Is Bravecto Safe For Dogs?

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Bravecto comes in two forms; oral and topical. The active ingredient in Bravecto – Fluralaner controls and prevents fleas and ticks. After intense studies, research, and experimentation, the ingredient is marked safe for dogs and recommended by many veterinarians.


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Is Bravecto Safe For Dogs The first thought that comes to a pet parent’s mind while administering treatments is whether the product is reliable or not. Fleas and ticks are devious bloodsuckers that feed on your dog’s blood and spread the infestation. Thus using fleas and ticks preventives has become a necessity. Bravecto is a well-known flea and tick preventive by Merck Animal Health. However there have been many discussions and debates regarding this treatment. Many pet owners hesitate before administering this product to their furry pals. Hence here we are going to evaluate the efficacy of the product benefits side effects and take a look at the field research study. Bravecto Bravecto comes in two forms oral and topical. The active ingredient in Bravecto – Fluralaner controls and preventsfleas and ticks. After intense studies research and experimentation the ingredient is marked safe for dogs and recommended by many veterinarians. These chewables are extremely effective and easy to administer. Once your dog ingests the chew the ingredient reaches to the tissue under your dog’s skin and instantly kills the parasites. The other form of treatment is a spot on which can be effortlessly applied to your dog’s skin and is equally effective as the chew. Moreover the topical treatment also repels fleas and ticks. Efficacy of Bravecto The reason why most pet parents prefer Bravecto is that it provides protection for 3 full months so there are lesser odds of missing a dose. Both treatments start working within 2 hours of administration. Moreover Bravecto gets rid of 99-100 fleas and ticks in only 8 hours of administration. Additionally Bravecto chewables also eradicate various species of ticks – American dog ticks brown dog ticks and black-legged ticks. Lone star tick is also treated by Bravecto and its effectiveness lasts for 8 whole weeks. Main Benefits Of Bravecto Below points represents the key benefits of Bravecto –  Efficiently eliminates fleas and ticks from your dog’s body.

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 Provides protection against parasites up to 12 weeks.  Starts working within 2 hours of application.  Kills close to 100 fleas and ticks within the first 8 hours.  Disrupts the flea life-cycle and prevents re-infestation.  Helps in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis FAD. Side Effects The important thing pet parents want to know about this treatment is – is it safe for dogs However this treatment is formulated in a unique way that ensures minimal side effects. Let’s glance at the side effects of both treatments. Bravecto Chew: The common adverse effects from this treatment are vomiting diarrhea loss of appetite and lethargy in dogs. Bravecto Spot On: Its side effects consist of hair loss vomiting rashes lethargy loss of appetite and diarrhea. Reasons Why Vets Recommend This Product:  It protects your four-legged pal from flea and tick infestation and prevents the diseases caused by these parasites.  Research studies have come to the conclusion that the advantages prevail over the potential side effects of this treatment.  No adverse effects were noticed while administering Bravecto with other treatments simultaneously.  Bravecto is safe to administer on puppies over 6 weeks of age and weighing minimum 4.4 lbs or greater. Moreover it is also safe on breeding pregnant and lactating female dogs. Choosing the treatment is a personal choice of a pet parent. Therefore be aware of all the pros

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and cons of the product so your pooch doesn’t suffer later on. The treatment of Bravecto is debatable among pet parents some people absolutely love the product while some doesn’t feel safe to administer it to their furry pals. As a pet parent you need to check with your vet before making any changes in the treatment. Flea preventive treatments don’t work in the same manner for each dog. The adverse effects of the treatment can be caused due to numerous other factors the treatment is not suited to the dog or there is an underlying disease. To avoid such situations check with your vet about the safety of this treatment for your pooch. Your vet is well aware of the entire medical history of your doggie so he knows what’s best for your furry buddy. Even after that keep an eye on your dog when you administer the treatment to him. If you find anything concerning take your pooch to the vet immediately. Hence be cautious before starting any treatment on your buddy. Nothing is more important than your furry pal’s health. Reference:

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