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Carolyn Tallman (LaQuita's section) and Leah Saltzman (Chris' section)


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“Some learning happens all the time; all learning can happen at any time.” : 

“Some learning happens all the time; all learning can happen at any time.” -Professor Raley

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Although schools try to restrict our learning to stay within the classroom, learning is going on around us at all times; it cannot be contained.

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The school tries to be our one and only source of education, but education is much larger than that.

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Education, being a deliberate transmission of knowledge, is yet only a facet of learning. Learning happens both in and out of school.

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Learning can be formal, informal, intentional, and unexpected. Schooling tries to teach only to our formal and intentional learning, disregarding every other way we learn.

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Noise is the learning that is taking place all around us, all the time. It is the residual learning that happens in a structured environment. And this other learning that the schools cannot contain is called noise.

Mr. World can’t stop learning from all this noise!!! : 

Mr. World can’t stop learning from all this noise!!!

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We have an epistemic problem. We don’t know all of the learning that happens in school, making it impossible to determine the appropriate way to structure our schools.

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Because the problem of how to control learning cannot be solved, we have to think to redefine our preconceived notions of the structure and function of school. By trying to contain learning within the classroom, we are missing out on all the other learning opportunities.

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We need to think outside the box in order to be fully engaged with our learning students…

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…by thinking through our rationale for our standards of public schooling…

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…because not all students are the same. Learning can happen in many different ways and in many different domains.

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For all of the different students in a school, and for all the limitations of the teacher, schooling is a complicated service to provide. Schools must essentially try to provide learning of equal quality for many different kinds of people.

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While we don’t have any specific solutions for you to consider, simply questioning the system at hand sets us in the right direction. But so long as we are aware of what is going on, from a critical perspective, we can acknowledge the problems in school and justifiably speak up about it.

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I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. Eartha Kitt So remember, learning is always happening, in and out of school.

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