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Here, is the brief explanation about the difference between Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus. It will clarify all the skepticism and questions you might have regarding the usage of two products.


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Frontline Top Spot VS Frontline Plus Fleas and ticks have been pestering our pets ever since they have come into existence. Thanks to the pet healthcare companies. They brought a revolution by inventing products that successfully treated flea and ticks the most irritating and nasty parasites that cause illness and excessive itching in pets. One such company is Merial that has pioneered in delivering the most reliable and trustworthy product sold by the brand name Frontline. It is the consistency of the product quality that has earned Frontline its brand value. Frontline has stayed on the topmost list of most preferred flea and tick treatments over a decade now and that has all happened because of the trust it has garnered by its loyal customers. Merial has also updated its products over time and according to the requirement of the customers which has also corroborated to the successful journey of Frontline. However the two different product versions launched under the name of frontline still causes dilemma amongst users. So in case you are a new parent or a new customer of Frontline here is a comparison between the two most famous flea and tick treatments for cats and dogs – Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus. This brief explanation will clarify all the skepticism and questions you might have regarding the usage of two products. Read on. Frontline Top Spot For Dogs Frontline Top Spot is an ideal treatment and preventative for fleas ticks and chewing lice on dogs. Its swift action effectively kills adult fleas before they lay eggs and prevents a new infestation. Furthermore Frontline Top Spot efficiently kills all the life stages of ticks larvae nymph and adult. Since it also eliminates various tick species like American dog tick Lone Star Tick Brown Dog tick and deer ticks this broad spectrum tick treatment significantly reduces the chances of transmission of serious diseases like Lyme disease Ehrlichiosis Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis. Other than that the product kills lice mosquitoes and ear mites that cause Sarcoptic Mange. Also Frontline Top spot is a long-lasting waterproof product which doesn’t lose its efficacy even after bathing the pet which makes it more convenient for use. How Frontline Top Spot Works

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Frontline Top Spot contains active ingredient fipronil 9.7 which when applied to the skin of the pet distributes itself to the entire body forming a shield of protection. The ingredients deposited in the oils of the skin and hairs are released continuously from the follicles. This keeps the product effective for one month. As and when the parasite or insect tries to bite the pet it ingests the chemical fipronil. Fipronil then attacks the nervous system of the parasite and causes hyperactivity which in turn kills the critter. Buy Frontline Top Spot for Dogs Here | Free Shipping Benefits Of Frontline Top Spot • The solution eliminates 100 infestation within 48 hours of administration. • Is convenient to administer and is mess-free. • The waterproof property of the product allows the pet to bathe or swim. • Prevents Sarcoptic mange in dogs • Other than fleas and ticks the product effectively kills chewing lice and mosquitoes as well. • Is safe for use in breeding pregnant and lactating dogs. Frontline Top Spot For Dogs VS Frontline Top Spot For Cats ➢ Frontline Top Spot For Cats also has the same action on parasites and kills almost all fleas ticks lice and mosquitoes. However the difference lies in the dosage of the treatment. 1 pipette of Frontline top spot for dogs has 0.67 ml of the product whereas the volume of product in 1 pipette of Frontline Top Spot for cats is only 0.50 ml. ➢ Other than that Frontline Top Spot for cats also has no action on mites therefore it doesn’t control Sarcoptic mange.

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Frontline Top Spot For Dogs Frontline Top Spot For Cats Frontline Plus For Dogs Frontline Plus is one of the best flea and tick treatment topping the charts. It is a more potent and advanced version of Frontline Top Spot and is specifically formulated to kill and prevent the maturation of fleas flea eggs larvae and pupae. Its active ingredients also effectively kill and prevent future infestation by all life forms of different tick species American dog tick brown dog tick lone star tick and deer ticks. Moreover Frontline Plus also kills lice mosquitoes and mites. It is also a waterproof formula that works for 30 days without losing its efficacy through intermittent contact with water which makes it a pretty long-lasting product. How Frontline Plus Works Frontline Plus is comprised of two active ingredients fipronil and s-methoprene that vary in percentages for dogs and cats. Both of these ingredients percolate the skin and mix with the skin oils to spread uniformly throughout the body. They are then released in small amounts onto the skin through hair follicles. So when the flea tick or any insect tries to bite the pet these chemicals are transmitted to the parasite’s body. Fipronil and s-methoprene then act synergistically to kill the parasite. Precisely Fipronil kills the adult fleas and ticks by hyperactivating their central nervous system whereas s-methoprene acts as an insect growth regulator which disrupts the life cycle of flea and ticks by stalling the growth of their juvenile forms. This in turn stops the reproduction process thereby preventing the future infestation altogether. Benefits Of Frontline Plus

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• Kills 100 fleas within 24 hours and all the existing ticks within 48 hours. • It not only eliminates the parasitic infestation but also prevents it for 1 month. • Prevents Flea Allergy Dermatitis FAD • Can be used in dogs and cats over 8 weeks of age and that weigh over 1.5-2 lbs. • It is a waterproof formula. • Can be safely used in breeding pregnant and lactating dogs and cats. Frontline Plus For Dogs Vs Frontline Plus For Cats ➢ Frontline Plus for Cats also have the same composition of ingredients but the concentration of fipronil and s-methoprene varies. For dogs: fipronil – 9.8 s-methoprene -8.8 For cats: fipronil – 9.8 s-methoprene – 11.8 ➢ Frontline Plus for cats doesn’t have any action on mites. Dosage Chart For Dogs: For Cats: Comparison Chart For Frontline Top Spot and Frontline Plus Frontline Top Spot Frontline Plus Manufacturer Merial Merial

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Ingredients Fipronil Fipronil s-methoprene Kills Adult Fleas Yes Yes Kills Flea eggs and larvae No Yes Kills Ticks Yes Yes Kills Tick eggs larvae and pupae No Yes Kills Lice Yes Yes Kills Mosquitoes Yes Yes Kills Mites Yes in dogs Yes in dogs Repel Fleas and ticks No No Controls Sarcoptic Mange Yes in dogs Yes in dogs Safe for Breeding Lactating and Pregnant Cats and Dogs Yes Yes Dosage Monthly Monthly Mode Of Administration Topical Topical Minimum Age of pet Above 8 weeks and 2 lbs Above 8 weeks and 2 lbs Reference: You may also like to read How to choose an effective flea control product for your pet:

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