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Windows Presentation Foundation Ronnie Saurenmann Architect Microsoft Switzerland

What Is User Experience? : 

What Is User Experience?

User Experience in Software?: 

Ease of Use Learn ability Performance Reliability Security Optimized form factors Legibility / Readability Relevance / Contextualization Richness Graphics & Media Data Visualization Higher Fidelity Information Globalization Accessibility Hardware & Printing Integration User Experience in Software? Windows Vista Office 2007

Key Scenarios: 

Key Scenarios Installed desktop applications Browser applications (XAML Browser Application) Common code base and flexible deployment

Introducing WPF: 

Introducing WPF

Form Factors & Hardware Acceleration: 

Form Factors & Hardware Acceleration Sony VAIO U71 Toshiba M200 Toshiba 72MX195 6” 800 x 600 12” 1400 x 1050 72” PixelPure AT™ CPU GPU

2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Imaging: 

2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Imaging 2D Graphics 3D Graphics Imaging

Audio & Video: 

Audio & Video Formats: WMV, MPEG, Some AVIs Can be synchronized with animations Windows Media Foundation used to instantiate playback machinery into a DirectShow graph

WPF on the Web : 

WPF on the Web Two options: XAML Browser application Windows and IE only WPF/E Portable reduced subset of WPF (Cross browser and platform)

What do you need for running XAML browser apps?: 

What do you need for running XAML browser apps? IE It runs in partially trusted sandbox Windows Vista runs out of the box with no settings changes or sofware installation Windows XP & 2003 Need to install .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly known as WinFX)

Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (“WPF/E”): 

Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (“WPF/E”) Subset of WPF focused on interactive content Great integration with web Cross platform and cross browser Supports JavaScript and C#/VB.Net XAML is the enabling technology Available Soon Customer preview in Q3 2006 Web release in first half of 2007 Mobile Device release in second half of 2007

“WPF/E” Web Platforms: 

“WPF/E” Web Platforms Operating Systems Win XP, Win2K, Win2K3, Vista Considering Win9X Mac OS X 10.* Considering Linux and Solaris Browsers IE 5.5+ Mozilla 1+, Firefox 1+ Opera 7+ Safari 1+

XAML Browser Applications and WPF/E Applications: 

XAML Browser Applications and WPF/E Applications

Designer-Developer Productivity: 

Designer-Developer Productivity Microsoft Tools for Designer & Developers Declarative Programming through XAML Third Party Tools (e.g. Aurora by Mobiform, ZAM 3D by Electric Rain) Designers design With XAML designers & developers can streamline their collaboration Developers add business logic

Developing for WPF: 

Developing for WPF

Presentation Tier Roadmap: 

HTML ease-of-use, personalization, differentiation HTML + JavaScript Atlas (“AJAX”) WPF the “Media Web” unprecedented branding, differentiation and personalization improved responsiveness and ease-of-use Improved customization improved navigation user tracking and customization greatest reach Richness of UX Presentation Tier Roadmap WPF/E Vector graphics Video Animation

WPF Resources: 

WPF Resources WPF @ Windows Vista Developer Center http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/building/presentation/ WPF/WinFX Community Site http://www.winfx.com Microsoft Expression www.microsoft.com/expression

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