Common issues during pregnancy

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A Woman’s Haven is a free pregnancy clinic in San Antonio who provides free pregnancy and abortion counselling. The services they offer are free and confidential.


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Common Issues During Pregnancy:

Common Issues During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most beautiful  time in a woman's life. This is equally a time of excitement and tension Mostly new moms will not be having much awareness. Pregnancy information San Antonio can help you with pregnancy awareness. Pregnancy


1.Leg and foot cramps This is one of the most common problems that most women face during pregnancy. The best way to prevent this is by stretching the legs and keeping the legs straight. Heat pack can also help you to prevent the foot cramps. Consult free pregnancy tests San Antonio if you have any pregnancy related queries.


2. Indigestion This is one another problem that women face during pregnancy. This is most common during the third trimester. This is because the uterus puts more weight on intestine and stomach. Try not to lie down after a heavy meal since this increases the chances of heartburn and indigestion .


3.Backache Backache is another common problem women face. The ligaments will become softer and stretchable during pregnancy and this is the cause of backache. Good exercise can help to reduce backache. Maintaining good posture is also equally important.


4.Varicose Vein  Varicose vein is another common problem that we see in pregnant woman. F ree pregnancy clinic in san antonio can provide you with proper information. The pregnancy hormones are mainly responsible for the varicose vein. Some of the precautions that we can take to prevent this includes: 1.Gentle exercise on a daily basis. 2.Try not to stand for long time.        


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