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The Red Planet : 

The Red Planet By: Jennifer and Danielle

All About Mars: 

All About Mars The ancient Romans named the planet Mars after their god of War. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.

The Surface Color: 

The Surface Color Mars is a rusty red color. It is this way because the type of atmosphere and soil gets mixed together and forms rust.

The Planet’s Diameter : 

The Planet’s Diameter The planet’s diameter is 229,314 km across. People know this because the first person in space measured it across.

The Red Planet Has Ice!: 

The Red Planet Has Ice! There is a prediction about life on Mars Mars is the only planet other than Earth that has ice on it.

Life On Mars?: 

Life On Mars? Some scientists believe that there was life on Mars.

An Inner Planet: 

An Inner Planet Mars is an inner planet. The asteroid belt is what separates the inner planets from the outer planets.

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