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Download the bonus at: http://www.lafabbricadellarealta.com/preshero/smsecret/ As social media becomes more mainstream, it's becoming increasingly difficult to be seen, heard and to meet new fans, friends and customers on popular social networks. The time is right to discover 9 untapped social networking sites and tools that will give a boost to your current and upcoming campaigns. But be quick. The first mover has an advantage here. This presentation contains a bonus you can download at: http://www.lafabbricadellarealta.com/preshero/smsecret/


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You are using Twitter and Facebook like a pro. I’m talking to you You are a Pinterest ninja a Tumblr maniac. You have all your social media strategy laid out.

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You met a ton of new customers on those sites. You told stories created opportunities grew your following.

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Now those things are getting harder to do. Your favorite social networks dont serve you like they used to. Something feels broken.

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Hi Im Matteo. I do a lot of social media marketing. Today I will give you 9 fresh social networking tools you should start using before your competitors master them.

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1. ANIMOTO Welcome to a super neat app that allows you to create cool looking videos synced to music on your phone. The output is just terrifc gets great responses on other social networks. It’s so easy

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2. VINE A mature social network that allows you to cut great vines also on your computer. No more clumsy "shot and edited in the phone" stuff. Need help Hire a freelance editor. Plenty of space here

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3. SKIT You can to create simple animated videos based on your photos mashed with content from Skit. Create a video to share on other social networks or upload your assets and let the remix begin. The mashup is alive

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4. STOREHOUSE An app that lets you mix and mash your text photos and videos. Its quick easy and the result is a visual story that looks stunningly beautiful. Forget Medium

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5. HAIKU DECK Both an app and a site that allow you to create simple presentations using beautiful minimalistic templates. Think PowerPoint minus the ugly graphics. Beautiful easy

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6. TAGBOARD A useful social media aggregator that generates boards based on hashtags. Once created the board is kept up to date with multiple feeds. Do you use hashtags

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7. BUZZTALE Create interactive boards that can be updated from the web or mobile devices. Great for aggregating content following live events or summarizing them after they have ended. Save the moment

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8. FLOWVELLA An app that sits on your tablet and organizes your assets in neat presentations. The outputs look good and is easily sharable. And they look nothing like PowerPoint decks. Create on the go.

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9. STORIFY The global connector of all things social the king of social media is a platform that is perfect for storytelling perfect for live events perfect for - frankly - any type of content. Absolute favorite

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One more thing...

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There are 4 additional social tools that I discovered and could not ft into this presentation...

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Download the bonus here along with the links to all of the sites mentioned in the presentation.

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At this point maybe youre wondering: what strategy should I use on these tools Well you need to storytell like a pro. Thats what I teach at Presentation Hero Academy.

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Download the bonus Discover the blueprint to storytelling excellence and join the Presentation Hero Academy.

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Find me on twitter matteoc Thank you

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