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The Tiger Cub den leader is the most important person in the Boy Scouts of America:

The Tiger Cub den leader is the most important person in the Boy Scouts of America A boy ’ s first experience in Boy Scouting, and that of his family, is in Tiger Cubs. A successful, positive experience as a Tiger Cub will keep a boy in scouting. If this is not the experience he has, we will lose him and his family for the remainder of his scouting years.

Spring recruitment Tiger Cub Season!:

Spring recruitment Tiger Cub Season! Parents make choices regarding their children ’ s fall activities in the preceding spring. If we do not recruit and register the new Tiger Cubs in the spring, we often will not get them in the fall. After the den has been organized in the spring, a few fun activities during the summer months will be sufficient to hold their interest until regular den and pack activities commence in fall.

Recruit the Best!:

Recruit the Best! Having an effective Tiger Cub den leader is the single strongest determinant of a boy having a successful, positive experience. Recruit the best!

September-January :

September-January The Cub Scout Pack leaders (Pack Committee Chair or Cubmaster or den leaders or den coach) foster a relationship with kindergarten teachers. Raise the awareness of the teachers and school principal about Cub Scouting.

February-March :

February-March Meet with the kindergarten teachers to identify high potential Tiger Cub leaders from among the kindergarten parents. Invite the teachers and school principal to Cub Scout pack events, such as the Blue & Gold Banquet (fostering the relationship). Ask existing Cub Scout volunteers and parents to recommend high potential parents to you.

March-April :

March-April It is most important to identify the right person to be a den leader. Conduct “ due diligence ” on the person to make certain you have an outstanding potential den leader. Ask the kindergarten teacher to introduce you to the potential den leader.

April :

April Have the person best suited to “ make the ask ” do so. Explain the rewards and responsibilities of being a den leader. Occasionally, the person who wants the job of den leader is not the best suited for the position.

Early May :

Early May Receive an acceptance from one or more of the new Tiger Cub leaders you have recruited. Schedule a Tiger Cub parent organizational meeting. Invite the parents of all kindergarten boys to attend the parent organizational meeting. Conduct a “ boy talk ” for all kindergarten boys prior to the parent organizational meeting.

Mid-May :

Mid-May Following the “ boy talk ” , conduct the organizational meeting with the parents of kindergarten boys. Introduce the new Tiger Cub den leader(s) to the parents at the meeting. Use this meeting as the primary way to recruit families into Cub Scouting.

Late May-Summer :

Late May-Summer Make certain the planned summer activities occur. (ideas – family picnic or cookout for the den, marching in a July 4 th parade, going to a baseball game with den families, campfire and marshmallow roast in a local park for Cub Scout pack families) Continue to support the den throughout the first year.

PowerPoint Presentation:

In Boy Scouting, we are developing a new generation of leaders who are prepared to make a positive difference in every aspect of life. Our scouts have the character attributes and skills needed to change the world!

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