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At Camelot infant care, we partner with parents in their child's learning journey to help them develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.


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Infant Care at Its Finest Research has shown that the period from birth to age three is critical to a child’s development and future success. Therefore it is important that the child is nurtured in an environment that facilitates positive early life experiences. At Camelot Infant Care we partner with parents in their child’s learning journey. We are committed to facilitate beautiful childhood memories that become the foundation of their future lives. Our team of educarers recognise that each infant has a unique personality and an absorbent brain. They are trained to provide care and learning experiences to help your child develop physically cognitively emotionally and socially. Camelot’s specially curated infant care developmental programmes follow appropriate safety measures and health practices. Not only does your child have his/her own space for exploration and discovery he/she is also guided through a variety of activities to develop holistically.

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You will see your child’s progress in the following areas: Emotions: Develops self-confidence resilience perseverance • Gross motor skills: Improves postural balance and muscle coordination when stationary and in motion clumsiness is reduced • Fine motor skills: Develops hand-eye coordination fine motor skills and increase in grasping powers • Sensory processing: Refined sense of touch smell sight hearing and taste • Focus: Increased attention span and ability to concentrate on a task • Language and numeracy: Acquires knowledge through listening speaking and print awareness • Social skills: Interacts appropriately with peers and adults cultivates good habits through a daily routine We want parents to be informed and actively involved in their child’s learning journey so we send updates and communicate regularly.

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