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Greyhound :

Greyhound Greyhound Lines Inc. is the nation's largest intercity bus company, and the only long-haul, nationwide provider of bus service in the United States.

Vision and Mission Statement:

Vision and Mission Statement Vision : To operate a bus system that could carry passengers to most destinations throughout the United States Mission : "Provide the opportunity for any person to travel between any two cities in North America with safety, dignity, and convenience . . . "

Strategic Management Plan:

Strategic Management Plan What is Strategic Management? With the appointment of Greyhound's new management team in late 1994 and early 1995, the company developed a "back-to-basics" operating strategy that remains in place today. This strategy, as stated by the company, focuses on "providing a good customer-oriented product with a capacity-flexible, sound bus operation."

Why Study Strategy?:

Why Study Strategy? In business, strategy requires a big picture perspective According to Greyhound, approximately one-third of the U.S. population matches the demographic profiles of its customers. In 1977 the company used a variety of promotional fares to expand its customer base

Resources, Capabilities & Activities:

Resources, Capabilities & Activities Resources and Capabilities are the fundamental building blocks of a firms strategy The Purchase of new buses and relocation of terminals Greyhound maintains a fleet of 2,400 buses, which cover 60,000 route miles.

Creating Business Strategy for Dynamic Contexts:

Creating Business Strategy for Dynamic Contexts A firm’s ability to modify, reconfigure and upgrade resources and capabilities in order to strategically respond to or generate environmental changes Economic Forces - The slow economy has meant tightening of the belt for many people, which translates into fewer cross-country pleasure travelers.

The External Context of Strategy:

The External Context of Strategy Understanding the External Environment Macro Environment Industry Life Cycle Greyhound SWOT Analysis

Creating Business Strategies:

Creating Business Strategies Strategic Positioning Low-Cost Leadership Quality Strategy

Developing Corporate Strategy:

Developing Corporate Strategy Economies of Scope Diversification Barriers to Entry Competitive Advantage

Looking at International Strategies:

Looking at International Strategies International Strategy Firms often expand internationally to fuel growth; however, international expansion does not guarantee profitable growth and should be pursued to help a firm build or exploit a competitive advantage.

Understanding Alliances:

Understanding Alliances Strategic Alliance Joint Investment

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Mergers and Acquisitions Motives – Synergy, Manager Self-Interest and Hubris Importance Characteristic

New Ventures & Corporate Governance:

New Ventures & Corporate Governance Partnership with Travel Agencies Adding Luxury Buses to Fleet


Conclusion Survival Merging Continue

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