vizisense

Don’t forget the life line…:

Don’t forget the life line… No platform can evolve into a community without the apt CONTENT

How do we look at content?:

How do we look at content? Overall objective: To reach a stage where your brand is sought out in the market ( Eg Gaming Affordable Processor, “XXX”) Key target groups Entry-level users Tech. savvy users Uber geeks PC gaming enthusiasts Key message “XXX” enables competent everyday computing in affordable packages Whatever your computing requirements, “XXX” has an appropriate and affordable solution Your custom computing rig is incomplete without “XXX in it Gaming = “XXX”! Regular content Intended to create awareness on “XXX’s range for novice users, offer use cases etc. To showcase how “XXX” can scale computing requirements, highlight apt OEM products etc. Display customized ‘XXX” rigs and offer support for best uses case, involve known online influencers to opine on them etc. Drive home the fact that ‘XXX” is the best choice for gaming configs through influencer seeding and use case communication Campaigns (Suggestive) A interactive Facebook application on ‘How to select a PC?’ that seeks inputs on PC usage and offers advice on configuration, brand, availability and price (for “XXX” configs ) and configuration and brand alone for other configs (to sound neutral and be helpful) Call for and select “XXX’s” Citizen Brand Ambassadors. These are normal people (students/techies etc.) who have opted for a “XXX”-based configuration Promote their viewpoints around why they opted for it and how it helps – promotion on Facebook, Twitter and spreads via the brand ambassadors’ personal networks. Limit the number of ambassadors to retain exclusivity. Product seeding for among leading gaming influencers in the Indian online space and communicating their feedback/opinion amongst our community members to enable it to spread organically online

Social Media Strategy:

Social Media Strategy

Why participate in social media?:

Why participate in social media? Focus on Conversations and Relationships! Customer Engagement Competitive Differentiation Brand Building Thought Leadership Reputation Management Connecting with your audiences


How??? Its like how to tie a tie… Try try till the time is right …

A phased approach towards social media:

A phased approach towards social media

How do we take this forward?:

How do we take this forward?

Promotion strategy:

Promotion strategy A content platform can be as successful as the quality of content and engagement it offers and as well as it is promoted The idea is to use one online property at a time, where original content is consistently created and where engagement levels are maintained actively

Segmentation Of Fans/Users:

Segmentation Of Fans/Users The Causal fan: Not Brand Loyal The Casual Fans: More willing to follow page via a social plug-in The Committed Fans: Loyalist, Evangelists

The Strategy:

The Strategy S A L I E N C E ADVOCACY ENDORSEMENT ENGAGEMENT Deepen relationships with the brand passionistas Engage the critics to shift perceptions Creating the evangelists who themselves endorse Create unique experiences that bring alive the differentiators Optimize owned media platforms for search and sharability

How and why should a brand respond to online comments?:

How and why should a brand respond to online comments? Basic assumptions: This is not a marketing or customer support activity This is a pure-play PR/communications activity There are far more comments online than what we can feasibly track and respond So, how should we address online comments? Response will not be handled out of an assembly-line; but chosen based on possible influence may derive So, comment criticality is 2nd priority (it'd be top priority for customer support) A positive reference from an influential online person is worth many word-of-mouth referrals since all his connections see how happy he is, with the Brand!

Keep the ears to the ground:

Keep the ears to the ground Walk the Talk. Living the Brand’s Promise and bring it alive in each action interaction is the key to creating brand advocates Owned Platform Official Email ID CAC User User If contacts available, escalated for status and necessary action If contacts unavailable, user requested to share details to official email id for escalation to CAC Queries / complaints Query / complaint mails Comms team Status/ Followups Reassurance Appreciation / Feedbaack Online Monitoring across portals, forums, social networks to identify necessary interventions

It’s beyond the followers and following ratio ROI Metrics:

It’s beyond the followers and following ratio ROI Metrics The key engagement metrics Influence : Quality of posts you make and the number of people who follow what you say or re-tweet or respond Popularity : How many followers you have and the lists you are included on Engagement : How you engage is what counts. Time taken talking to individuals, and the conversation. Trust : Number of times someone is happy to associate what you have said through them . Viral: Are people referred to your community

PowerPoint Presentation:

Need more reasons? Bloggers and podcasters are legitimate PR targets – many exceed the reach of mainstream media They have cheap technology tools to create, mix and mash-up their own multimedia news stories Bloggers and traditional journalists prefer deconstructed content rather than being forced to sift through lengthy releases and playing “What’s the news here?” Old media journalists are now fully adapted to using internet for research so you need to be online and search engine optimized Bottom line: The way we influence has changed

Role of a community manager:

Role of a community manager What do we do? Ongoing Facilitation Content Creation Evangelism Community Evolution What do we need? Patience Communication Facilitation Technical Skills Marketing Self Motivation Organization Skills Networking Workaholic Tendencies

Let’s take an Example…:

Let’s take an Example…

International Customer Engagement:

International Customer Engagement Example:

Customer Engagement:

Customer Engagement Example: Problem Solved in 10 Min!

Customer Engagement:

Customer Engagement Example: Results: 3,000+ Followers on Twitter Rapid responses to highly vocal customers Decrease in customer service calls Fewer potential negative interactions means better customer sentiment WIRED, BusinessWeek, WSJ, NYT, TheConsumerist and more

Indian Customer Redressal :

Indian Customer Redressal The only Indian automobile brand proactively leveraging social media for CRM Other brands currently using social media for pure play brand salience Some clearly ignoring customer complaints High focus on creativity to drive user engagements through sharable content and inviting participation Example:

The approach:

The approach Example:

The approach: Open House With the MD:

The approach: Open House With the MD Example:

The result:

Example: The result Dealer’s Queries

The result:

We Listen We Resolve We Found the Faults The result Example:

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