5 Ways Infographics Can Strengthen Your Sales Funnel


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5 Ways Infographics Can Strengthen Your Sales Funnel


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slide 1:

5 Ways Infographics Can Strengthen Your Sales Funnel

slide 2:

Traffic Infographics drive more traffic to your website

slide 3:

Infographics when putting at the top of your sales funnel help drive more traffic via organic search link building and social shares

slide 4:

Awareness Infographics Raise awareness about your business via social media channels

slide 5:

In 2014 39 of B2B buyers identified that they share infographics on social media frequently

slide 6:

convert Infographics Convert visitors into qualified leads

slide 7:

Infographics can be used as your offer for email opt-in or to redirect visitors to your landing page where they are asked to fill in information to receive premium content like white papers or ebooks

slide 8:

nurture Infographics Educate and nurture your leads

slide 9:

Well-designed infographics about any complicated topics help you educate and build great relationship with opt-in leads in an entertaining way

slide 10:

delight Infographics Surprise and delight your customers

slide 11:

Infographics can be your secret weapon to attract more interest and generate delight from your current customers build trust and finally turn them into brand advocates

slide 12:

THE SEEN It’s time to get visual

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