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Nurturing Relationships In Covid times Harsh Johari Executive Leadership Coach

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Lets get some basics in place ● No secret or magic formula ● Every relationship needs time space and patience ● Each relationship is unique ● Fundamentals of human relationships are same – personal and professional ● Your actions are under your control. Other’s actions are not ● Blaming the world for your problems will not help the cause

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Why do relationships fail

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Why do relationships fail ● Treat it as one-way street receive but not give ● Lack of trust ● Lack of communication ● Not enough time invested ● Expectations ● Lack of ownership

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How many people are there in any relationship

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Are there only 2 people in a relationship You Me Ideal You Ideal Me 4 people

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So what can you do You Me Ideal You Ideal Me ● No ideal me or you. Only real me and you ● Real people make mistakes get angry not perfect ● They also love care forgive ● Reset communication lines Make relationships perfect by accepting the imperfect

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How many of you think you are a good listener How many of you think your partner is a bad listener

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When you want someone to listen to you what is that one thing you

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How to listen in a relationship ● Listen with true intent. You want to ● Listen to what’s said. Not what you want to hear ● Don’t listen to react/respond. But to understand ● Don’t judge when listening ● Don’t interrupt ● No distractions. No phones. Make eye contact ● Be curious. Ask questions. Shows involvement ● Repeat. Shows you’re attentive ● Watch body language. You don’t listen just by ears but by other senses as well

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How many of you have tried to change your partner How has it worked out really

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Taking ownership You Me 0 You Me What can I do

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What can you do during these times ● Identify and examine your relationships ● Understand the WHY ● Take action based on type of relationship what you really want

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Your action based on nature of relationship ● New relationship ● Matured relationship ● Decaying relationship ● Forgotten relationship ● Broken relationship WHY + Invest Invest + Listen + Take Ownership WHY + Decide Invest Take Ownership or Let Go Move on Renew WHY + Invest + Take Ownership Repair WHY + Invest + Take Ownership OR Closure

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Closure Closing an unfinished agenda unfinished conversation from the past. You want to revive repair or simply close ● Identify ● Replay – what you could have done differently ● Preparation – no blame game taking ownership ● Have a conversation ● Follow-up

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Open to questions now

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Source: the coaching tool company ● Life coaching helps people overcome personal professional challenges through: ○ Career coaching: Helps in career acceleration / transition resume/cv/personal branding improve leadership skills execute short/mid term projects. ○ Business coaching: Helps entrepreneurs scale up enhance profits strategize - marketing sales etc. ○ Relationship coaching: Helps improve family business relations. ● Life coaching is powerful as it lets clients find their own solutions through intelligent questioning listening rather than being prescriptive. People using life coaching reported: ○ improving 70 their work performance ○ 61 improved business performance ○ 73 improved their relationships About life coaching

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Verification of Academic coaching certification. Feedback from past clients ● Life coaching is an unregulated industry. Even untrained individuals can call themselves life coaches. ● Catalyyze curates life coaches through its unique onboarding process. About Catalyyze - What problem we are solving Enroll coach to Catalyyze family Interview discussions to assess competencies

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Thank you

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