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Part III:

Part III Early Childhood: Biosocial Development Prepared by Madeleine Lacefield Tattoon, M.A Adapted by Dr. Carola Pförtner . 1 Chapter Eight C Body Changes Brain Development Injuries and Abuse

Accidents, Abuse, Violence, Cancer:

Accidents, Abuse, Violence, Cancer More children die of violence, either accidental or deliberate than from any other cause in the U.S. out of every 100,000 1 to 4-year-olds, 10.9 died accidentally 2.5 died of cancer (the leading fatal disease at this age) 2.4 were murdered (1010 were “substantiated to be maltreated) 2

Childhood Cancer:

Childhood Cancer Cancer affects 14 of every 100,000 children in the US each year. Most common is leukemia . Other cancers that affect children include brain tumors , lymphoma , and soft tissue sarcoma . Childhood cancers can occur suddenly, without early symptoms, and have a high rate of cure (Medline) 3 Link to Handbook for Children With Cancer Children between 2 and 7 link events to a specific event such as staying in bed or eating chicken soup. Children this age often think their illness is caused by a specific action. Therefore, getting better will "just happen" or will come if they follow a set of rules: Explain that treatment is needed so the hurting will go away or so the child can get better and play without getting so tired. Explain that the illness or treatment is not punishment for something the child has done, said, or thought. Be honest when you explain tests and treatments. Remind the child that all of these things are being done to get rid of the cancer and to help him or her get well. Use simple ways to explain the illness. For example, try talking about the cancer as a contest between "good" cells and "bad" cells. Having treatment will help the good cells to be stronger so that they can beat the bad cells .

Avoidable injury:

Avoidable injury 4

Child Maltreatment:

Child Maltreatment The younger the children, the more likely they are to be maltreated 5 in 2009 over 700,000 children were maltreated in the US

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In 70% of cases in which an abused child dies, their mother has been the victim of domestic violence. Child abuse is 15 times more likely when there is domestic violence in the home. When child abuse is substantiated, 42% of those children lived in homes where there was domestic violence. 6 Domestic violence is the single major precursor to child deaths in the U.S.

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5,327  Substantiated cases of abuse 19 Substantiated fatalities 90% of fatalities were children under 1 year old 33% of the perpetrators were the mother (mostly neglect) 28% the father (mostly physical abuse) 14% partner or family friend, 7% relative, 6% daycare provider 7 2010 Wisconsin Child Abuse Statistics 44,374 Reports Of Child Abuse in 70% of cases in which an abused child dies, their mother likely has been the victim of domestic violence. child abuse is 15 times more likely w. domestic violence in 42% of substantiated abuse, children lived w. domestic violence.

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Injuries and Abuse: 3 Levels of Prevention:

Injuries and Abuse: 3 Levels of Prevention Primary prevention change overall conditions to prevent injury, disease, or abuse (family support) Secondary prevention avert harm in a high-risk population (prior abuse) Tertiary prevention immediate and effective treatment after abuse has occurred, and aimed at reducing the harm or preventing disability (child abuse referral, treatment) 9

Child Maltreatment:

Child Maltreatment Maltreatment Noticed and Defined child maltreatment intentional harm to, or avoidable endangerment of, anyone under 18 years of age child abuse deliberate action that is harmful to a child’s physical, emotional, or sexual well-being child neglect failure to meet a child’s basic physical, educational, or emotional needs 10

Child Maltreatment:

Child Maltreatment Maltreatment Noticed and Defined reported maltreatment harm or endangerment about which someone has notified the authorities substantiated maltreatment harm or endangerment that been reported, investigated, and verified 11

Child Maltreatment:

Child Maltreatment Warning Signs of Maltreatment The first signs of maltreatment are: delayed development slow grow immature communication lack of curiosity unusual social interaction 12

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13 DANE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Children, Youth & Families Services Intake 2322 S Park Street Madison, WI  53713 Office Hours: 7:45AM – 4:30PM Central Referral: 608-261-5437 Northport Office: 608-242-6200 South Madison Office: 608-261-9900 Stoughton Office: 608-873-5636 Sun Prairie Office: 608-837-7380

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