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Caldwell, Ohio: 

Caldwell, Ohio First Impressions

First Impression: 

First Impression Visited May 15, 2001 Cloudy, steady light rain

The Team: 

The Team All members of the Pleasants County Development Authority - 5 members Retired chemical company admin. (2) City council member Telephone company engineer Insurance agent

Basic Impression: 

Basic Impression Now that you know the target community, what were your perceptions before visiting? What did you expect? Small, sleepy community Rural community Older homes Some small businesses

Five Minute Impression: 

Five Minute Impression Drive through the community without stopping. Complete / pleasant surprise Wonderful well-kept homes Wonderful town square Diverse and inviting Nice community sign, very clean, sidewalks, and trees well maintained

Main Access Roads: 

Main Access Roads Problems & Opportunities Roads in good repair. Rt. 821 billboard sign excellent, could use more “directing” signs. Noble County road 56, 58, and 821. The roads were in good condition and labeled well. There was one attractive sign, but it did not capture the extent of the development in business and residential presence in Caldwell.

Main Access Roads: 

Main Access Roads Problems & Opportunities Corner of Rt. 78/821. Very nice billboard and directions to town. Eyesore to the left side. 821N Maple Heights very well kept. 821N – Nice new housing. 821S Industrial growth and commercial.

Downtown Business Area: 

Downtown Business Area Summary Well laid out. Businesses well kept. Some very nice store fronts. Sidewalk renovation well done. Overall appearance just great. I was pleasantly surprised to find attractive store fronts, sidewalk areas, parking and shopping options

Other Business Area: 

Other Business Area Summary Friendly, busy but not overcrowded or congested. Other business areas appeared to be thriving. There were multiples of businesses Business area with Family Dollar, City Building really not indicative of Caldwell’s Courthouse square area. Almost like 2 separate places. Very busy.

Residential Areas: 

Residential Areas Points One word, PRIDE, shows it every turn. Again, I found well maintained, landscaped and structurally sound homes. Very few properties appeared depressed, though there were some found below average compared to the majority. Almost all showed pride of ownership.

Residential Areas: 

Residential Areas Points Does everyone mow their grass the same day and hour? Everything well kept. Even lower income housing very well looked after and clean. 99% were kept neatly. New and old. Clean, well-maintained, great sidewalks and tree lawn grass.

Road Conditions: 

Road Conditions Points Road conditions were very good. Could use more signage. The road conditions were superior, wide streets, off street parking and traffic flows were good. There were no clear signage for a park. There could be a more visible directive about hospital’s location as well. One parking lot had an obvious sinkhole and needed an orange cone to mark it, hazardous.

Road Conditions: 

Road Conditions Points Overall downtown very good. Could use better signage to Industrial Park area and Fairgrounds. Easy to find way around. Intersection at 821 & Miller Street need better warning of wide turn (trucks). A few streets were a little rough. Difficult to tell what is a main road, some signs small.

Industrial Areas: 

Industrial Areas Points The Industrial Park appeared to be growing, some mowing along roadways needed, generally well maintained, didn’t see much activity but area appeared prosperous. Industrial area seemed very busy. Overall appearance was good but signage could be better. (Larger, more professional).


Schools Points Schools location appeared to be good. Did not enter and from the road they appeared to be modern and places I would be more than willing to send my children/grandchildren. Outward appearance of Elementary an obvious plus. High School appeared well kept, but older, a lot of space for any growth.

Parks / Playgrounds / Athletics: 

Parks / Playgrounds / Athletics Did not see a designated park. Fairgrounds could use tender loving care, on pool and play area. The only park playground was on the fairgrounds. They appeared maintained, but not ultra modern. The pool area had not been cleaned/refilled for swimming season. Landscaping of some sort in that entire area would create eye appeal.

Other notable Areas: 

Other notable Areas Hospitals, billboards, advertising Advertising seemed to be well placed, not gaudy or excessive. I do not recall seeing many billboards or outdoor advertising to a great degree. Information center near interstate at fairgrounds. Community Bulletin Board is a good idea, all signs and the mural on building wall great.

Business Appearance: 

Business Appearance Physical appearance, displays and signs. Well maintained – again, showed a lot of pride in appearance. All very appealing and inviting. Clever, unique and fun businesses. Excellent variety for a small community. All of the above were good, a mix of old and new. Very impressed.


People Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful? I stopped in two places and spent time. Both businesses, I found very pleasant, courteous, honest and informative staff. They shared freely about the area, community and citizens of Caldwell. People were friendly and helpful. Invited me back for some special events. Yes. Very friendly many stopped to talk. Found out a lot of information by word of mouth. People were friendly, City Hall employees were helpful but lacked information about their town. They were helpful, appearance was fine.

Community Information: 

Community Information Brochures, business, attraction, directories, profiles for prospects? Obtained brochures from real estate agent. Information was professional. Noble County brochure, maps, information guide, tour of home brochure and lots of data. Plenty to read and discover about the area. Priscilla’s trip to realtor was the most helpful. Provided all of the above.

City Hall: 

City Hall Signage? Helpful? City Hall was not particularly noteworthy. I didn’t go in. Good nice location, friendly staff. City Hall – Especially liked Council Chamber. Signage ok. Staff very helpful but not too knowledgeable about a town they should be very proud of.

