Oil for Hypopigmentary Disorder

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We offer distinctive Oil for Hypopigmentary Disorder that induces pigmentogenesis. The Vitiligo Oil effectively transfers the melanin to keratinocytes and fights against Vitiligo


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Tolenorm Oil Caredura products is a company focusing on two promising business verticals – • 1Marketing and distribution of unique products in the specialty cosmetics range and alternative systems of medicines • • 2 Manufacturing products of alternative systems of medicine and select specialty cosmetics of global standards. • With the changing environment in distribution and the importance of e-commerce platforms in product categories like alternative medicines and cosmetics Caredura products sees for itself a distinct opportunity to reach the unique formulations to both Indian and global markets. Many unique and clinically effective formulations that are needed by customers but limited by their geographical reach can now be made available widely at the click of a mouse. As a first step Caredura products accordingly has chosen to make available some of the unique formulations of the 26 years old research based pharmaceuticals Company Dr. JRK’s Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Tolenorm Oil Induces pigmentogenesis production of skin pigment melanin Benefits: • Augments tyrosinase activity and melanin production. • Increases dendrite formation in melanocytes. • Transfers melanin to keratinocytes. Distinctive ingredients - Distinctive benefits Psoralea corylifolia contains psoralens that accelerates the photo-oxidation of DOPA and promotes pigmentation. Wrightia tinctoria contains flavonoids tannins glycosides and phenolic compounds that augment healing properties of skin. Indigofera tinctoria contains rich source of pigment indigo a natural colouring agent. Piperine in Piper longum promotes melanocyte proliferation and transfers melanin pigment to the skin.

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Usage instructions Apply Tolenorm oil on affected areas thrice a day. Continue usage till total re-pigmentation occurs. Or As directed by the physician. Contra indication There are no known contraindications

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