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eProcess & eContent Management Solutions for Government: 

eProcess & eContent Management Solutions for Government A Presentation to MISA Thursday October 12, 2000

Government Issues: 

Government Issues Increasing Constituent Expectations/Decreasing Resources Need to improve information and process management to do more with less Social impact of Web and other technologies Requirements of records, managers, IT, policy makers Costs Lost information Litigation

The Web Changes Everything: 

The Web Changes Everything If the 1980’s were about quality and the 1990’s about reengineering then the 2000’s will be about velocity. When the increase in velocity of business is great enough, the vary nature of business changes.


“The first stage that many companies go through in addressing the Net is to do the old things using a new medium. The real power comes when you do new things using the new medium.” Michael Dell


Reality Despite the advent of PC’s paper consumption has continued to double every four years. 95% of all information in the US remains on paper, compared with 1% stored electronically.

Management Responsibilities: 

Management Responsibilities Management must shake loose the notion that information is difficult to get. Bringing together the right information with the right people at the right time will dramatically improve a company’s ability to reduce errors, improve turnaround time and decrease costs.

When you thing of FileNET…...: 

When you thing of FileNET…...


Also…. 1969, Computer on a chip created 1977, Apple was formed




Linking People, Processes and Documents

Constituent eContent Chain: 

Constituent eContent Chain Agency information backbone Constituent portal Internet / extranet portals

eGovernment Challenges that FileNET Addresses: 

Other Agencies eGovernment Challenges that FileNET Addresses Managing the content lifecycle Supporting virtual teams Increasing knowledge worker productivity Bridging isolated information repositories Maintaining security of shared content Sharing business processes Assembling and delivering customized content Content owners Content consumers Content contributors Constituents

FileNET Product Strategy: 


So Mark, tell me about FileNET’s Panagon Software! : 

So Mark, tell me about FileNET’s Panagon Software! Web or Thick Client has same functionality Rapid Web Development You can’t outgrow it? Highest performance, most scalable solution available. Access all document types without having the application installed 200+ file formats Version Control Integrates with Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Deploys applications quickly with the most complete toolkit available! Integrated eProcess Interface


Government National Security Business Support Administration Transport/ Public Wks Welfare Justice Economic Programs eBusiness

Where is FileNET Installed in Michigan Government?: 

Where is FileNET Installed in Michigan Government? Treasury Environmental Quality (DEQ) Michigan Guaranty Agency (MGA) Family Independence Agency (FIA) Oakland County Clerk of Courts and Friend of Courts Wayne County Friend of Court Human Resources


Hot FileNET Applications: Customer Relationship Management Integration



Hot FileNET Applications: Portal Architecture: 

Hot FileNET Applications: Portal Architecture Retrieval Technologies Management Services Storage Services Create / Capture Content Publish / Distribute WorkFlo Services Present / View Personalization Content Analysis Aggregation Categorization Profiling F I L E N E T Partner/OEM Panagon is the Foundation

FileNET is a Key Portal Component: 

Content Creation Content Management Content Delivery Web Site Mgmt Microsoft FileNET BroadVision Vignette ATG Open Market Interwoven FileNET is a Key Portal Component


Web Centric Work and Document Portal Example

Hot FileNET Applications: eProcurement: 

Create P.O. Hot FileNET Applications: eProcurement

Other Hot eApplications for Government: 

Other Hot eApplications for Government Third Party Application Integration Correspondence Management GIS Systems Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Suite CAD Systems - AutoCAD, Intergraph, ESRI Records Management - Provenance ERP - Lawson, SAP, BAAN, Oracle Forms Packages - Shana Interwoven Integration for Web Site Management Portal Integration (Plumbtree, Autonomy, Verity) CRM Integration - Siebel, Clarify Web Publishing Renditions and Replications Integrated Workflow Image Capture Compound Documents

FileNET’s Value Proposition: 

FileNET’s Value Proposition Integrate with line of business systems Define, execute and manage e-business processes Immediate access to secure e-content Reduce e-business application cost of ownership Increase productivity Improve service levels Ensure regulatory compliance Increase your responsiveness and efficiency in the e-business world

How is FileNET doing as a company? : 

How is FileNET doing as a company? Annual sales $350 million $50 million in R&D Annual 3x the size of nearest competitor 6000+ systems, 1700 employees Best Q3 in History!! $100M in cash Continued growth Global Sales and Marketing 31 in US 4 in Canada 17 in Europe 3 in Australia 4 in Asia


Questions? Contact Mark Michonski, 248-352-2961 #231

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