Chamber of Commerce / EDA: 

Chamber of Commerce / EDA Did people know where it was? Hours? Appearance? Most citizens I asked were not sure where Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Office were located. Some gave incorrect directions. Most people directed us to the Chamber of Commerce Office as being in the Senior Center. But one person was not able to find it. Most people were not absolutely certain of the location.

Chamber of Commerce Cont.: 

Chamber of Commerce Cont. I think they’re active, based on what I observed. But no one in the businesses seemed to know much about any particulars of either organization. Took a while to locate Chamber of Commerce Office. Chamber of Commerce – went to City Hall was directed to Journal Leader Office, was directed from there to Braden Medical; not able to find out very much.

Public Areas: 

Public Areas Payphones, restrooms, parking Stopped in Lori’s Restaurant and the restroom was clean as McDonalds’ also. Parking was convenient, spacious, and free always an asset. Everything in the community was clean. Parking was adequate. Streets well paved and wide. Did not see to many although parking downtown was not a problem. Pay phones, restrooms – Did not observe these. Parking – appeared adequate, was impressed by the local bank that provided a “free” parking lot.

Taste of the Community: 

Taste of the Community Specialty bakery? Restaurants? Had breakfast at one restaurant and though it was priced reasonably, it was cold. Disappointing. It was not fast food style none in downtown area. Ate in local restaurant food was cold. It was not crowded or busy. Lori’s Restaurant folks very friendly, food not memorable. Didn’t note any particular advertised “specialties” here in Caldwell. Restaurant was good to excellent. Locals directed me to what they thought was best. Did not see any bakery. The boutiques were “neat.”

Smells like…: 

Smells like… What do the community “smell” like? Clean. Judging from what I saw it must smell like freshly mowed grass and flowers. Fresh. “Prosperity” also a good town to raise a family.

Sounds like...: 

Sounds like... What does the community “sound” like? I heard the twelve o’clock siren, flashback memory and fun to recall. Very nostalgic. No ear piercing sounds except for Noon siren. Went in Courthouse for 10 minutes or so. Complete silence. Seemed very quiet for number of vehicles observed. Traffic nothing unusual, sounds appropriate for a small township.

Feels like...: 

Feels like... What did the community “feel” like? What was your emotional response – was it warm, cold, crowded, inviting? What was your physical response – rough streets? I had a very pleasant experience! Thought I would return to explore more at a future date. It felt like a community that had spirit and unity!

Feels Like Cont.: 

Feels Like Cont. Warm, inviting, easy traveling. It was crowded although I couldn’t quite figure out where everyone was. Everything pretty well paved. I’d definitely return. Note: it was raining, that cut down on number of folks to be found. Warm and inviting, streets for most part were in good repair.

The Five Most...: 

The Five Most... Memorable things… Pride of ownership. Positive attitudes. Community spirit of “working together” i.e. 1998 flood. “Can do” attitude. Peaceful, safe and Christian (lots of churches & kindness.) Pride. Team effort on local issues – appeared to be working. Friendly. First Impression – did not appear that personal agendas were at work.

Five Most… Cont.: 

Five Most… Cont. Courthouse Square. Streets and sidewalks in excellent repair. Well manicured lawns and homes; great trees. Store fronts all well done. Industrial Park active with room for growth. Much business activity. Most centered downtown. Courthouse blended in well with downtown area. Most people must work somewhere. Appeared prosperous. Clean. Well maintained. Good traffic control. An excellent mix of new and old.

Ideas We’d Liked To Have...: 

Ideas We’d Liked To Have... Community bulletin board. Old style street lighting. Sidewalks with bricked area for access to utilities. The community pride of residents from the reflection of their homes and property. Loved the downtown lighting, sidewalks, use of brick, etc. Pride – Team work. Downtown appearance. Clean streets, storefronts, paving. Pride – commitment to creating progressive action.

What We’ll Remember...: 

What We’ll Remember... The awareness of the citizens that though they have the “feel of a sleepy safe town”, they are far from that. They respect what they have and value it. They exhibit a positive attitude. The friendly lady in the gift shop where I purchased a frog statue. She was born and raised in Doddridge County in West Virginia. The haircut that I got. The fairgrounds. The restaurant we ate at. Well maintained, friendly, believe it would be a good place to live, good schools, churches, restaurants, and shopping.


Comments Missed a hospital? Didn’t know if town is adequately staffed with doctors, dentists, etc. (should have checked the phone book). Probably have too many lawyers. Generally speaking was very well impressed with all facets of the community. Looked to be a nice selection of real estate for sale at a reasonable price. There looks to be land available for expansion.

Comments Continued...: 

Comments Continued... Obvious community pride here. St. Marys Council and Pleasants County Commissioners should spend some time with their counterparts in Noble County and learn from them. If we could do this again – the next team to visit Caldwell should be handpicked by first team. Perhaps our town would benefit from some networking with Caldwell citizens and Noble County inhabitants, residential and business.

Final Thought: 

Final Thought It appears we bought a statue, a haircut, shoes and a car from your town. What does that say?

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