What To Pack In Your Pets First-Aid-Kit

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What To Pack In Your Pets First-Aid-Kit


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What To Pack In Your Pets First-Aid-Kit As a pet owner we do everything to keep our furry pal happy and healthy. Sometimes there are things which takes place suddenly that are beyond our control. There can be emergency anytime. Thats the reason its important that we keep a pets first-aid-kit handy. You dont need to buy expensive things you can easily assemble your own kit by gathering the items. Lets take a look what all things go in the first-aid-kit.  First thing you need to keep with the first-aid-kit is the medical records of your furry pal including the number of your vet current photo of your pet as well as your contact details in a waterproof bag.  Keep a muzzle or strips of clothes so that when youre treating your pet he may not bite you. Do not try to muzzle your pet if he has any breathing problem vomiting or choking. The other items you will need in your first-aid-kit are: 1. Hydrogen Peroxide 2. Antiseptic Solution 3. Small Flashlight 4. Tweezers 5. First-Aid-Tape 6. Gauze Pads 7. Soft Blanket 8. Towels 9. Cotton Balls 10. First-Aid Scissors 11. Instant Cold Pack

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12. Instant Hot Pack 13. Hand Sanitizer 14. Latex Gloves 15. Alcohol Swabs There might be some of the items in the house itself like a small flash light tweezers soft blanket towels etc. No need to buy an extra set - just try to make your pets first-aid-kit their regular storage place. Make sure if you have given first-aid to your furry pal it should be immediately followed by veterinary care and remember it is not a substitute for a trip to a veterinary clinic. Medicines like Benadryl and activated charcoal should not be administered until the vet prescribes. Remember to always carry or have an easy access to the telephone numbers for your regular vet a 24- hour emergency animal hospital and an animal poison control center too. Always keep the first-aid-kit one handy at home and in your car as you never know when emergency might occur.

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