do you speak english? the three reasons people say no

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Some people when asked if they speak English say no straight away - why? This video groups the reasons into three easy to remember sections giving you a solution as to what to do next for each of the three different situations. Save yourself time, money and stress by listening to this before hiring translators or giving up.


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Do you speak english? : 

Do you speak english? The three reasons people say ‘No’

Three reasons to say ‘No’ : 

Three reasons to say ‘No’ They don’t speak any English They don’t speak much English They don’t trust you

What to do next … : 

What to do next … If ‘No’ means ‘absolutely nothing’ If ‘No’ means ‘only a little’ If ‘No’ means ‘I don’t trust you’

International speaking skills : 

International speaking skills

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