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Carolyn Marie fashion blog expresses her independent nature towards her dressing style and attractive accessories. Carolyn Marie is famous for her fashion and lifestyle blog, often referred to as the best fashion blog indie. She is acclaimed for her design and way of life blog, frequently alluded to as the best fashion blog indie. Visit more..........


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Beauty and Style Read all about it in the Best Fashion Blog Indie Do you consider yourself as fashionable What is fashion Are you a music fanatic Do you follow and like the fashion sense of musician The multi-talented artist Carolyn Marie is an amazing singer heart-capturing songwriter heart-throbbing dance performer and a well versed fashion music and lifestyle blogger. The Blogger She is famous for her fashion and lifestyle blog often referred to as the best Fashion Blog Indie. “Indie” is a short-form of independence or independent. Carolyn Marie has already attracted a huge audience by her mesmerizing words in the amazing songs that she performs. Her use of simple words

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bundled together to express a deeper meaning is the reason for her fame both for her performances and her blogs. What is Fashion People confuse costume with fashion even though fashion is a popular practice in footwear clothing makeup accessories body or furniture. It portrays the trend of the individual and society.

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To her fashion is anything which is trendy which enhances confidence and which goes with your personality. Fashion is something which should define the individual’s personality and boost his confidence. It is not always the big brands or what the celebrities’ wear it is what an individual wears and looks good in. Her independent blog expresses her views on clothing and accessories portraying simplicity in the purest form.

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The Fashion Business The business of fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry highly competitive and extremely brutal in terms of margins and functioning. It is an ever changing industry which results in lots of unsold inventory need for new designs and staying up with the trend is not always easy. There are several brands which set a fad or a trend and everyone then starts following it. Celebrities are high in demand for fashion because of their millions of followers. The big brands control the trend by using social media marketing for reaching a larger audience in a brief period of time. The development of technology mainly internet has been responsible for such high interests in the fashion industry. Ecommerce websites and nowadays social networking websites offer selling almost everything at the click of a button. Earlier it was carried out only by retailers and wholesalers but the competition has increased exponentially since the establishment of e-commerce websites. They offer

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huge discounts to consumers which enable an average consumer to purchase a high priced fashionable item i.e. a branded top jeans lighter shoes and rings et-cetera. The Sub-products of Fashion Industry The industry is not just about clothes accessories and other items rather it has given birth to hundreds of different job profiles e.g. stylists designers and photographers et-cetera. The industry has individuals focusing on single entity as well as overall professionals who give a generalized opinion. It is pretty much like the medical industry in terms of the professional aspect of it in the following ways:  It can be age specific  It can be body part specific  Individuals need to study in detail about the various cultures and trends  It requires intense research

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 It depends on different individuals i.e. can be different for every individual  There is no single answer to the problems  It is ever changing and increasing  It can give rise to sub-categories of work These two industries are miles apart in their functioning but both have similar sub-sections as described above. Conclusion ‘Fashion is what you wear and is comfortable in’ It does not mean whatever you want rather it simply means dress for the occasion or do not wear something which makes you uncomfortable. It is for the benefits of us not the opposite. Stay Free Stay Independent

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