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Planning corporate events still require careful consideration especially with budgets, and there are many creative ways to help you keep those budgets in check. There's a lot more that goes into making of a high profile corporate; you have to gain recognition amongst peers, build a healthy respect amongst your employees and get as much media exposure as you can to up your stakes. Corporate Events Toronto serves all these purposes and more. Check this link right here for more information on Corporate Events Toronto. Follow Us:


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Corporate Events Toronto:

Corporate Events Toronto We cater to a wide variety of events, from corporate to social to weddings, The Maple Six can fit elegantly in any setting or style. With a modern take on the classic Canadiana , the unique and exquisite pairing of maple and cheese, will both engage and entertain your guests' visual and flavour senses with an experience that will leave them speechless !

Maple and Cheese Toronto:

Maple and Cheese Toronto Beautifully presented on live edge wood slabs. Each serving is prepared on plates of freshly packed food grade snow and our signature frosted maple - a pure Ontario maple syrup reduction, kissed by snow. The sensational pairing of frosted maple, artfully wrapped around an artisan cheese, will have you coming back for more.

Wedding Catering Toronto:

Wedding Catering Toronto Maple Six is a pairing of sweet and savoury like no other. Our signature Frosted Maple is artfully wrapped around a piece of artisan cheese. A one bite experience that will leave your mouth watering.

Wedding Catering Toronto:

Wedding Catering Toronto Cheese Selection : We've curated a selection of cheese that accentuates the maple profile but can still hold its own. Our three cheese selection caters to the mild, medium and bold taste buds; Ontario Cheddar, Thunder Oak Gouda and Bleu Benedictin . Custom cheese choices can be ordered with advance notice. We also offer our Frosted Maple, a pure maple syrup reduction prepared on snow. A traditional Canadian treat, normally eaten slope side or in the sugar shacks of Northern Quebec, but can be enjoyed at your event.

Corporate Events Toronto:

Corporate Events Toronto Mimi Ashi is a Pastry Arts Graduate from George Brown College and a former associate of Ninutik [Maple Sugar]. For five years, Mimi was an essential member in producing beautifully hand-crafted pure maple sugar confections such as Pops, Lollies and Cube 57's. Creations designed by Richard Brault and Dianne Croteau . In additional to maple production, Mimi managed SASSeh and Maple Taffy on snow events - Ninutik's catering division. In December 2015, Richard and Dianne decided to move on to new projects. Ninutk , and its gifting line, shut down. The decision was obvious for Mimi to continue catering Maple on Snow events and officially took over operations as of January 2016. Sixty Six Brix was born. New name, but same great service, same friendly face.

Unique Catering Ideas:

Unique Catering Ideas Sixty six brix is a catering company that specializes in frosted maple taffy - a pure Ontario maple syrup reduction that is rolled on fresh snow. A true Canadiana treat! Our frosted maple can be paired with artisan cheeses for our signature treat, The Maple Six. A sophisticated union of sweet and savoury .

Unique Catering Ideas:

Unique Catering Ideas To schedule a tasting or book your next event please contact us at: email: | phone: (416) 660-0709

Special Events Catering:

Special Events Catering The Maple Six is perfect for Weddings, Company Celebrations and Parties of all kinds! Corporate Events Toronto

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