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A Guide to Japan’s ODA Japanese ODA Seminar April 21, 2004 : 

A Guide to Japan’s ODA Japanese ODA Seminar April 21, 2004 -

Japan’s Economic Cooperation and ODA: 

Japan’s Economic Cooperation and ODA

Japan’s ODA: 

Japan’s ODA JBIC ODA Loan Grant Aid Technical Cooperation Grassroots projects JOCV JETRO

Japan’s ODA: 

Japan’s ODA Grant Aid 1.Grant aid is financial assistance that is extended to developing countries without imposing an obligation of repayment. 2.It is classified into six broad categories, General Grant aid Grant aid for Fisheries Emergency Grant aid for Disaster Relief Food aid Grant aid for increase of food production Grant aid for cultural activities

Japan’s ODA: 

Japan’s ODA General Grand aid General Project (Basic human needs, human resource development, economic infrastructure, etc) Non-project Grant aid (structural adjustment support) Grant assistance for Grass-roots human security projects Debt Relief Grant Aid (DRGA)→Counterpart fund From JFY 2004, Debt Cancellation

General Grant aid process: 

General Grant aid process

The counterpart fund generated from the DRGA: 

The counterpart fund generated from the DRGA The counterpart fund will be utilized for: Socio-economic development projects related to priority sector in Japanese aid policy Better management, smooth implementation and follow-up of Japan’s ODA projects 2. The counterpart fund process

Japan’s ODA: 

Japan’s ODA JICA Technical Cooperation 1.Technical Cooperation is a form of aid that seeks transfer technology to developing countries, thereby improving technological levels. 2. Technical cooperation programs comprise, Acceptance of trainees and other personal Dispatch of experts, survey teams, and JOCV Provision of equipment and material Technical cooperation project Disaster relief others

Japan’s ODA: 

Japan’s ODA JETRO’s ODA Scheme To promote Export of Bangladeshi goods to the world Bangladesh single country fair in Japan Expert programme for technical assistance General trade fair Staff training programme To promote FDI in Bangladesh Investment fairs Investment seminars

Japan’s ODA: 

Japan’s ODA JBIC ODA Loan                    Loan aid involves the provision of long-term low interest loans. ( Loans are payable in 30 years with grace period of 10 years.) Under JBIC ODA loan, the principal condition is “general untied”, under which procurement can be made from any country in the world.

Types of JBIC ODA Loan: 

Types of JBIC ODA Loan Project type Non-project type Project Loans (facilities, machinery, civil work, etc) Engineering Services (E/S) Loans (project formation etc) Financial-Intermediary Loans (Two-step Loans) Commodity Loans Structural Adjustment Loans (SAL) Sector Programme Loans

JBIC ODA Loan aid process: 

JBIC ODA Loan aid process 1.Project preparation 6.Completion Ex-post evaluation and Follow-up monitoring 5.Project implementation 2. Loan request 3.Examination/Appraisal and ex-ante evaluation 4.E/N Loan Agreement

Amount of ODA : 

Amount of ODA

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