Private Equity Asia-Pacific And Technology Financing Firm In Malaysia


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Finding a best financial service company with the help of your start a new business finance. We are one of the option in malaysia. Call us at 60-3 2711-7211.


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Celadon Capital helps you to raise long term and short term funds for your business and projects. We serves globally and currently our focus is on Asia Pacific region. Email:   Telephone: +60-3 2711-7211 Fax: +60-3 2715-5211 Celadon Capital |

Services We Offer:

Services We Offer Venture Capital Private Equity Investment Banking Celadon Capital |

Venture Capital:

Venture Capital Being a venture capital firm we are optimistic and ready to take risk on projects which are capable to generate revenue for a business. Contact with Celadon Capital now for funds and investment. Celadon Capital |

Investment Banking:

Investment Banking We are global leader in financing and advising on financial strategies. Celadon Capital is one of the biggest Investment Banking in Asia Pacific region. Contact now and grow your business revenue. Celadon Capital |

Private Equity:

Private Equity Private equity is an asset for investors in form of securities. Financial institution who raises funds for business get equity shares in exchange. Celadon Capital ready to help needy business in form of capital raising. Celadon Capital |

Countries We Cover:

Countries We Cover Malaysia Singapore Hong Kong Thailand Indonesia Philippines India Bangladesh Australia USA Canada United Kingdom France Germany Netherlands Denmark Finland Celadon Capital |

Contact Us:

Contact Us Feel Free To Contact Celadon Capital (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Tel: +60-3 2711-7211 Fax: +60-3 2715-5211 Email:   For more information visit Celadon Capital |

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