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IEEE-SA Liaison Report SAB Meeting November 2005 Don Wright Director of Standards, Lexmark International Past Chair, IEEE SA Standards Board

2005 SASB Leadership: 

2005 SASB Leadership 2005 Leadership: Chair Steve Mills (CS) Vice Chair Richard Hulett NesCom Ron Petersen RevCom Malcolm Thaden PatCom Don Wright (CS) ProCom Lowell Johnson (CS) AudCom Ray Hapeman SCC Liaison Richard Hulett 2005 Meeting Schedule: December 5 - 7 Hallandale Beach, Florida 2006 Meeting Schedule: March 28 – 30 Piscataway, NJ June 6 – 8 Piscataway, NJ September 14 – 16 Philadelphia with PCIC December 4 – 6 Florida

2005 SASB Summary: 

2005 SASB Summary Last SASB meeting series was held in Piscataway, NJ on September 20-22, 2005. To date: RevCom has recommended approval of 23 projects as new standards 27 revisions of standards 25 reaffirmations of existing standards. NesCom has recommended approval of 58 new PARs 16 modified PARs 45 revision PARs 26 PAR extensions.

2005 SASB Summary (continued): 

2005 SASB Summary (continued) PATCOM At the June SASB Meeting, HP presented on observed problems with the current IEEE SA Patent Policy & Practices In September, PatCom considered the issues raised and proposed a series of changes to the IEEE SA Patent Policy and Practices: Mandate the use of the LOA form – approved, to be balloted by SASB Making LOAs binding on “successors and assigns.” Requiring LOAs to apply to “any and all future revisions and amendments of the standard.” Making LOAs binding from submission until withdrawal of the standard rather than from approval of the standard until withdrawal of the standard. Require “not-to-exceed” licensing rate on LOA. Create commitment to license for future or amended patent applications. Require all participants to complete an LOA Tabled until December PatCom

2005 SASB Summary (continued): 

2005 SASB Summary (continued) ProCom held discussion on the following changes to the SASB Bylaws and/or Operations Manual at its September meeting: IEC Category D Liaisons – Haasz -- approved, sent to SASB for vote Entity Ballot Groups – Nielsen -- approved, sent to SASB for vote Comments Addressing Grammar – Thompson -- approved, sent to SASB for vote Fast Tracking Proposal Ad Hoc Update – Robinson -- disbanded Removal of Official Reporter – Nielsen -- approved, sent to SASB for vote SASB Voting Rules – Ringle -- approved, sent to SASB for vote Review of Interpretations Process (per June SASB motion) -- new ad hoc (Robinson) Definition of Interest Categories – Nielsen -- new ad hoc (Davis) PatCom Membership – Wright -- approved, sent to SASB for vote Agenda (with links) available at: http://standards.ieee.org/board/pro/905proagen.html AudCom has updated the model Sponsor P&Ps. Only three societies and one SCC are blocked from submitting PARs due to lacking appropriate P&Ps. Computer Society sponsors are in various states of completion. AudCom will be documenting and formalizing its own work. AudCom is in the process of posting the accepted P&Ps from all sponsors on the AudCom web site.

SA - New Initiatives: 

SA - New Initiatives w/CS SA Interop Standards thru XPLOR

IEEE-SA Board of Governors: 

IEEE-SA Board of Governors Last face-to-face meeting was held June 22-24 Jerry Peterson appointed to fill the unexpired term of George Gregory as a member-at-large of the BoG Notified that OFAC restrictions removed for IEEE Allows members from previously restricted countries to ballot IEEE draft standards Moved that IEEE-SA Standards Board take the steps necessary to identify and address issues of improper representation of entity interests in IEEE standards development activities September 2005 Munich conference on the topic of Standards for Global Business: The European Conference on Collaborative Trends in Europe and Global Standardization Submitted comments to ANSI on the US Standards Strategy Approved a revised RAC pricing policy Teleconference: Addressing patent policy Validated BoG MAL results to send to IEEE Board

IEEE-SA Board of Governors Entity standards project funding: 

IEEE-SA Board of Governors Entity standards project funding The BoG approved the following motion The IEEE-SA BoG supports a funding model for entity based projects that includes: An annualized, per entity, “cover charge” for projects Voluntary “value added” services offered to all projects Implementation beginning 1 July 2005

IEEE SA China Activities: 

IEEE SA China Activities IEEE Standards Association Perspectives on IEEE in China

IEEE-SA & China, briefly. . .: 

IEEE-SA & China, briefly. . . Status Issues Next Steps for the SA What the IEEE must do

Current Status: 

Current Status China Office Initiative An important step in growing the IEEE presence in China In cooperation with IEEE Computer Society #1 on approved new initiatives list by NIC SA Corporate leadership interest in proactive support of IEEE-wide China initiatives The IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) is planning a Chinese conference and meeting for 2006

Current Status: 

Current Status Standards Development Activities Strong China participation in IEEE IT standards LANMAN (802) Standards Committee interim meetings are being held in China with increasing frequency. China based meetings have a high level of participation by Chinese engineers More work is required in other technical sectors

Current Status: 

Current Status Standards Development Activities Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure Protocol (WAPI) WAPI is a Chinese proposed security amendment to ISO/IEC 8802-11, the international version of the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN standard The integrity of the long standing ISO/IEC process is being challenged by Chinese National Body politics The outcome of this issue will have broad impact on the global WLAN market IEEE 802 stands ready to embrace the WAPI technology and work with the Chinese to integrate it into both the 802.11 and 8802-11 standards in the appropriate way Situation not resolved to our liking—parallel voting documents released


Issues With WAPI, the Chinese are testing the international standards process (ISO, IEC, etc.) We must stand in support of conformance to well-defined, transparent processes We must strengthen our international position in order to increase our global influence Perception of IEEE as a US organization Impacts IEEE’s ability to grow “offshore” membership Diminishes the recognition of the global impact of IEEE standards Absence of Chinese engagement in most IEEE governance activities

Next Steps for the SA: 

Next Steps for the SA More meetings in China IEEE 802 interim meetings Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) conference, China – 2006 Driven by multinational SA corporate members Will draw Chinese industry Identify Chinese industry leaders for participation in IEEE-SA governance activities WAPI Continue to encourage the Chinese to engage in an open, transparent standards development process Continue to insist on conformance to established processes with no exceptions even after the recent setback China Office Initiative Educate and mentor Chinese engineers on standardization process and culture Promote the IEEE-SA process Build relationships with key organizations, industry, and government agencies

What the IEEE must do: 

What the IEEE must do Support of broad-impact regional offices Take action on bolstering membership in China Robust marketing and PR Promoting the IEEE and its values and opportunities Addressing negative press generated by politically motivated objectives

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