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1. What Exactly is an Electric Bicycle? 2. Electric Bicycle and Who is Riding on Them. 3. The Many Benefits of an Electric Bicycle. 4. Where Would You Ride an Electric Bicycle. 5. How Does an Electric Scooter Work? 6. The Benefits of Using an Electric Scooter. 7. Who Uses an Electric Scooter to Get Around? 8. Is an Electric Scooter Cost Effective?


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Synopsis 1. What Exactly is an Electric Bicycle 2. Electric Bicycle and Who is Riding on Them 3. The Many Benefits of an Electric Bicycle 4. Where Would You Ride an Electric Bicycle 5. How Does an Electric Scooter Work 6. The Benefits of Using an Electric Scooter 7. Who Uses an Electric Scooter to Get Around 8. Is an Electric Scooter Cost Effective

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What Exactly is an Electric Bicycle • An electric bicycle is the new craze in many areas so knowing what it is might be ideal fo those iteested i leaig oe. Whe you’e osideig a ay to get the most out of the way you get around then an electric bicycle might be the best bet. These bicycles come with plenty of benefits so you never have to worry about ot eig ale to get oe out of the ike that you’e diig aoud he it comes to sitting down and reaching your destination. Once you do this you will find that there is a lot out there for you to make use of. • An electric bicycle is able to do a lot for the user. Not only does it run on a battery that charges up but it can also be peddled to the destination if the battery fails or if the user wants to get a bit of exercise during their ride. This makes it an ideal choice to go with when you want something versatile and that is going to help out not only your wallet but also your health and the environment. • Working much like an electric car would work you have to charge the battery that is on the bike up before going anywhere. Once charged you can then go up to 40 miles away or so depending on the battery that the bike is equipped with. Keep in id that these atteies ae just atteies so you’e ot goig to e ale to go very fast on the bike usually no more than 30mph. This might be something to thik aout if you’e goig to e diig i aeas hee the speed liit is 50ph o more it can become dangerous if there are no sidewalks or bike lanes.

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Electric Bicycle and Who is Riding on Them • Electric Bikes in the City – Electric bikes are big in the city but when it comes to using them to their full adatage the you at to ake sue that you’e hoosig a plae hee you can easily ride them around. The city is generally that place. One of the iggest plaes you’e goig to fid these ikes o othe eleti odes of transport are on the streets of many packed cities. When the cities are packed no one wants to wait an hour to go somewhere ten minutes down the road. This is when these bikes come in handy. You can zip around corners and go right to your destination without having to wait forever to do so. • Electric Bikes are Not Just For the City – Keep in mind that electric bikes are not just for the city. These bikes can be used anywhere that you would like to use them. You just have to remember that they cannot go anywhere that the speed limit is higher than what they can go unless there is a designated bike lane for them to move down. With the right bikes out there you will find that they work great on both paved roads and sidewalks but also dirt paths if you live in an area that has a lot of those instead.

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The Many Benefits of an Electric Bicycle • They get you to where you need to go without having to worry about filling the tank • They are better for the environment since they use a battery and not gas or emissions to get there • They are more cost effective in terms of purchase price maintenance and to keep them running • They are pretty fast in terms of walking or even using a regular bicycle to get to where you need to go • They fit easily thoughout taffi so you do’t hae to oy aout eig stuk i a place • You will get many places much faster in busy areas than when you use a taxi or use your own car

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The Many Benefits of an Electric Bicycle • They are less stressful and a great way to reduce the amount of anger stress or disofot you’e ude he you take a die o the • You will end up getting more exercise and being able to enjoy the outdoors more when you use an electric bicycle • It provides more sustainability for all when used regularly instead of the other types of transport that you will find out there • You have many options to choose from when choosing an electric bicycle for yourself or you can equip your own bike with a motor that can turn it into an electric bicycle • You do not need a license to use an electric bicycle which is beneficial to some that may not have one. This is also great for those teens and older kids that do not have licenses yet but want to get places faster • While they do not go very fast they do provide a way for you to cut around areas where vehicles of regular size might be stuck

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Where Would Y ou Ride an Electric Bicycle • Busy Cities – Busy ities ae the ue oe plae hee you’e goig to fid these eleti bikes being rode from one place to the next. While regular bikes are often found many people found that adding an electric motor to them helps them get there faster. • Small Towns – Small towns where everyone knows everyone are great to ride these bikes aoud. Not oly a you get to the oe stoe faste ut you do’t eally have to worry about lots of traffic or having to go too fast while on the bike. They have a lot of places that the person can stop and ride their bike but that are all under 30mph while you do so since these bikes are not very fast to egi ith sie they’e attey opeated. • Right Around – Wherever you want to go as long as it is right around the area you can make sure that you do so right on the electric bike. This is a great way to get to many places but one that is not going to cost you a lot. They can only go so far on a single charge so keep this in mind but always know that you have the option of peddling yourself in most instances when you need to get there anyway but the battery and motor need a charge to get you going faster.

