Diet for Pregnant Women

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Confused about the diet to be followed during pregnancy? Avail the service of free pregnancy information San Antonio. We provide free information about your pregnancy diet and other related topics.


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Food habits during pregnancy :

Food habits during pregnancy

Diet during Pregnancy:

Diet during Pregnancy Food habits are so important during the pregnancy period especially during pregnancy period. This is so critical for the development of baby. The food should contain proper nutrients for baby’s development. We should be very careful about the food consumption. There are certain foods that we should avoid as well. Consult free pregnancy clinic in San Antonio for more information.

Food to be included:

Food to be included Milk products  It is a must that we should consume dairy products during pregnancy. Pregnancy Information San Antonio can give more details about the food to be included This is a tremendous source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc etc. This is very crucial for the development of baby.


Eggs Egg is one of the foods which contains almost all the nutrients both the mother and baby needs. Egg is a large source of choline which is highly essential for the brain development and health. Consult pregnancy information San Antonio to know more about the food that are good for pregnant ladies.


Water During pregnancy the volume of blood increases so it is important to stay hydrated. Moreover drinking water can help to decrease the risks of urinary infections and constipation which are common during pregnancy. Free Pregnancy Tests San Antonio for more information.


Dry Fruits Dry fruits are rich in calories, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Dates are rich in fibre, iron, potassium, etc. This can also helps in cervical dilation. Prunes are natural laxatives.

Food to Avoid:

Food to Avoid Alcohol Alcohol should be avoided since it can cause physical and even mental problems including learning and behavioural problems in babies. This can also lead to behavioural problems in babies.


Unpasteurized food Unpasteurized food can also cause different problems for both the baby and the mother. This can cause food poisoning and many other problems. This can also lead to other serious problems like miscarriages, still births etc.


Raw meat Raw meat should be avoided since this can transfer many infections from mother to child. This can lead to mental disorders and sometimes even to blindness in children. Consult free pregnancy test San Antonio TX for more information.


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