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The Underground Fat Loss Manual PDF Download Increased Metabolism By 37 This totally messed with the experiment. So on day 2 researchers upped the ante. They overfed participants an extra 1500 calories on day 2. But again each volunteers’ metabolism increased again this time burning an extra 470 calories. By the end of the week

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researchers were begging the volunteers to cram down bagels and despite 5 days of massive over-eating none of the participants gained any appreciable amount of body fat. “So… I can have c arbs” – says you. “Yes but only certain kind s .” – says me. “Oh you mean I gotta eat healthy carbs like brown rice and sweet po t at oes” – says you probably all mopey- like. “No pe. Two words: Red Lic ori ce.” – says me probably sticking two pieces of licorice in my mouth and doing a bad-ass walrus impression. I talk more about using red licorice to get ripped in my book but first let me give you my number one tip for losing fat. Here it is: Tip: If You Wanna Get Lean Do It Like A Band-Aid Best way to take off a band-aid Fast. One rip and it’s gone. Sure hurts for a second but it beats the alternative. Well the exact same principle applies to losing fat. You’ve probably heard that it’s better to lose fat slowly right Maybe you’ve been told that if you lose fat too quickly it will somehow “crash your metabolism” melt

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away all your muscle mass… and maybe even cause you to gain it all back Any of that sound familiar Well guess what Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Trying to lose fat slowly is a terrible idea. In fact you should strip away all your unwanted body fat the same way you’d remove a band-aid – get it done quick and be done with it forever. In fact the research proves when it comes to fat loss faster is better. Check it out: Why “Slow Steady” Fat Loss Is A Terrible Idea – Here’s The Science… FACT 1: Losing Fat Slowly Is Murder On Your Metabolism Scientists from Newcastle University tested this. They took 3 groups of overweight men and put them on a diet. The first group had it the toughest. They followed an extreme diet just for six days. The 2nd group followed a slightly easier low diet for 3 weeks. The 3rd group followed an even easier re-reduced calorie diet for 6 weeks.

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All groups ended up losing approximately 5 of their bodyweight. About 10 pounds. The difference is how long it took. Group 1 lost the 10 pounds in just did 6 days Group two did it in 3 weeks. Group 3 did it in 6 weeks. No surprise there. But what IS surprising is that resting metabolism dropped the MOST in the six week diet group. The 3 week diet group saw the 2nd biggest drop in resting metabolism. And the 6-day “extreme diet group” saw the SMALLEST drop in resting metabolism So the research is clear. Losing fat slowly is HORRIBLE for your metabolism. Source: Siervo Mario et al. “Imposed rate and extent of weight loss in obese men and adaptive changes in resting and total energy expenditure.” Metabolism 2015: Accepted Article. Hold on because it gets even worse… Fact 2: Trying To Lose Weight Slowly Kills Your Chances Of Losing Pure FAT Check it out: Researchers took a group of mice and put them on a 5 caloric restricted diet. This means they ate 5 fewer calories than usual. This is the very definition of a “slow steady” diet. The opposite of a crash diet. So we’d expect good results right

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WRONG. get instant access here

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