3 ways to start your presentation with a bang


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http://preshero.co/ How do you capture the attention of your audience in the first minutes of a presentation? I will provide 3 simple tips that will allow you to own the beginning of any presentation. Are you ready to become a presentation hero? Let’s get going! Tip n. 1 is to tell you audience who you are. State your name. Make it clear. Make sure that everyone hears you. Don’t just say your name. That can be kind of dry. Make sure to give your audience a hint of what you do in life, of what you are passionate about, of what makes you tick. Now in the eyes and ears of your audience you are not just a drone, but a real all-round human being. Maybe even a nice one... So. You’re a human now. That’s great. But let’s continue.


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preshero.co matteoc PRESENTATION HERO ways to start your presentation with a BANG 3

slide 2:

preshero.co matteoc 1. Tell your audience who you are

slide 3:

preshero.co matteoc Make sure that everyone in the room has understood your name but also that they are also able to describe who you are.

slide 4:

preshero.co matteoc For example...

slide 5:

preshero.co matteoc 1/3 My name is Matteo I’m part visionary entrepreneur and part presentation freak.

slide 6:

preshero.co matteoc 2. Tell your audience why you are there

slide 7:

preshero.co matteoc Show how much you care about the topic

slide 8:

preshero.co matteoc If you care

slide 9:

preshero.co matteoc your audience will care. If you care

slide 10:

preshero.co matteoc Show them how your perspective

slide 11:

preshero.co matteoc Show them how your perspective your specifc unique knowledge

slide 12:

preshero.co matteoc Show them how your perspective your specifc unique knowledge makes your presentation unmissable

slide 13:

preshero.co matteoc Example “Why am I here I love presentations...”

slide 14:

preshero.co matteoc 3. Tell your audience why they are there

slide 15:

preshero.co matteoc Let them sample an advantage

slide 16:

preshero.co matteoc Show them a glimpse of the new knowledge

slide 17:

preshero.co matteoc Give them a reason to pay attention

slide 18:

preshero.co matteoc “I bet you have found already something actionable among my tips. Well done” Example

slide 19:

preshero.co matteoc Who are you Why are you there Why are they there

slide 20:

preshero.co matteoc Did you like those 3 simple actionable tips

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preshero.co matteoc You will like PRESENTATION HERO even more

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