Lecture on food customs and eating

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Food Customs and Eating : 

Food Customs and Eating By Caroline H November 24th

Hotels : 

Hotels Always Too Expensive

Neighborhood Restaurant : 

Neighborhood Restaurant Find your favorite and fun to dine there. Join with the local people Less Expensive

Coffee Shop : 

Coffee Shop Offer various light meals, tea, coffee….

Snack Bars : 

Snack Bars Cheaper than Coffee Shop Busier and Crowded Stand and Eat at a Counter

Restaurants : 

Restaurants Melting Pot

Restaurants : 

Restaurants Put menus in the window

Restaurants : 

Restaurants Never Judge by Appearance In most cities: Pay $6-$8 per person for lunch Pay $10-$15 per person for dinner Exclude wine and alcoholic drinks Prices are even higher in NY.

Diners on streets : 

Diners on streets

Dinners on Campus : 

Dinners on Campus Convenient and cheap for students

Drive-in : 


Drive-in : 


About Drive-in : 

About Drive-in What is drive-in? Eat without leaving their cars Where is the drive-in? At parking lots or in busy road

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