Valentine's Day Workshop and Party

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Teachers in Action Activity done by Cecilia, Brittany, and Samantha


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Valentine’s Day Workshop and Party for Children with Special Needs:

Valentine’s Day Workshop and Party for Children with Special Needs Brittany Byers (Holloway) Cecilia Cruz Samantha Field April 9, 2015 EEX 4070 Teaching Exceptional Students

Teachers in Action:

Teachers in Action Meets the needs of up and coming teachers while creating an opportunity to volunteer and assist children, youth, and adults with disabilities in Central Florida Students create their own project based off of what they feel needs to be changed in the community

Our Goal:

Our Goal Our goal was to reach out to youth in the community with disabilities. We wanted to engage the youth in activities that were fun and educational. We wanted to provide a safe learning environment where the children felt accepted. In doing so, we did a workshop with the children where they learned three different skills. We also threw a Valentine’s Day party in there honor to show how much they are cared for.

Preparing for the Workshop:

Preparing for the Workshop Activities Compound Bingo 5 senses Compliment Balloons Party Supplies

Student Demographics:

Student Demographics Title I school Intensive Reading and ESE

The Workshop:

The Workshop

Making a Difference:

Making a Difference The children were very excited about the snacks, gifts, and were appreciative of what we taught them. The students sent us Thank you letters

Reflection :

Reflection We learned a lot from this experience and most importantly we learned that these students are no different from others. They may need more care and attention, but we all have needs and as future teachers we should focus on educating all students effectively. It is our responsibility to help our students succeed by catering to each and every one of their needs.

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