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Steel castings manufacturers India +91-285 2660113

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Adoption of continuous casting process by manufacturers

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Indian steel castings manufacturers • Presently continuous casting has become most preferred choice for steel castings manufacturers in India. • To understand the benefits we first need to know about the continuous casting process.

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Casting Foundries are getting benefits from continuous casting method Investment Castings Steel Castings Ferrous Castings

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Casting Foundries are getting benefits from continuous casting method Alloy Castings CNC Turned Castings Metal Castings

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What is continuous casting process • Under this process foundry prepares molten metal in an oxygen furnace which is later conveyed to a ladle either a nearby ingot or continuous casting facility. • Engineers make several types of ingots to manufacture different shapes of steel castings in varied sizes. • These ingots are made- blooms billets and slabs.

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What is continuous casting process • Billets and blooms are used for manufacturing tubes round shaped castings and structural castings. • Whereas slabs are used to manufacture flat steel castings such as plates trays etc.

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Why manufacturers in India adopting continuous casting process • Continuous casting process offers many benefits to the casting foundries in India. • Few of the advantages are as follows:

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Advantages of continuous casting process • Energy saving process • Enhance yield • Enhance productivity • Improve steel quality • Diminish pollution • Lower capital costs

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Energy Saving • Steel casting manufacturers in India use continuous casting process to save energy and enhance yield. • Moreover better control over casting process results in enhanced efficiency.

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Energy Saving

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Enhanced Productivity • As per the reports 10-15 labor is required by most of the manufacturers in steel castings industry for continuous casting process. • Enhanced productivity leads to increased yield and improved working environment for the engineers.

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Better Quality Steel • With continuous casting process manufacturers avail better steel quality and produce better castings for industrial clients.

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Better Quality Steel

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Diminish Pollution • Soaking pits and reheating the furnaces are now not followed by foundries as these were energy consuming methods. • Engineers d on’ t expose steel to the air for a long time and thus there is less airborne pollutants.

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Reduced Capital Cost • Steel casting manufacturers in India d on’ t need molds stripping tools soaking pits primary rolling mills and reheating furnaces which resulted in capital cost reduction.

slide 17: Conclusion • Due to all these benefits more casting foundries in India are instantly adopting continuous casting process for better quality steel casting and productivity.

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