Tips to Prolong Your Senior Dog's Age

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Tips to Prolong Your Senior Dogs Age When your dog reaches or rather enters seniorhood no matter how much you deny it deep down you know your pal doesn’t have much time left. It is sad but there is nothing much we can do about it. But fortunately there are ways to extend your senior dog’s life. In this blog we will talk about the things you should do that will help your four-legged friend stay with you for a bit longer. Tips to Prolong Your Senior Dog’s Life If you want to prolong your canine’s lifespan the below-mentioned tips must be followed. Go through them first and then implement them. Tip 1 – Exercise Is a Must Young or old exercising your dog should continue and not stop. We do understand that it’s pretty hard to exercise a senior dog but completely stopping their exercise routine is not the ideal thing to do. Rather you can lessen their exercise time but do not stop it. Daily exercising like running or even walking keeps your buddy’s body in decent shape for a longer time. Tip 2 – Proper Nutritious Diet As dog grow old their appetite decreases. Not only that their taste buds crave for different kinds of foods. Thus when they reach seniorhood it is important to feed them specialized adult dog food. Talk it out with your vet regarding your dogs diet Also make sure the quantity you give them is less than their usual meal. Moreover always provide clean and fresh drinking water. Tip 3 – Keep an Eye on Their Joints When you talk about aging dogs joint problems like arthritis first comes to mind. In fact every dog that enters adulthood will face joint problems in their life. To avoid joint problems from worsening it is imperative to opt for joint care products like Joint Guard Arthrimed Seaflex Mobiflex etc. They are proper joint care supplements that will relieve your pal from pain and you from worrying. BUY JOINT CARE TREATMENTS FOR DOGS AT 10 OFF Tip 4 – Frequent Changes Should Be Avoided

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Losing their eyesight and sense of smell gradually is a common issue in older dogs. Hence it is advisable to refrain from frequently changing things in the house. Repeated changes in the places of your furniture are strictly forbidden as this may injure your dog while they walk around. Your dog has this thing called a ‘mental map’ in their minds. They know where things are placed so changing their positions is the silliest thing you could do. Tip 5 – Act Quickly to Health Problems As and when senior dogs fall ill quickly get them treated. Do not delay because the more time you take the more problematic and fatal it will get. So make sure you act quickly to whatever health-related problems minor or major issue your buddy faces. Tip 6 – Keep Them Slim and Trim Obesity leads to tons of problems and a short lifespan. One of the main reasons for dogs becoming obese is because of food. Elderly dogs should be kept slim and trim to avoid a host of health issues. Moreover ensure you regularly groom your canine because cleanliness keeps problems at bay. Tip 7 – Regular Vet Visits And lastly visiting the vet regularly is mandatory. When your dog was younger visiting the vet once a month was fine. But as your dog ages the vet visits should become a lot more frequent. Let’s say once in ten to twelve days. The reason for this is senior dogs tend to fall ill a lot more and increasing the number of vet visits will ensure quick and speedy solutions to the problems. These seven essential tips will go a long way in stretching your aging dog’s lifespan. Hence make sure you follow them all so that you get to spend more quality time with your trustworthy companion. Read more: during-his-golden-years/

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