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How Does an Electric Scooter Work • Electric scooters run fully on batteries due to the adaptation from the gas powered ones to the fully battery charged ones. The battery is able to be recharged time and time again essentially saving the user money over time to ride this instead of a gas powered scooter or even an automobile. • Usually the batteries are made from Lithium or lead and can last for up to 40 miles depending on the battery. The motor is right on the frame and is powered through the electricity that is sent from the battery to the motor on the bike. Depending on the type of scooter this battery power then makes either one or both wheels move to push the scooter and the rider forward when the gas is pressed on the handle. • Bear in mind that when the scooter is being propelled forward since it is battery poeed it is ot goig to go oe 30ph at ay gie tie. This is hy they’e not able to go on highways or straight aways that are over this speed limit for safety reasons.

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The Benefits of Using an Electric Scooter • Eco-Friendly Choice – For those that love to save the environment an electric scooter is a great choice to go with. Not only can you benefit from the use of the scooter but you can also help the earth benefit from it. There are no harmful emissions goig ito the atosphee ad you do’t hae to oy aout egie esidue or pumping gas into the motor. It is all clean energy flowing from a battery. • More Affordable All Around – Since you do not have to replace a lot of the components that you would eplae o a gas poeed soote o othe ite the you do’t hae to oy about the extra costs associated with the maintenance of the product. Not oly that ut you’e also ot payig fo the gas to put ito the soote. You can go around town using this scooter to get everywhere you need too. • Easy to Get Through Tight Cramped Areas – If you live in a city then you know that getting from one place to the next is not something that is easy to do. Not only do you worry about making it to a plae o tie ut you hae to oside the ay ays you’e ale to get to where you need to go.

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Who Uses an Electric Scooter to Get Around • Those That Live in Busy Cities – Anyone that lives in a busy city is going to benefit from using an electric scooter. While they do not go fast you can get from your apartment or house to the ok spae that you hae to die ito y usig a soote. You do’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic having to go in the car pool lane paying for gas to get there or even hailing and then paying a taxi. None of these problems are yours anymore when you have an electric scooter. • Those That Want a Quick Way to Get Around Town – Anyone that wants to get around their town faster but in a way that is not going to cost them money then a scooter is a great option. Short distances on a scooter benefit the person as they can only go up to 40 miles when charged. However they do not require gas so it is also saving you money to go around the corner to the store or visit a friend that might be down the street and needs a little help. • Great for Older Kids and Teens – If you have a teen that is starting to drive but is nervous start them off with a eleti soote. They’e legally ale to die the aoud ay tos ad cities plus they give them the experience that they might need while riding on the roads in a car.

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Is an Electric Scooter Cost Effective • Understanding a bit about how these scooters work is always a good thing. You at to ake sue that you’e ot oyig aout puttig gas i the soote o having to maintain the scooters engine. While you do have to care for the scooter overall the cost of maintenance and to keep the scooter running over time is important. • Since the electric scooters run on electricity they have a battery in them that requires a charge. Once charged the scooter can go up to 40 miles away from its starting point. However you have to keep in mind that you will have to account for the miles to get back to where you started from. • Sootes a still get you plaes faste tha othe odes of taspotatio if you’e riding around town or when the city streets are filled with traffic and there is no way to get to where you need to go. Being patient is something you have to do in a car during these times. However in a scooter you can go around all of this and get to your destination in less than half the amount of time of a vehicle on the roadway from the same starting point. • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the use of an electric scooter. Ask the salespeso uestios lea oe aout ho it helps ad it’s eefits ad fid out if this is something that is really going to benefit you. It has already made a diffeee i so ay othe’s lies ad o it is tie fo you to see the diffeee in yours.

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