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2012 Olympic Games & Paralympic Games: 

2012 Olympic Games & Paralympic Games Pre Games Camps in the South East The Regional Response Paddy Herlihy Head of Investment Sport England South East


Timetable July 2006 – Process went live 27 Sept 2006 – Workshop 31 Jan 2007 – Deadline for submissions Feb to Apr 2007 – Regional assessment 1 May 2007 – Submission of South East Offer to London Jan 2008 - Final assessment made by London 2012 July 2008 – Training Guide distributed

The process in the South East : 

The process in the South East Partnership and co-operation Promote the Region Part of the regional offer Much more than just pre Games camps Preparation of a regional database Events, training as well as preparation

Some requests!: 

Some requests! Please submit as soon as possible Don’t wait for the deadline Any questions, please ask, don’t assume Extra task – no extra resources So please bear with us!

Assessment Team: 

Assessment Team Sport England South East South East England Regional Development Agency Tourism South East Arts Council England South East An independent expert or elite athlete Accessibility representative

Assessment Method: 

Assessment Method Desk Based Visits Verification Assessment Forms Please complete everything accurately! Process starts as soon as possible 2 purposes – regional database too

Facility Assessment: 

Facility Assessment Sports Facilities Temporary Planned new or upgrades Ancillary Facilities Accommodation Travel Catering Security

Other Assessments: 

Other Assessments Previous Experience (Track Record) Risks Strategic Context Economic Development Cultural Benefits Tourism Strategies Clustering bids


Objective Technically strong South East Offer Representative from across the region All qualifying bids to be submitted to London 2012 Regional database

Any questions?: 

Any questions? Paddy Herlihy - Head of Investment Sport England South East 020 7273 1933 Chris Davies – Investment Manager Sport England South East 020 7273 1905

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