Masks of the World

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Maisie Smith Oldham-Ramona School District 9-12 Art Instructor


Introduction To expose students to the many cultural mask forms the world has to offer.

Examples of Masks of the World: 

Examples of Masks of the World African Masks Asian Masks Chinese Masks Japanese Masks Indonesian Masks Mexican Masks European Masks Pre-Columbian Masks Nomadic Indian Masks

African Masks: 

African Masks Kissing Zebra Mask is a traditional wedding mask.

Asian Masks: 

Asian Masks Tibetan is a Comical Figure Mask from Tibet Region.

Chinese Mask: 

Chinese Mask Cheng Yaojin – Luhualian Chinese Opera Masks

Japanese Mask: 

Japanese Mask Shikami is a decorative mask from Japan

Indonesian Mask: 

Indonesian Mask Celuluk Tattoo Mask

Mexican Mask: 

Mexican Mask

European Masks: 

European Masks Mask for Carnival

Pre-Columbian Art Mask: 

Pre-Columbian Art Mask Mask of Quetzalcoatl is a funeral mask from South American.

Nomadic Indian Masks: 

Nomadic Indian Masks Tlingit Mask is a ceremony mask from Northwest coast.


Conclusion Research Paper on Mask Background. Build Masks with found materials and paint. Remember: Kept Research Paper and Masks for Portfolio. Brush Control and technique Colors always light then dark, black color is last.


Bibliography Kissick,John. Art Context and Criticism, pg 344. Chapman, Laura. Art:Images and Ideas, pg 64.

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