Leading Concrete Contractors in Raleigh NC

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Are you looking for concrete contractors in Raleigh NC? The Sunrock Group is a leading concrete contractor in Raleigh & surrounding areas. We are the largest construction materials manufacturer & supplier in North Carolina. We offer aggregates, asphalt, concrete, and recycled materials in the Triangle area. You can find & order various types of concrete material for your feature project from The Sunrock Group. Sunrock also provides heavy concrete construction services for public and municipal projects and they knew us leading Concrete Contractors in Raleigh NC. For more details call us on +1 (919) 747-6400 and +1 (855) 687-7625 or visit us at https://www.thesunrockgroup.com/contracting/.


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Leading Concrete Contractors in Raleigh NC

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1. Introduction 2. What is Concrete 3. Types of Concrete 4. Uses of Concrete Index

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As one of North Carolin a’ s leading construction materials companies The Sunrock Group supplies the products that build our world — and we’v e been doing it for over 70 years. Now we’re proudly translating that expertise to a full line of contracting services allowing us to better meet the needs of clients in Raleigh- Durham and across the greater Triangle area. In the aggregates production industry Sunrock is known for its quality integrity and service. As an asphalt and grading contractor we uphold those same ideals as we strive to deliver the superior experience our customers have come to expect. THE SUNROCK GROUP

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Concrete consists 85 aggregates sand and stone + 15 Portland cement + Fly Ash. Cement is produced from the crushing and heating of a variety of rock types primarily limestone. Cement the glue that holds aggregates together is the world’ s oldest manufactured building material. Fly Ash is a recycled material that demonstrates Sunro ck ’ s commitment to be environmentally friendly and well as improving the finish of Sunrock’ s concrete. What Is Concrete

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Based on Weight Concrete are 4 types 1. Ultra-Light Weight Concrete 2. Light Weight Concrete 3. Normal Weight Concrete 4. Heave Weight Concrete Types of Concrete Based on Weight

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Based on Strength Concrete are 4 types 1. Low Strength Concrete 2. Moderate Strength Concrete 3. High Strength Concrete 4. Ultra-High Strength Concrete Types of Concrete Based on Strength

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Because of its ability to be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes concrete is also one of the world’ s most versatile building materials. Decorative concrete is fast becoming one of the more sought after concrete uses in project development to add customization of both color design and artwork. Often reinforced with steel concrete is used in building foundations buildings roadways bridges pipe and structural beams. Concrete is also highly recyclable making it an environmentally sound building material. Reclaimed concrete can be reprocessed into ABC base stone which has a range of uses most commonly as a road base. Uses of Concrete

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Contact US Address: 200 Horizon Drive Suite 100 Raleigh NC 27615 Phone: +1 919 747-6400 Toll Free: +1 855 687-7625 Fax: +1 919 747-6305 Email ID: mediainquirythesunrockgroup.com Website : Thesunrockgroup.com Social Links:

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