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Common Data Access Limited: 

Common Data Access Limited WellHeaderML and the CDA Well Header QI Programme

Programme Objective: 

POSC April 2002 Programme Objective Joint CDA, DTI and POSC initiative Workshop 1 (26th February 2002) Workshop 2 (1st May 2002) UK Profile of a global XML standard To design, deploy and maintain a robust industry well header standard that facilitates consistent exchange and storage of quality-assured well data attributes. CONSISTENT WELL NAMING STANDARD WELL ATTRIBUTES

Presentation Outline: 

POSC April 2002 Presentation Outline Another Standard? Drivers Benefits Challenges Developing the Standard Design principles adopted Well definition Reference sources Draft attribute summary DEAL Quality Improvement Programme


POSC April 2002 THE NEED FOR A STANDARDDrivers Current problems… Well names Basic attribute values Vocabulary and definitions Public vs. non-public attributes Co-ordinate Data Management Depth references Matching wells with well data Changing business environment… Web technology (Portals and Web Services) Just-in-time access to data Move from private to shared resources Regulatory reporting the UK Oil Portal Government e-Business policy Common Errors Example Leading zero in block number omitted 54/1b- 4 Part block letter omitted or input as a capital 54/01B- 4 Space omitted for non platform wells 54/01b-4 Leading zero put in well number 54/01b-04 Side-track suffix incorrect 54/01b- 4ST Slot number included in well number 49/22-J02/04

WellHeaderML and the UK Oil Portal : 

POSC April 2002 WellHeaderML and the UK Oil Portal Web Services

THE NEED FOR A STANDARD Benefits & Business Case: 

POSC April 2002 THE NEED FOR A STANDARDBenefits & Business Case Single ‘Trusted’ source Regulatory and partner reporting One site for many agencies Improved processes Lower costs Reduced risks Improved decisions Quality dividends Only one place to check Consistency High visibility Data exchange Database-matching Catalogue-matching Other business processes Pipelines and other Infrastructure Production data Licence data Environmental data


POSC April 2002 THE NEED FOR A STANDARDChallenges Attribute definition Agreeing common definitions Maintenance of definitions Internal well-naming conventions Sidetracks and re-entries Names and naming formats Endorsement/deployment Incorporation into routine processes Legacy data Effort vs. reward – diminishing returns Compromises Standards life-cycle

Slide 8: 

POSC April 2002 DEVELOPING THE STANDARDSome Design Principles Global XML standard with UK Profile Common exchange dataset ‘core’ Use of aliases Adopt best practices Measurement, value (159.2,m) construct Locations to comply with EPSG and POSC specs Commonality between XML standards Dates, co-ordinates and other descriptive fields Data Thesaurus Extension to API’s PIDD

Slide 9: 

POSC April 2002 DEVELOPING THE STANDARDWell Definition: POSC Epicentre A well consists of zero or more wellbores drilled into the earth for access to mineral resources… A wellbore is a borehole extending from a unique point in the earth’s subsurface to a point on the earth’s surface Well(bore)HeaderML

Slide 10: 

POSC April 2002 UK DTI PON12 and supplementary docs Conoco, Shell, CDA 1998 well header draft POSC Epicentre v3.0 CDA Well Header Q.I. Draft UKOOA P7/2000 Well Deviation Standard API Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary Landmark: OpenWorks 98 data model GeoQuest: Finder v8.5 data model WITSML version 1.0.2 specification DEVELOPING THE STANDARDReference Sources

Slide 11: 

POSC April 2002 Well Registration Number UWI UWI Alias Alias authority Original well bore operator Current well bore operator Licence number Country ISO code Quadrant number Block number Block suffix Platform designation Drilling sequence number Wellbore suffix Deviated well Onshore/offshore Field name DTI original intent Well designation Facility type Facility name Slot number DTI spud date Kick-off date Definition Optional/Mandatory Cardinality (zero, 1..n, zero-to-many, one-to-many) Public, entitled or private DEVELOPING THE STANDARD Draft Attribute Summary Date TD reached DTI Completion Date DTI well completion status Mechanical result Total MD driller Total MD Logger TVDSS Driller Well Vertical Datum Zero Measured Depth Well Reference Point Vertical Reference Datum Primary Target Reservoir age Hydrocarbon type Planned surface geog. location Planned water depth Planned ground elevation Planned bottom hole geog. location Actual surface geog. location Actual water depth Actual ground elevation Actual bottom hole geog. location Geodetic Datum & Spheroid Mandatory DTI Specific

Slide 12: 

POSC April 2002 USING THE STANDARDNext Steps Workshop 1 (Aberdeen, Feb 26th) Workshop 2 (Aberdeen, May 1st) Resolve remaining technical issues Endorse final WellHeaderML standard Identify implementation issues Agree implementation plan Identify implementation resources Quantify any funding required Outline a promotional programme Determine organisational responsibilities First deployment for Oil Portal and DEAL

Slide 13: 

POSC April 2002 USING THE STANDARDDEAL Q.I. Programme DEAL - Role and Responsibility Trusted Source for definitive (public) data Most complete single collection Downloadable public attributes DTI attributes from Well Notices/WONS/Portal Other attributes updated by Operators Quality Issues Well name inconsistencies Missing attribute values Inconsistent interpretation of attributes Programme Resolution of legacy well naming anomalies (underway) Implement the standard, point-forward Tackle the legacy problem Enablers Change is inevitable (and unavoidable) Championship by the DTI, UKOOA and Pilot Support from CDA and POSC

Contact Details: 

POSC April 2002 Workshop2 Participation Contact Peter McCartney, CDA (pmccartney@cdal.com) CDA 232-242 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1 1AU Web site: www.cdal.com Telephone: (020) 7802 2434 Facsimile: (020) 7802 2401 DEAL Web site: www.ukdeal.co.uk Malcolm Fleming email: mfleming@cdal.com Direct line: (020) 7802 2435 Contact Details

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